Top 15 Professional Popular Vocational Courses List in India 2019-20

Top vocational courses in India: Youth Empowerment with desired skills

Topic We Cover: Top vocational courses in India

1.Vocational courses benefit
4.Foreign Languages
5.Information Technology
6.Fashion Designing/Garment designing
7.Beauty course (Professional make and hair styling)
8.Catering management
9.Advertising and marketing
10.Public Relations/Communication Skills
11.Disaster management
12.Banking and Finance
13.Physical education-Fitness and gym operation
14.House Election/Electronics/Electrical Technician

From the world of education to a stable career
Study of vocational course is defined as the practical skills given to a student or individual in a certain field. It generally aims at preparing individuals for a specialized career during the course and helps in upgrading the career. Programs Under Vocational Courses are quite direct in their purpose and specially tailor made so that an individual can be completely job-ready. Vocational course generally certifies that an individual has necessary skills to perform in a particular profession.

Vocational courses benefit:

  • Dual advantage of traditional knowledge and vocational skills.
  • Mainly focus on specialized knowledge only.
  • Realistic insight of the industry.
  • Vocational courses are much more dynamic in terms of making students aware of ongoing trends in the global market with the help of practical knowledge.
  • It act as the bridge between the skilled manpower required and available in the market.
  • Programs offered are shorter and less expensive.
  • Most of the programs generally requires high school completion with basic knowledge of Mathematics English.
  • It is convenient with easy learning process that can be taken online as well.

As a first step towards equipping young India with right skills for making them job-Ready CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is currently offering 40 vocational courses in Commerce, Engineering, Health and Para medical, Home science, Agriculture, Hospitality & tourism, etc. sector at the 12th and 4 vocational courses for 10th students.Let us have a look at the Popular vocational courses in India:

  • Telecommunication

Telecommunication is defines the transmission of signs, signals, messages, writings, images and sounds or intelligence of any nature by wire, radio, optical or other electromagnetic systems. It generally facilitates long distance communication via various medium like TV, telephone, satellite, internet, etc. Telecom sector is the Fastest Growing Sector in India and as per TRAI, number of mobile phone subscribers in India have reached 1009.46 million as of May 2015.Rise of newer technology like 3G and 4G in telecommunicationis giving rise to huge demand of qualified and skilled professionals in the field. The sector is quite vast giving wide range of career opportunities in hardware and software front. Now a days, every sector (aviation, ports, health, public utilities or the government) are in need of Telecommunication Services as we hardly think of remaining disconnected to the world.

Career opportunities:

They can join the industry as testing engineers, software engineers, customer support staff, product managers, power distributors, installers, power reactor operator, design development, quality assurance, servicing, sales and marketing, research development, etc. by taking Diploma course in Telecommunication Technology /Electronics or Certificate course in Telecom and Wireless Professional. Telecom companies like Airtel, BSNL, Vodafone, etc. also prefer individuals with excellent talent in designing, installing and troubleshooting networks.

  • Photography

Photography is the combination of science with art and technology for creating durable images by recording light or electromagnetic radiation either electronics or chemical means. As a Professional Photographer you have to do much more than just to take photographs as it is also defines as an art of capturing and redefining the moment. A photographercan make you see a situation in a different or his own perspective by effectively using different lighting techniques or positioning. These days we have different image editing software toenhance and change the elements of the photograph. Most photographers develop love for photography at an early age and Photography Related Vocational Courses can help your hobby to give direction into a lucrative career.

Career option:

To pursue career in photography field you need to have an eye for detail, creativity and imagination and with the help of the Photography Vocational Course can learn to shoot various shades of life through lens. You have various career options available in the field of photojournalism, Fashion and Advertising, Nature and Wildlife, Travel or event specific photography. Initially you can start your career as an assistant photographer or can work as a freelancer. One of the most exciting and dynamic job in the field of photography is photojournalism where you need to take newsworthy photographs. You can jobs in photo studios, newspapers, magazines, advertising agencies or website design agencies. A commercial photographer also earn well as mainly focus on advertising a particular product, brand or service. If you love to shoot on various genre or topic, you can work as a freelance photographer to be your own boss. Though establishing in the industry can be a challenging task.

  • Foreign Languages

Language is the essential part for every successful communication and due to the effect of globalization Foreign Language Learning can be beneficial to any type of international level business. Foreign language is defined as the language not spoken in the native country of the person. In current scenario, many Indian companies are collaborating with many foreign countries and not knowing a particular country language can act as barrier to their successful barrier. A foreign language course not only helps you to learn a new native language of a particular country but also helps you to learn about the culture and way of life of other country.

Career option:

We all are aware of the fact that English is known as the official international language used by many countries for communication purpose and knowing one more foreign language alongside English gives significant value to your career. And as a foreign language expert you can apply jobs in teaching, freelancing, translation, technical decoder and interpretation. French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish language are some of the top foreign languages are preferred by the top companies. A foreign language expert with interest in history can also seek career in Tour Guides. Some of the top corporate companies like Accenture, Evalueserve and Wipro are also in need of language experts where they generally take the role of company representative or public relation officer.

