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TalentEdge Executive Program

About Talentedge

Talentedge provides many courses in collaboration with the World-Leading Corporates and Institutes. We help working professionals to plan their course of action as well as give their career a speed.

Talentedge has partnered with renowned Indian as well as International institutes such as MICA, XLRI, IIMs, Jack Welch Management Institute and other reputed corporates such as Viacom 18, Society of Human Resource Management & others.

The classroom type learning provided by Talentedge by creating a virtual world is much appreciated by the individual as well as corporate learners.

Talentedge initiates the industry learning with the help of the experienced subject experts who have trained a large number of individuals with the help of their sound knowledge.

This organization is awarded ISO: 9001:2008 certification as it imparts quality education to the students.

Talentedge USP

Talentedge offers specialized courses by collaborating with prominent corporates and institutes. All the courses offered by the organization are industry-specific and very much relevant to the current market.

Many of the courses offered by Talentedge are through both- online and offline learning coupled with the right amount of practical learning.

The faculty who offers training to these courses are much experienced and possess a sea of knowledge their field. The students who join Talentedge gain a plethora of knowledge from the experts of this organization. They also have the best opportunity to get valuable learning from the Famous Business Academicians, corporate leaders, and industry connoisseurs.

These experts have a rich knowledge of their subjects and they share their quality learning to the students making them brighter students than ever before.

Why Talentedge?

  • Good Process Management
  • Global Learning Pedagogy
  • Training is given to the large pool of students and professionals
  • Customized assessment tools
  • Interactive technology solution
  • Numerous training centers across the country
  • Data analytics and Tracking

Live and Interactive Digital Learning

Talentedge offers interactive digital learning that empowers learners with quality education by recreating real classroom interactions using the virtual world. Although the courses offered by Talentedge are digital, our live classroom sessions let the students interact with the best faculty during the classes.

Talentedge provides unparalleled quality learning to the students with the help of global learning pedagogy, cloud campus, interactive technology solution, gamified content, and content curation.

This education firm helps working professionals to realize their career goals and help them open various avenues for them.

Talentedge Offerings

Talentedge, like every other global institution, lays great emphasis on bringing valuable learning to the working professionals.

The education firm is proud to maintain a partnership with renowned institutes such as IITs, JWMI, IIMs, and XLRIs.

Talentedge XLRI Jamshedpur

Talentedge is partnered with XLRI Jamshedpur and is providing a number of courses to the students through it.

XLRI is one of the prestigious management school that is located in Jamshedpur. Being a renowned business school for years, it has been ranked among the top five of all the research schools of the country.

Talentedge XLRI offers the following courses to the students: -

Talent Management

Talentedge provides Executive Development Program in talent management with XLRI that focuses on the management of the talent in every workplace.

As talent management is much of a concern to every company, so these courses are much valuable and offer the right solutions to a number of talent management related problems.

The knowledge pertaining to talent management can really help the professionals to solve these problems. This talent management course is aimed at providing deep knowledge of employee relations as well as talent management.

This program offers the students to earn a certificate from the renowned institutes XLRI. The course has a comprehensive syllabus that consists of mentoring, career and succession planning, coaching and so on.

The course also consists of exercises that can help the professionals to solve the problems related to talent management.

The course is taught by talented faculty of XLRI and it offers practical insights on day to day issues. Practical assignments of this course cover the most important concepts related to talent management that enables the learners to track the real-life challenge.

Who can do the course in Talent Management?

Talent Management Course requires the following education from the students to get enrolled in this course: -

  • Indian nationals who seek enrollment in this course must have a graduate degree or they must have obtained a diploma from a renowned university such as AIU/AICTE/DEC.UGC in any stream.
  • International participants also must have a graduation or any equivalent degree obtained from a recognized institution or university from their country.
  • The students who are looking for enrolling into this course must be proficient in spoken as well as in written English.

Work Experience Required

  • Both- Indian, as well as International participants, must be working professionals having 2 years minimum experience till June 1, 2019.
  • Diploma holders must also have the required work experience to pursue this course.

Advanced Financial Management

Talentedge XLRI is offering Executive Development Program in Advanced Financial Management to the students. This course is well designed for the ones who are working professionals in the finance domain and seek a good understanding of several advanced techniques and concepts so as to cope up with the increasingly complex financial problems or challenges of a firm.

The course is created to provide a rich exposure to the participants to several factors that affect financial performance, risk minimization strategies, capital management modes & guiding principles on the decisions of investment.

XLRI offers a great opportunity for the professionals to earn a certificate in Advanced Financial Management which has a great value.

The course is imparted through eminent faculty of XLRI and students are given practical insights on the issues related to daily life.

Who can Pursue Advanced Financial Management course?


  • Indian citizens having a graduate degree or diploma from a renowned university in any stream are eligible to enroll in this course. Along with this, the students must have a 4 years minimum experience in the field of finance.
  • International students must have obtained a graduate degree from a legally recognized university from their own country along with a work experience of 4 years in the finance sector.

