Choose the right path: Make intelligent career choices

Do you dream of a career where you can live life on your own terms? If that is the case, the only thing you need to do is follow your heart. In a rapidly changing world, career choices have multiplied by the dozen. Gone are the days when parents use to choose kids profession and medical and engineering were the top choices? Horizons have widened and children nowadays research a lot for careers which will be in demand one or two decades later also.
Its pertinent to understand that a career should not be chosen only on account of glamour, fame or money; however alluring they may seem. Exploring is necessary and students need to follow their strength and passion while determining their future work ambience.
Various aspects need to be taken into consideration. Every student has different qualities and divergent interests. Due to different mindsets, career preferences of students are vastly different. Let us view some top careers which one can choose after Class 12th.
A plethora of options are available for Science stream students and one of the highly sought after includes medicine.

Why Choose the medical stream
Working on the human body is not an easy job. It requires strong dedication and courage to perform operations at the drop of a hat. The noblest profession of the world, its a patient centric work which requires tremendous hard work, focus and a selfless attitude.
The annual medical entrance examination is held in the country for admission to several MBBS and BDS courses in different medical colleges.
The medical stream offers several specializations constituting General Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Orthopedics, ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat), Paediatrics, Cardiology and Anesthesiology amongst others.
The highly demanding career offers economic stability and employment in both govt. and private hospitals. Further, they could also work as researchers in medical colleges or pursue private practice as per their experience. MBBS undergraduates have to perform internship in medical colleges where they play the role of doctors once their course is about to finish. Famed medical institutes of the country consist of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (A.I.I.M.S), New Delhi, Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi, Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research, etc. Doctors earn excellent remuneration and starting salaries can range from 8 to 10,000.
Other important courses in the medical stream include BDS (Bachelor in Dental Sciences), Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm), Bachelor in Nursing (B.S.C. Nursing) and B.V.S. (Bachelor in Veterinary Sciences) amongst others.

An excellent career option: Engineering
Engineering has always been a favored career option and students desirous of pursuing this path need to undertake Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as subjects after X class. Further, they need to score good in these subjects during XII boards so as to be able to meet the criteria set by different engineering entrance examinations in the country. The most popular entrance examinations are the JEE Main and JEE Advanced which work as a platform for admission to the prestigious Indian Institute of Technologies (IITs).
Apart from IITs, National Institute of Technologies (NITs), BIT (Birla Institute of Technology) are some other reputed engineering institutions in the country. Various branches of engineering which offer great career potential are listed here: Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Bio-medical Engineering, etc.
The science stream however is not all about medical and engineering. Various other interesting careers in this domain include Geoscientists, nutritionists, Chemists, Mathematicians, Physicists, etc. Further, a science graduate can apply for UPSC Exams, Banking, Insurance Exams and other government jobs also.

What does life hold for Commerce stream students?
Well, students pursuing studies in the commerce stream need not be disheartened as amazing career choices are part of it too.

Chartered Accountancy
Chartered Accountancy, (CA) is one of the toughest jobs available in the market today and constitutes work such as auditing books of their parent organization, fulfilling the role of stock brokers and income tax assessment. In order to become a chartered accountant, one needs to join a CA course after completing his/her 12th board examinations.

The commerce stream consists of other challenging careers also such as Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Company Secretary (CS). The chief financial analyst has to take care of aspects such as investment management, financial accounting, management accounting, financial management, security evaluation and project planning amongst others.
Apart from this, there are other interesting careers like Company Secretary or Master of Business Administration which commerce students can easily pursue. Though MBA can be pursued by students of every stream, commerce students will have a natural inclination and advantage regarding it due to their proficiency in subjects like business and economics. Commerce stream helps one to gain adequate information about the financial markets. Further, a commerce student can continue education till PhD in their respective subjects so as to work as a professor or research scholar.

Career options for the arts stream students
So, last but not the least; we have the arts stream students. What should a person who has completed his XII in the arts stream do once his exams are over? A plethora of options present themselves as career choice to such people. They can pursue specialization in any subject as a part of their Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. Major subjects in the arts stream constitute literature, sociology, law, philosophy, communication, sociology, political science, etc.
Further, on completion of their courses arts students can work as Professors, Teachers, Editor, Writer, Lawyer, Media personnel amongst others.

Film making
Creativity knows no boundaries as far as film making is concerned and who are the best judges of this aspect if not an arts student. Though the film making world is open for people from arts stream, an arts student stands to extract the best out of it as developing a story is an integral part of his subject.
Artistic and technical skills work as guarantees of success as far as this domain is concerned. However, training makes students perfect in domains like acting, direction, cinematography, sound engineering and other aspects.
Students who pursue film studies can work with production companies, advertising agencies, film studios, etc. Further, they can earn a name for themselves as filmmakers/directors or producers.
Apart from this, there are career choices like the military and sports domains which require unbelievable fitness levels.
Choosing the right career is a matter of great concern as your future is completely dependent on it. Follow the right path, advice and guidance of seniors along with developing a knack to achieve the impossible. It will ensure that you will achieve success at all costs and develop as a strong individual.