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List of Top Courses to Pursue After BMLT

List of Top Courses to Pursue After BMLT || Highlights

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Have you completed or about to complete your BMLT/ B.Sc. MLT Course and now wondering which course to opt for? Have you been searching for the perfect course but couldn’t find any? Then stop right there, because this article is all you need.

With the expected surge in the recruitment of Healthcare Professionals in India, paramedical courses are becoming popular, gradually. So, this is the perfect opportunity and time for you to go for higher studies in this field.

In this article, we will discuss the best course options that you have after pursuing BMLT and what are the Job Opportunities after the same.

Top 10 Courses after BMLT

There is a huge list of various degree and diploma courses that you can pursue after completing BMLT. Here are the Top 10 Courses that you can opt for after BMLT.

Courses After BMLT



Master in Medical Laboratory Technology (MMLT)

2 Years

INR 30,000 Per Annum - INR 1 LPA

M. Sc (Clinical Biochemistry)

2 Years

1.2 LPA

M. Sc (Clinical Microbiology)

2 Years

INR 5,000 - INR 3 Lakhs

M.Sc. in Medical Imaging Technology

2 Years

INR 10,000 - INR 2 Lakhs

M.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Technology

2 Years

INR 20,000 - INR 3 Lakhs

Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) in Medical Lab Technology

2 Years

INR 25,000 - INR 7.5 Lakhs

PGD in Lab Services in Science

1 Year


Post Graduate Diploma in Radio-diagnosis

1 Year

INR 7.5 Lakhs - INR 23 Lakhs

Post Graduate Diploma in Dialysis Technician Training

2 Years


M.Sc Anaesthesia and Operation Theatre Technology

2 Years


Although there are numerous courses which you opt to pursue after BMLT Course, but here we elaborate each and every required detail about Master in Medical Laboratory Technology (MMLT) course which is a masters’ degree of the former one. Let’s have a look to all the required details:

Master in Medical Laboratory Technology [MMLT]

A two-year Postgraduate Course of Master in Medical Laboratory Technology (MMLT) is usually taken up by students who would like to study an advanced course after BMLT/BOT/BPT. The course is covered under either semester pattern or annual examination pattern distinct from institute to institute. To seek admissions to the course the minimum eligibility requirements shall be pass in BMLT or related field.

For each inst. the selection and Admission Process is distinct usually sought on the basis of merit as per marks secured in the last qualifying examination or given directly on basis of first come first serve.

There are ample institutes offering the course in regular and Distance Learning Mode. Here, mention below is a list of Five Best Institutes running Master in Medical Laboratory Technology (MMLT) course:

MMLT provides practical, theoretical, and technical knowledge so that students can take up Jobs in Biochemical Laboratories. The course is severe which aid students diagnose and prevent diseases through laboratory tests. Under Master in Medical Laboratory Technology (MMLT) all the essential areas covered include Clinical Chemistry, Blood banking, Haematology, Microbiology, Immunology, and Cytotechnology

MMLT Course Fees

For the course the annual avg. fee charged ranges from INR 30,000 to 60,000. Candidates who successfully complete the course are likely to Get Job Opportunities as Anesthesia Technicians, Laboratory Technicians, MRI Technicians, Medical Technicians, Pathologists, X-Ray Technicians, and Optical Laboratory Technicians. For medical technologists, the initial salary is between INR 8,000 and INR 15,000. An individual with good experience in hand can even fetch an annual pay package of INR 6 Lacs and above.

Master in Medical Laboratory Technology (MMLT): Course Highlights

Course Level

Post Graduate

Duration of Course

2 years

Examination Type

Semester System


Graduate in Medical Laboratory Tech. or related field.