Strategic Performance Management

The executive development program in strategic performance management from Talentedge XLRI is a multi-functional program. It is for the executives having 6 years of work experience.

The course is focused on the leadership level and is an apt course for the ones who are in the process of carrying such responsibilities.

Participants of this program can get exposure to the multi-dimensional nature of the challenges of organizational performance. The program is focused on managing problems through a Uni-functional approach.

Students, after the completion of this course, get a certificate of XLRI, which is called the best HR institution of the country.

The content and the structure of this course is completely designed by XLRI, that will be taught by the Prominent faculty of XLRI.

The course in strategic performance management is focused on the leadership roles of the professionals and help them manage their tasks effectively in their respective fields.

This course also consists of the project that let the students learn about a few tools such as EFQM, Hoshin Matrix, Balance Scorecard, etc.

Talentedge, in collaboration with XLRi, offers huge exposure to the students in this course in the cases related to service and manufacturing industries.

Who can do this course?

  • Indian participants who are having a graduate degree or they are diploma holders from a legally renowned university like AIU/UGC/AICTE etc. can do this course.
  • Along with the university degree or any diploma, the students are also required to have six years of work experience on August 1, 2019.
  • International participants should also require a graduation degree or an equivalent degree to graduation from a recognized institution or university from their nation along with at least 6 years of work experience till 1st August 2019.
  • Students also need to proficient in spoken as well as written English.

Talentedge Programs

Business Management Programs

Business management programs are widely popular across the world due to the constant need of business professionals.

Business Management Professionals are much required in a number of companies as they are the most suitable professionals who can identify the real issues of the real business world and provide effectual solutions to a particular problem.

Professionals who think quickly, are multitaskers as well as quick problem solvers are much sought after in today’s competitive business world.

A Program in Business Management offers the students a deeper understanding of the ongoing global business environment and also help you have a cutting edge over your peers.

Talentedge has felt the need for business management professionals and bring to you the Best Online Business Management Courses that are in sync with your requirements.

Whether you are living in Gurgaon, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad and Delhi, you are very much eligible to pursue these courses.

Business Management programs offered by Talentedgeare:-

Finance courses offered by Talentedge are: -

  • Advanced financial management- XLRI
  • Digital Finance- IIM Kashipur
  • Corporate Finance for Business Managers- XLRI
  • Applied Financial Risk Management- IIM Kashipur
  • Financial Accounting and Auditing- XLRI
  • Financial Analytics- XLRI
  • Digital Finance-IIM Kashipur

Brand Sales & Marketing Programs by Talentedge

  • Advertising management and PR- MICA
  • Digital Marketing- MICA
  • Market Research & Data Analytics- MICA
  • Marketing Analytics & Customer Valuation
  • Marketing Analytics- XLRI
  • Digital Marketing- IIM Jammu
  • Sales & Marketing Management- XLRI

Programs in Analytics

  • Business Analytics, IIM Kozhikode
  • Marketing Analytics, XLRI
  • Business Data and Big Data, IIM Kashipur

Strategy and Leadership Programs

  • Strategic Management, XLRI
  • Strategic Performance Management, XLRI
  • Leadership and Change Management, XLRI
  • Entrepreneurship, IIM Kashipur
  • Strategic Management, IIM Rohtak
  • Strategic Management, IIM Kozhikode
  • Advance Program in Leadership, IIM Lucknow

HR Courses offered by Talentedge

  • HR Management, XLRI
  • Talent Management, XLRI


  • Entrepreneurship, IIM Kashipur
  • Entrepreneurship, IIM Rohtak

Supply Chain Management Programs

  • Supply Chain Strategy and Management, IIM Kozhikode
  • Logistics and supply chain management, XLRI
  • Operations Management, IIM Calcutta

International Courses offered by Talentedge

  • HR Management, University of Dubai

Talentedge Scholarships

Talentedge has collaborated with IDFC bank that offers 10% scholarship to the debit card holders of the bank.

This scholarship offer is for the live courses where admissions are available.

How to get 10% Scholarship

  • Just choose a course in which you want to get admission
  • Now click on the button “Enroll Now” and fill the required details given.
  • When you are on the payment mode selection screen, just click on the icon named “10% off on Debit Cards IDFC Bank”
  • Finally, you need to select the option “Debit Card” and enter the details of your card. Now you need to click on the option “check offer” to know whether your debit card gives you this offer or not. If your card is giving you the offer, you will get the 10% discount as soon as you make the payment.

Terms and Conditions

  • This scholarship offer can’t be added with other offers
  • The scholarship is available for the ones who are first-time customers. If a student enrolls in a course before, he won’t get the scholarship.
  • Only one person can get the scholarship for one course.
  • Students must use a valid debit card of IDFC for availing the benefits.
  • This scholarship is available till June 30, 2018
  • The discount is given on all installment transactions related to a course if the installment payment method is used for the payment of the fees, the condition being is that the installment payment is done through the debit card of IDFC Bank.
  • Talentedge can do nothing in choosing the debit cards to get the offer. If your card is not giving the offer, you can contact the representative of IDFC Bank.

