Which is better? SBI Clerical job vs IT professional in MNC?

Which is better SBI Clerical job vs IT professional in MNC

Which is better? SBI Clerical job or IT job  || Highlights

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I think a software job in a product development company is always better than SBI Clerk or PO jobs. If you want to go near your home, not interested in coding, and doing some non-development work with a low salary in software jobs then you should definitely Prefer SBI Clerk Job seriously, since you can easily become Po after 3 years and then you will have plenty of opportunities.


All of us desire a job that not only is comfortable but keeps challenging us and hence gives us growth. Moreover, we looking for a job that helps us utilize our skills to the max and give a sense of purpose. In such a case life journey becomes perfect.

So actually, What is a Good Career Option? Well, the question is debatable but the inference is, only that option, where we see our holistic growth, both personally as well as professionally, in which we see ourselves working hard and partying even harder.

In the last decade, the IT industry has aroused as the preferred option for youngsters of our generation, as we call it ‘dream job’. If you are an Engineer From a Good College, you will definitely adopt getting a campus placement in top IT companies viz. Infosys, TCS, Accenture, Wipro, and the likes. We love these multinationals for their ‘growth’, ‘culture’, ‘perks’ and whatnot. But it is only after we initiate working for these behemoths that we realize that all that chaos about corporate life and work culture was a mere delusion, a smokescreen.

We work 5-6 days a week and write codes for 8-10 hours, and it becomes tiresome. We comprehend our growth has shunted and found ourselves amid an ocean with no land in sight. Nothing is exciting, challenging anymore. As a consequence, there is no growth and of course no development. Life becomes an endless cycle of being a slave to deadlines.

After months and months of sulking and endless deliberations, then reality hits and we pledge to ourselves ‘Not Anymore’, but then we are faced with another equally profound dilemma “If not IT, then WHAT?”

Well we think we have found out the answer to this ultimate question and it is: “SBI PO

In India, SBI PO is one of the most sought after jobs. It is a guarantee of a secure future coupled with the reputation of working within the government sector.

To see if it’s really the answer we Will Compare SBI PO vs IT Job trough a few of the aspects mentioned below:

1. Growth Prospects

To become a Mid-level Manager in an IT firm it takes around a decade of blood and sweat. Even then there is always a sword of ambiguity hanging over your faith.

In SBI if you join as a probationary officer (PO), you rise to become Branch Manager within 3-4 years and if you are fortunate enough, you can hike to the post of Chairman.

2. Prestige

For the Indian middle class, the IT industry was and is the dream sector. If you are working in a big brand name IT company, nobody will bother about your other credentials. An SBI PO, though less smooth is considered equally good.

3. Salary and Perks

The prime bone of conflict among all the candidates – Salary.

A salary of an SBI PO is much higher than that compared to other fresher-level IT jobs. In SBI the annual package of a probationary officer is easily around? 8-12 lakh per annum.

SBI also gives other benefits and perks to the POs like you leased housing and get allowances for things like tea, newspapers, and even furniture. 

And in the case of IT Professional, their 30-40% salary goes to pay their rent, bills, and transportation. Compared to this, SBI POs are able to save more for themself as their housing is taken care of by the government.

4. Job Security

Well, the pole is equally set here, but only if you are living in the Pre-Recession era. IT companies were riding high on the Y2K development and things were all rosy and good. Then came the 2008 Recession and mayhem spread.

IT employees got new words in their dictionaries ‘Layoffs’, ‘Pink Slips’, ‘Debt’. Though the present situation is much better than 2008, nobody and we stress NOBODY can safely predict when the next recession might hit and sweep us with it. IT industry is face down to market forces and any day can very well be your last day at the company. To enhance bottom lines, companies are reducing the flab and are going agile, making mass firings a norm.

Now, if we are talking about the Public Sector Banking Industry. Though the 2008 crisis was a result of bankers not being able to control their excess, it didn’t affect the jobs of people working in SBI. Even in the lowest times, there hasn’t been even a single mass layoff in the History of SBI.

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5. Area of Interest

IT jobs have a requirement – You require to know how to code. If you are not from CS/IT Engineering, you either slog limitless hours to learn it or you will be fired from the IT job. 

On the contrary Bank PO doesn’t have any particular requirements. You can be entirely yourself and you will be through-out. Everything you learn is on the job. The only need is to successfully pass the SBI Exam.

6. Work-Life balance

In a job as an IT Professional, you have changeable timings at work, working at nights or late in the evening (so that you can handle your US/UK client’s timing) and on many occasions, there is no holidays.