Admission Process


Course Fee

INR 30,000 – INR 60,000

Average Salary

INR 2,00,000 – INR 6,00,000

Areas of Recruitment

Diagnostic Laboratory, Minor Emergency Centre, Clinics, Pathology Labs and Hospitals, Paramedical Colleges and Nursing Colleges, Physiotherapy Colleges

Job Profiles

Pathology Supervisor, Laboratory Manager, Lab Technician, Laboratory Consultant

What is Master in Medical Laboratory Technology (MMLT) all about?

Master in Medical Laboratory Technology popularly known as MMLT understands its students on how to analyze body matters like tissues, fluids, and blood and how to conduct chemical analyses, cell count, and micro-organism screening. The course shall teach its students subjects and in areas like Haematology, Blood banking, Serology, Blood Sample Matching, Drug Efficacy Tests, Clinical Chemistry, Cytotechnology, Immunology, Microbiology, Phlebotomy, Coagulation, Urine analysis, and Parasitology.

To conduct research under the supervision of medical researchers a Postgraduate Degree in MMLT will be highly helpful for medical technologists. They are in charge for maintaining exact report and organize tests that are complicated in nature. The ones who are postgraduates of Master in Medical Laboratory Technology (MMLT) Course are more trained than a normal lab technician performing routine tests under the given conditions.

Medical lab technologists play an essential role in the assemblage of information necessary for dealing with pathological cases through sampling, testing and analyzing such investigations.

From the future outlook, after Master in Medical Laboratory Technology (MMLT) practicing a profession will help a professional develop a scientific and analytically apt mind that can be used to conform to rules of conduct and procedures set up by scientific establishments. Students with expertise in the field will always have the necessary Job Opportunities to explore across the industry.

Master in Medical Laboratory Technology (MMLT): Top Institutes

Institute Name


Fees in INR

ADN Medical College and Paramedical Sc.

Nagpur, Maharashtra


Inst. of Public Health & Hygiene

New Delhi


Veer Narmad South Gujarat University

Surat, Gujarat

INR 67,080 (per year)

Guru Kashi University

Bhatinda, Punjab

INR 57,580 (per year)

EIILM University


INR 20,000 (per semester)

OPJS University


INR 46,000 (per semester)

NIMS Univ., Distance Edu.

Jaipur Rajasthan

INR 30,000 (per year)

Aligarh Insti. of Para-Medical Sc.

Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh


Master in Medical Laboratory Technology (MMLT): Eligibility

Those willing in looking Admission to Master in Medical Laboratory Tech. (MMLT) should possess graduation in Medical Laboratory Technology or BPT or BOT from a recognized univ. The min. % needed is just a pass, however, students scoring higher % are likely to get an inst. of their choice.

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Master in Medical Laboratory Technology (MMLT): Admission Process

The selection process is straight sought through merit based on marks obtained in the last qualifying examination. Students with a good record in academics are probably to have better chances of selection. In some institutes, candidates may even be admitted on a first come first basis.

Syllabus and Course Structure of Master in Medical Laboratory Technology (MMLT):

Subjects of Study

Endocrinology, Metabolic and Nutritional Biochemistry

Systematic Bacteriology and Diagnostic Microbiology

Advanced Microbiology

Clinical Biochemistry

Analytical and Physical Biochemistry

Histopathology and Cytopathology

Blood Banking and Immunopathology

Clinical Pathology and Cytogenetics

Lab Management and Techniques

Medical Parasitology, Mycology, and Virology

Advanced Hematology and Immuno-Hematology

Systematic Bacteriology and Diagnostic Microbiology (P)

Immunology and Molecular Biology

Clinical Biochemistry (P)

Advanced Microbiology (P)

Clinical Pathology and Cytogenetics (P)

Analytical and Physical Biochemistry (P)


Blood Banking and Immunopathology (P)

Biostatics and Epidemiology

Master in Medical Laboratory Technology (MMLT): Career Prospects

Medical technologist profession is necessary to repeat the action to improve the medical profession. After completion of the Master in Medical Lab. Tech. (MMLT) course, individuals are aptly to get challenging jobs in both the private and the public sectors. For medical technologists, the scope is on the swing-up owing to the growth of the healthcare industry in India. There are endless opportunities for degree holders in pathology laboratories, private/government hospitals, blood banks, and nursing home centers.