  • Information Technology

Information Technology is defined as the application of computers and internet to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data or information in the context of a business or other enterprises. Field of IT study generally covers the design, administration and support of computer and telecommunications system. Individuals who wish to pursue their Career in the field of Information Technology, they are required to develop solid logical and critical-thinking skills. Information Technology helps the business world by allowing organizations to work more efficiently and ensuring productivity. It helps you to have faster communication, data exchange, electronic data storage, and business secrets and records protection.

Career option:

An Information Technology learner can specialize in various field like software development, application management, hardware/desktop support and network architecture. As a Chief Information Officer you are responsible for IT and computer systems that supports the goal of an enterprise. System administrator generally configure, manages, supports and troubleshoots a multi-user computing environment.

  • Fashion Designing/Garment designing

Fashion or Garment Designing is a form of art dedicated to the creation of clothing and other lifestyle accessories. In 19th century, Charles Frederick Worth was the first fashion designer to start the era of fashion designing and to have his own labeled garments ever. There are generally various types of garments fashion market according to which a designer works. Earlier, most of the garments use to be client specific that were specially made for a specific client that was term as Haute Couture. Haute couture is a made to measure garment for an individual customer, with high quality and expensive fabric, time consuming and requires extreme attention to finish and detail. These days haute couture is generally produce for the prestige and publicity of a particular fashion house or a fashion designer.Ready-to-wear clothes are not made for an individual customer but the choice and cut of fabric is given much more importance. Most of the ready to wear collection are less expensive and are presented by a fashion house during Fashion Week.

Career option:

Fashion Designers are mostly preferred by the wholesale and manufacturing outlets where garments are produced in mass generally. To pursue career in Fashion designing you need to have in depth knowledge about fabric, draping qualities, weaving, material, color, design and ongoing trend. You will get various job opportunities in many sectors like export houses who are dealing in textile, garment, and handloom exports, retail and wholesale garment business, design teaching and Government handloom/textile manufacturing. You can also work with the film production unit as their costume designer for their projects.

  • Beauty course (Professional make and hair styling)

Beauty course is one of the fastest growing glamorous industry in the world as these days most of the people are becoming more conscious in terms of their hair and makeup. Be it a wedding, party or even a small gathering like meeting your loved ones everyone prefer a stylist to style them. Hair styling and hair management are the two essential part of looking best in terms of fashion as well as daily routine and as a hair stylist it is their job to give advice to their client regarding how they can style and keep hair healthy as per your texture and personality. The best thing about this industry is that there is no age limit or bar to become its part or start the career, you just need to have love and passion for the same.

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Career scope:

It has various field in which you can aim to specialize in like cosmetology, hair styling, aesthetics, manicure, pedicure and electrolysis. After completing the course you can open your own parlor or can work as beauty care specialists in luxurious salons of five star hotels. Experienced cosmologists and beauticians have high demand in fashion, advertising, film, television and theatre industry. Many established modeling agencies also have their own personalized stylists for their models and in house shoot.

  • Catering management

Catering is defined as the business of providing food service at a remote site, hotel, public house, etc. Catering industry has taken time in growing in India but recently is speeding up due to several reasons. India is a country who has so many festival and ceremonies are held in the form of important events. Now the common of people of India is acknowledging the importance of catering in a particular event and that has given rise in growth of the industry. Now Indian catering service providers are thinking beyond a marriage ceremony catering. Corporate world now prefer professional catering services for their various formal events, seminars, conferences, etc.

Career option:

In current scenario, we often have heard our parents saying that it is very hard to get a good caterer especially during wedding season (October-January) in India, which shows that the scope in this field is very high. A food and drink passionate person who likes to cook, serve or sell has various job options available in this industry like Kitchen porter, Waiting/bar staff, Food processing worker, kitchen assistant, bar tender, etc.

  • Advertising and marketing

Advertising is a form of marketing communication used to promote or sell a business product or service. It generally encourage consumers or buyers to buy their products, services or ideas by drawing their attention on various media. It is usually designed for an identified sponsor by an advertising agency. An advertiser generally try to influence buyer emotions such as occupation, beliefs, personality, lifestyle, relationship, etc. To become a good advertiser you need to understand your market and target audience keeping budget of sponsor in mind. Advertising industry is highly dynamic and creative field where you are required to develop innovative idea for your clients.

Career option:

The ultimate goal of an advertiser is to maximize the sales of its client by using various tools of advertising. They have various job options available in the field of production, media, research and creative departments. As a media planner you will need to plan, schedule, and purchase space for your advertisement. You need to be good with number and skilled negotiators so that they can spend money wisely and efficiently. Copywriter/Illustrator is also one of the important position and part of advertising field as it their ideas and word that are used for selling products and services. S (he) is responsible for making layout/story board for ads on various medium like radio and television by preparing a theme or jingle. An advertising student can also work as product manager, account planning, media researcher, etc.

  • Public Relations/Communication Skills

Communication is one the essential part when you are living in a society to understand and making other understand the emotion and communication is defined the act of conveying intended meaning from one entity or group to another through the use of mutually understood signs and semiotic rules. Communication can be of vocal, visual, written or non-verbal type. To express our need and concerns correctly effective communication is required. Developing and learning communication skills is not only helpful for your professional life but also assist in your social gatheringand personal life.