But that’s not the case with SBI. Timings are fixed. You get more holidays than the IT industry. This means you get to spend more quality time with your family and friends. You will never work on festive occasions like Holi, Diwali, Eid, and Christmas.

Software Job Vs SBI Job


  1. Job work Wise both the jobs are the same nowadays – both have to work day and night, there will be a lot of work to be done in both org.
  2. SBI Job is a lower level so like a software job here also you have face your manager in the same way as you hate manager in a software job.
  3. In both the jobs your salary will be almost the same i.e. 20k starting salary.
  4. SBI is the same job as any other regular private job i.e. same work culture in banks also now, more work, very hectic schedule, etc.


  1. You will have more Job Security in SBI job being a govt servant.
  2. As a software engineer, you have better career growth if you are really good at coding and algorithm, if you are not in coding work, and least interested in Computer Science and Prefer SBI.
  3. As SBI Professional you will have Very Less Career Opportunity to grow i.e. after 3 years need to clear internal exams to reach to PO and then higher posts, but in software job switch 2-3 companies your salary will be double and triple easily.
  4. Nowadays most of the govt bank has to work like private companies due to competition from private banks so you have always keep professionalism for customer i.e. gone are the days when govt job employees were greeted with due respect, nowadays everything is Customer First – Respect customer, do their work, get business out of them.


  1. If you are bored of software jobs then Fill SBI Form, see if you can crack it or not – don't take the risk to leave the job since for SBI/IBPS PO and clerks lacs of people are preparing very hard day and night – there is very huge competition, so it is risky to leave job.

Let's get more details about SBI other Job Profile, Salary, and Other Details –

What is the SBI job profile?

As being the clerk, you will be the first person a customer will contact to regarding his issues and doubt-some here are main duties of Clerk –

  1. Functions as a Single Window Operator (SWO): Under This, you have to do day-to-day bank functions like opening accounts, amount transfers through cheque/ NEFT/ RTGS etc, cheque clearance, issuance of Demand Drafts (DD), receiving inward mails, checkbook requests, etc.
  2. Work as Cashier: Clerk in SBI may also need to function as Cashiers in certain branches. This comprises of handling transactions of cash of the concerned branch, clearing and transfer of cheques etc.
  3. SBI junior associates may also need to function as special assistants or universal tellers.
  4. Resolve Customer Queries and resolve any issues about customer complaints.

Responsibilities of SBI clerk - The very first Responsibility of SBI Clerk is to interact with customers and helping them out with their doubts. Secondly, you will be responsible for verification and signing of documents, clearing cheques and drafts. You will also have handle back office work as being SBI Clerk.

What is the starting salary for SBI clerk?

For a metro city like Mumbai, you will get around Rs. 20,000 to 25000 per month (inclusive of DA).

In Metro cities like Mumbai, Rs.20,950/- monthly including Dearness allowance (D.A.) and other allowances. Allowances change depending upon the place of posting of the employee.

Bank clerk salary in SBI is about Rs. 20,000/- higher (on an average) in comparison to clerks in other banks. The change is due to the extra allowances that SBI offers to its clerks.

Basic Pay …………………… Rs.11765/-

Special Allowance ……… Rs.911.79/-

DA ……………………………. Rs.5311.58/-

Transport Allowance …. Rs.425/-

Total (without HRA) ….. Rs.18413.37/-

HRA …………………………. Rs.1176.5/-

Gross with HRA ………… Rs 19589.87/-

What are the SBI Junior Associates Salary Allowances

All SBI Clerk would have following components in the salary as allowances –

  1. DA : This is paid on quarterly basis based on government of India declarations.
  2. HRA : House Rent Allowance is paid based on posting city, for metro cities you will be paid few bucks more then other cities.
  3. Apart from the above, SBI Clerk Salary also includes various perquisites like Furniture Allowance, House Maintenance Allowance, Books & Magazine Allowance, Briefcase Allowance, Reimbursement of Telephone Bills etc.

Perks of Being an SBI Clerk

Working as Junior Associate it always a privilege as you won’t have unrealistic targets as PO Guys have, you will be in more peace, along with it

Travelling and changing challenges, Flexible work hours and working in shifts, no is parked door-to-door sales – This is big plus, stable work environment, upward mobility, and encash privilege leaves.

How to Get Promotion to SBI PO from Clerk

You can always write internal exams like JAIIB and CAIIB and get promoted to clerk very easily, you don’t need to again write all India Level Exam and go through same tough process.

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