For Master in Medical Laboratory Technology (MMLT) graduates the major areas of employment would be in the departments of Mycology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Haematology, and Pathology in:

  • Blood banks
  • Hospitals
  • Emergency Centres
  • Doctor's Clinics
  • Pathology Labs
  • Health Care Departments.
  • Educational Institutions

Owning or self-practicing a Diagnostic Lab. has become an Advantageous Career Option as in both rural and urban areas there is a high demand for pathology labs.

Job Title

Job Description

Salary in INR

Laboratory Manager

Lab. managers are responsible for the daily operations of medical labs. They maintain standard of quality and rigidly observe scientific rules and lab procedures.

3 –6 Lacs

Medical Technologist

Liable for adaptation of data on health services into numeric Diagnosis for providing procedure of treatment by using ICD-10 CM and CPT code books

3– 4.75 Lacs

Lab Technician

As per the standard procedures of tests conducts tests and for future reference, enters results in the online/offline software.

2–2.5 Lacs

Pathology Supervisor

By applying technical and scientific know-how helps in diagnosis, treatment, and patient monitoring.

2–2.5 Lacs

Top Courses after BMLT - Career Options 

After Pursuing Postgraduate Degree cor diploma courses mentioned above, your scope for employment will widen up. You will be able to explore several employment areas and will be eligible to apply for various job profiles. 

Some of the Top Areas of Employment and job positions that you can explore are mentioned below. 

Job Profiles

·         Medical Laboratory Technologist

·         MRI Technician

·         X-Ray Technologist/ X-Ray Technician

·         Anaesthesia Technicians

·         CT Scan Technician

·         Operation Theatre Technicians

·         Plaster Technicians

·         Pathology Technicians

·         Laboratory Supervisor

·         Orthopaedic Technicians

·         QC Manager

Employment Areas

·         Educational Institutions

·         Military

·         Minor Emergency Centres

·         Private Clinics

·         Govt. or Private Hospitals

·         Pharmaceutical Companies

·         Blood Donor Centres

·         Crime Laboratories

·         Private Laboratories

 Job Options After BMLT

Here is a List of Top Career Options for you after BMLT. Check out the table and explore your options.

Job Profiles

Responsibilities/ Work Description


Medical Lab Technologist

·Medical Laboratory Technologists perform complex detection tests to diagnose and treat diseases.

·They work in lab settings with equipment that helps in recording data which is used to conclude a result.

INR 1.17 LPA to INR 5.5 LPA

X-Ray Technician/ X-Ray Technologist

·An X-Ray Technician works with cutting-edge technology to use imaging methods for visualizing the inside of human bodies.

·Images created by professional help physicians diagnose and then treat the illness or injuries with precision.

INR 10,000 per month - INR 18,000 per month

MRI Technician

·An MRI Technician runs works with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners to diagnose health problems.

·These technicians work with patients directly to educate them about the results.

INR 10,000 per month - INR 1.50 lakhs per month

Anaesthesia Technicians

·An Anaesthesia Technician helps the relevant medical staff or anesthesiologists in cleaning, preparing and maintaining necessary equipment that is to be used for surgical procedure.

INR 14,000 per month - INR 36,000 per month

Operation Theatre Technicians

·Operation Theatre Technicians or OT Technicians maintain and prepare OT (Operation Theatres) along with the related equipment.

·A professional in this area assist surgical teams and anaesthetic teams before or during operations.

·They also provide support to patients who are recovering from operations.


CT Scan Technician

·The CT Scan Technicians use CT (Computerised Tomography) scanners and produce cross-sectional images.

·These images are of the internal organs of patients that help in the diagnosis of medical issues and help in treating them with great accuracy.