Career option:

These days corporate world of every field hire a professional Public Relation officer who acts as a representative of the company to convey and communicate information accurately, clearly and more importantly persuasively in case of dealing with the clients. So if you are the one who talks endlessly even when no one is around then you have many career options awaiting after you enhance your communication skills with the help of the course like Broadcast Journalism, Radio Jockey, Publicist, Lawyer, Marketing Manager, etc.

  • Disaster management

Disaster/Emergency management is the creation of plans through which communities reduce vulnerability to hazards and cope with disasters. It does not eliminate the threat but helps to decrease the effect of disasters by focusing on making plans to fight the disaster. There are various types of disasters covered by the management like terrorism, industrial sabotage, fire, natural disaster (earthquake, volcano eruption, etc.) public disorder, etc. and no plan to tackle these problems could lead to human mortality, revenue lose, and damage of various important assets of the country or region.In India National Disaster Management Authority is the primary government agency for planning and capacity-building for disaster relief. National Disaster response Force is the government agency with specialized skills in search, rescue and rehabilitation is responsible for natural and man-made disaster emergency management with the help of Indian Armed Forces.

Career option:

With the help of disaster management course you can increase the knowledge, abilities, skills and outlook on disasters. You can apply in various departments of government sector after disaster management course like fire, drought management, law enforcement authorities, relief agencies and insurance companies. You can also work with NGOs as social worker, mock drill expert for various MNCs, security administration, etc. High risk fields like chemical, mining and petroleum also have their own disaster management cells.

  • Banking and Finance

Student of banking and finance generally learn to enhance or build skills in specific emerging segment. These days banking is one of most growing and top career choices made. Banks has high importance in the financial system as it affects and reflects the economy of a particular country therefore they are highly regulated in most of the regions.Finance is the field that deals with the study of investments including dynamics of assets and liabilities under conditions of different degrees of uncertainty and risk. It is a process to advice a company or a person for investment of their money and getting high returns and acts as financial planner or broker.

Career options:
Pursing career in the sector banking finance is the most rewarding sector as with the help of these courses you can also apply for Provisional Officer and relationship manager/communication officer in banks, stockbroker, analyst, statistician, credit control manager, corporate banking executive, etc. In public sector with this diploma you can also start your career as a bank clerk.

  • Physical education-Fitness and gym operation

Physical education is an educational course related to the physique of the human body to encourage psychomotor learning in a play or movement exploration setting to promote health. We all are aware of the health benefits of the regular exercises in our daily routine.Now students of 11th and 12th with interest in fitness and gym can learn more about the field to establish career as CBSE has Fitness and gym operation vocational courses since 2012-13. Physical education in early stage of education is necessary for the total growth and development of a child.

Career option:

To study physical education you need to active, energetic, enthusiastic, physically fit, patient, determined and sporting spirit. You can build your career by becoming sportsperson and aim to represent your country by taking part in biggest sports events like Olympic Games or can coach them as well. You will have various opportunity to work in sports academy, health clubs and sports goods manufacturing and marketing companies. After taking physical education vocational course you can also apply as P.E teacher at school and college level, sports journalist/columnist, sports trainer, physical therapist, fitness instructor, coach, dance instructor, self-defense expert, recreation worker, sports medicine expert, personal trainer, etc.

  • House Election/Electronics/Electrical Technician

Electrical technician are responsible to create, maintain and repair any components and equipment that involves electricity in homes, businesses or factories. As an electrical technician you are supposed to read blueprints or technical diagrams, install and maintain wiring, control and lighting systems. There are many innovative technology pieces that are developed by electrical technicians like communication equipment, navigational devices, medical monitoring machines, etc.

Career option:

Demand for electronics technician with time is increasing as in current scenario most of us are dependent on electric products and time to time these devices need servicing and maintenance. As an electrical technician you are required to do certain activities like assembly, installation, maintenance, testing, troubleshooting, repairing and upgrading electronic equipment and systems.While looking career in this field you need to have some important qualities like business skill, color vision (so that they can identify electrical wires by color), critical thinking skills to diagnose a particular electrical problems and customer service skills to address query of customers in friendly manner.

  • Animation

If you are the one who is fascinated by the world of Narnia, Avatar, Ice Age, Wall-E, etc. and wish to create the same magic then animation industry has boundless scope for you and in coming year India will give employment to thousands of 2D and 3D animators.Animation is the process of making the illusion of motion and change by the means of the rapid display of sequence of static images that are slightly different from each other.

Career option:
To pursue career in animation, you need have a great zeal for imagination and have to be good at drawing and sketching. Understanding for expression and movement of human, bird and animal is very important in this field so that you can express the characters in much better way. As a good animator you will receive jobs offer in various field like movies, television, advertising, gaming and education. Many entertainment and education sector use animation for advertising purpose also. A single full length movie generally requires at least 500 animators which of course means huge job opportunities in coming years in India.

List of Top colleges for vocational Courses on the basis of college popularity in India:

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