Important tips that help you score well in engineering entrance examinations

A major milestone in our lives is the career we choose. Engineering can be termed as one of the most challenging professions with an excellent appeal. Highly skilled engineers are innovators who make the world a sustainable place to live in. In this age of cut throat competition, a subject like engineering offers vast job opportunities along with unraveling the mysteries of science.
An engineer is consistently involved in complex and exciting projects where state of the art technology is utilized. Myriad possibilities are opened once you complete your engineering training and enter the professional domain. The most fascinating structures, vehicles, computer programs and other services utilized by us are creations of engineers. Trailblazing inventions such as airplanes, computers or giant civil structures like the Sydney Harbour Bridge are examples of engineers’ amazing contributions to society.
Ever wondered how to acquire such valuable skills and enter this mesmerizing domain? Well, the engineering entrance exams are a sure shot way to achieve your goals. Some of the reputed examinations of the country constitute JEE Mains and Advanced, Karnataka CET, BITSAT, VITEEE, COMED-K, etc.
The question which now arises is what sort of pattern is required to ace these examinations? Candidates should consider aspects such as proper strategy, importance of time management and conceptual knowledge amongst others while preparing for a wide curriculum. Let us ponder over some important tips along with maintaining a positive outlook for attaining success.

Stop, take stock and plan:
To begin with you need to pause from your hectic studies for a few hours and take a practical stock of where your preparation stands. Often students realize later in the day that they have not covered a few topics that teachers in their schools might not have given due importance. Clearly delineate the topics that you have mastered from those in which you need more conceptual hard work and give yourself enough time to master them. Once this is done, you should plan a clear revision strategy for the remaining period, giving equal importance to all three subjects: Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. Take the help of a professional mentor who has substantial experience of dealing with engineering aspirants. Take stock of your board exams as well during this preparation; do not consider them as a hindrance to your engineering preparation, but rather treat them as a much required boost.
Strengthen key concepts with renewed focus: It is essential for students to know that all topics in engineering syllabus do not carry equal weightage. This is a very important distinction that students should be able to make by this time. Meet subject experts to have further clarity on this issue. Devoting more time to topics that form a greater part of the examination papers or carry more marks for them is obviously the logical thing to do. Students should sharpen their skills and intellect with a focus on the following subjects:

  • Mathematics: Quadratic Equations & Expressions, Complex Numbers, Probability, Vectors, Matrices in Algebra; Circle, Parabola, Hyperbola in Coordinate Geometry; Functions, Limits, Continuity and Differentiability, Application of Derivatives, Definite Integral in Calculus.
  • Physics: Kinematics, Gravitation, Fluids, Heat & Thermodynamics, Waves & Sound, Capacitors & Electrostatics, Magnetics, Electromagnetic Induction, Optics & Modern Physics.
  • Chemistry: Coordination Chemistry & Chemical Bonding in Inorganic Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Chemical & Ionic Equilibrium, Mole Concept in Physical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry.

Some important books which are essential for engineering entrance preparations are mentioned below:

  • 14 Years Solved Paper 2002-2015 Jee Main Included Aieee Solved Papers +10 Practice Set (English) – Vikas Jain, DK Jha
  • Physics Errorless JEE Main JEE (Advanced) AIMPT English 2015 Vol. I & II - Author: Universal Book
  • Concepts Of Physics (Set of 2 Volume) (English), Author: HC Verma
  • Objective Physics - Chapter-wise MCQ for JEE Main/ BITSAT/ KCET 2nd Edition (English) Disha Publication
  • Daily Practice Problems - Permutations - Combinations & Probability with Binomial Theorem (Mathematics Volume - 2) (English) 1st Edition
  • Problems in General Physics (English), Author – IE Irodov
  • New Pattern Advanced Problems in Organic Chemistry - For JEE and All Other Engineering Entrance Examinations (English) 6th Edition – Himanshu Pandey…G R Bathla Publications Pvt. Ltd.

Make yourself sufficiently familiar with exam pattern: You should start taking mock tests and solving question papers of the previous year religiously now. Students who do not give due importance to this aspect lack familiarity of the examination pattern and this adversely affects their results. On the contrary, students who have spent enough time on solving mock tests that simulate the examination pattern and environment are the ones who hit the ground running on the day of the exam. Talk to previous year engineering pass outs and alumni of top notch engineering colleges in order to gain some tips and advice on the examinations and how to ace the papers. Adopt all these tips while you appear for mock tests.

Give due attention to Class XI topics: This is particularly important for students who are in their class XII and are appearing for engineering entrances for the first time. With standard XIIth studies in full swing and boards on the horizon, it is difficult for students to keep working simultaneously on class XI topics. But since there is not much time for revisiting class XI after board examinations, it is imperative that you continue to devote time to the same here and now. The best way to do this is to pledge on an average two hours every day at least 5 days a week to class XI topics. Another way is to devote weekdays to class XII completely while dedicating Saturday & Sundays to revisiting class XI topics. Remember, as much as the time, attaining the right balance in preparation is the key to success.

Stay fit and remember the age old adage - Health is wealth: Exercises are necessary to keep your physical and mental fitness intact. A healthy diet is also of great prominence. Rejuvenate your senses by listening to good music, going out with friends and mingling in society. All these factors improve your capability and are important for efficient functioning of the brain. They also help in improving confidence which leads to great results.
Time management is also a crucial factor as students need to be capable of utilizing the 3 hours available on the judgment day in a proper manner. Short notes, formulae and important points need to be prepared as they are helpful for revisions before exams.
Students are advised to attempt questions with a calm mind on the judgment day itself. Start the paper with the theoretical questions and later on shift to the numerical ones as they require tons of calculations. Keep your priorities intact and analyze the question paper properly before solving it. Hard work, smartness and dedication will take you ahead and help you to fulfill all your dreams.

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