INR 18,270 per month - INR 32,253 per month

Pathology Technicians

·Pathology Technicians conduct laboratory tests on body tissues, cells, fluids, etc to diagnose a health problem.

· They work with chemicals, procedures and laboratory machinery for the analysis of biological samples.

INR 22,000 per month - INR 94,000 per month

Orthopaedic Technicians/ Plaster Technicians

·Orthopaedic Technicians, also known as Plaster Technicians apply casts to the fractured body part of a patient.

·Their roles include applying braces and splints and providing services as per the requirements.

INR 2.60 LPA to INR 4.20 LPA

Laboratory Supervisor

·A Lab Supervisor organises a lab and directs the daily activities.

·The responsibilities include overseeing quality control and assurance tests, collecting medical data or samples, analysing the samples and interpreting the results.

INR 10,000 per month - INR 18,668 per month

QC Manager

·A QC Manager or Qualify Control Manager deals with supervising staff and overseeing the procedures of product development ensuring that it meets the efficiency and quality standards.

·A QC Manager’s job responsibilities may also include working with clients to ensure the quality of their final products.

INR 2.08 LPA - INR 6.96 LPA

 Top Recruiters or Employment Areas after BMLT

Some of the Top Employment Areas or recruiting fields for a BMLT are mentioned below.

  • or Private Hospitals
  • Private Laboratories
  • Private Clinics
  • Crime Laboratories
  • Minor Emergency Centres
  • Blood Donor Centres
  • Military
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Educational Institutions

Skills Required for Career after BMLT

There is a certain set of skills that you must possess if you want to work in the Field of Medical Lab Technology. The skills are:

  • Precision
  • Disciplines
  • Proficient in managing the delicate lab equipment
  • Logical
  • Curiosity in medicine and its related field
  • Expert in handling complex and heavy machinery
  • Open to learning new technology
  • Computer competency
  • Comfortable with using digital equipment

Top Courses after BMLT - Remuneration 

There are certain factors that play an important role in the salary package being offered to a person. The profile of the employer and employee, one’s skills, experience, and job location are some of those factors. Based on these factors, one can earn anywhere between INR 10,000 per month to INR 1.5 lakhs per month through Courses after BMLT

Have a look at the salary offered to candidates at different positions after pursuing the above-mentioned courses.

Job Profiles


QC Manager

INR 2.08 LPA - INR 6.96 LPA

Laboratory Supervisor

INR 1.2 LPA - INR 2.24 LPA

Plaster Technicians/ Orthopaedic Technicians

INR 2.60 LPA to INR 4.20 LPA

CT Scan Technician

INR 2.19 LPA - INR 3.87 LPA

Anesthesia Technicians

INR 1.68 LPA - INR 4.23 LPA

Pathology Technicians

INR 2.64 LPA - INR 11.2 LPA

MRI Technician

INR 1.2 LPA - INR 18 LPA

Operation Theatre Technicians


X-Ray Technologist/ X-Ray Technician

INR 1.2 LPA - INR 2.16 LPA

Medical Lab Technologist

INR 1.17 LPA to INR 5.5 LPA

Courses after BMLT - Top Colleges in India

Mentioned below are top colleges in India offering Higher Education in Medical Lab Technology after BMLT. You can apply to any of these colleges, even more than one college, in the comfort of your home.

Ansal University [AU], Gurgaon

Centurion University of Technology and Management (CUTM), Bhubaneswar

Shri Rawatpura Sarkar University (SRU), Raipur

Chandigarh University - (CU) Chandigarh

Sri Sukhmani Group of Institutions - [SSGI] Mohali

Apex College For Girls (ACG), Jaipur

Parul University, Gujarat

OM Sterling Global University (OSGU), Hisar

Shyam University (SU), Dausa

Amity University Manesar, Gurgaon

Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed to be University) - [MMDU] Mullana, Ambala

NIMS University, Jaipur


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