Industries Talentedge has worked with are: -

  • Consumer durables
  • IT and ITES
  • Telecom
  • Pharma
  • FMCG
  • BFSI

Talentedge Offerings

Talentedge is offering a large number of services and products to the enterprises. Some of these services & products are as follows: -

  • Learning process improvement services

Today, there is a great need to completely understanding the existing processes and look for ways to develop them. Many of the organizations who do not try to improve their processes lose their shine.

Talentedge has felt this need & has witnessed that there is a wide range of opportunity for a firm for the improvement of its processes.

Talentedge experts make the best use of numerous investigation methods like field visits, interviewing & assessments, mystery shopping, shadowing and so on to provide an in-depth analysis of your organization's current scenario & recommend processes as well as methods for optimizing it.

  • Content creation & curation

Talentedge possesses large storage of content that is equipped with participant’s guide, facilitator’s guide & learning aids for all the social as well as career improvement skills of the students.

Talentedge ensures the created content is much relevant as well as purposeful to the end goals of the needs of the organization.

  • On the job mentoring

Talentedge offers on- the job mentoring that deploy the experts in the particular domains that will mentor as well as coach the professional’s resources in order to enhance or train their skills.

Talentedge has the capacity to offer virtual mentoring with the help of live as well as a digital interactive learning platform.

  • Digital training management services

Talentedge is one of the leading providers of digital learning services. The virtual learning platform of Talentedge is just like the classroom sessions.

Talentedge offers end to end support to make sure that your training experience is excellent and seamless.

  • MIS & Analytics

Talentedge offers comprehensible analytics to you according to your needs which help you get a deep insight about your data that can help you improve your business output and process.

The analysis offered by the firm is very accurate and regular. The dynamic dashboards of Talentedge, as well as updated analytics, really help in monitoring your organization’s resources as well as a career path.

  • Induction Services

Talentedge offers extremely contemporary as well as comprehensive induction services.

It has developed a system that can solve the pitfalls arising due to administrative and logistical snags.

Talentedge is capable of handling the complete process of sourcing, training as well as placing the resources or to train & place the existing resources. The required technical, domain-specific skills & soft skills training managed to the resources to make them work-ready in the real job environment.

  • Business productivity and skill enhancement services

Training for business productivity & skill enhancement is organized in many formats right from workshops to seminars, sessions and live as well as virtual training.

These pieces of training are focused on enhancing the skills like global business communication, leadership essentials, time management, and negotiation skills, etc. that directly impacts the productivity thereby providing a direct impact on a business.

  • Unified helpdesk hub

Unified helpdesk hub is a unique offering provided by Talentedge where your facilitators, management as well as resources can reach for any kind of aid.

The helpdesk of Talentedge offers reminders for evaluation & training, provides technical support for the online assessment, live & digital interactive training & other concerns pertaining to training.


  • Mobile Learning Solutions

The mobile learning solutions of Talentedge are highly beneficial for an enterprise as they can help in easily and effectively communicate with their partners and employees. The platform of mobile learning solutions is the best for formal as well as informal interactions. This platform helps you in securely broadcasting media content such as videos, documents, events, awards, and news on mobile devices.

  • Online assessments & profiling

Talentedge offers online assessments of talent assessment, learning & development, pre-hiring assessment and so on. Talent assessment is done by Talentedge in a number of countries such as the Middle East, United Kingdom, South Africa, and India. The talent assessment platform of Talentedge is widely popular and is used by a large number of entities such as professional bodies, government agencies, educational campuses, enterprise customers, etc. to reduce the costs of operational efficiency & to improve services.

  • Digital learning

The digital learning platform offered by Talentedge is a kind of delivery tool that makes digital learning very effective at a minimum cost. It offers the best online solution for the collaboration of trainer and participant with the help of conferencing that is based on webRTC.

It has state-of-the-art audio quality in tier-2 and tier-3 cities through limited bandwidth. This digital learning platform can support as many as 500 users at a single session. It has a recording session facility for use in the future. The file that is recorded is almost 70% light as compared to the MPEG format that makes it versatile & user-friendly in the Indian scenario.

Talentedge Careers

Career at Talentedge

Learning always goes on with us. Irrespective of your age, you need learning at every step. And the toughest thing to do is to make quality learning available to everyone.

But Talentedge has made all this really possible!

Irrespective of the geographical boundaries, Talentedge has collaborated with a number of industry leaders to provide excellent learning to the learners.

All the employees at Talentedge are encouraged and motivated to learn as well as develop themselves within the organization.

Talentedge has a great pool of young as well as highly energetic individuals who encourage creativity, self-motivational attitude, risk-taking ability, creativity and innovation among all the employees.

Talentedge MICA

MICA, incepted in the year 1991, is known to be as one of the first residential institutes of India which is committed to cater to the marketing communication requirements of government, industry & community.

The institute is highly committed to addressing the needs of the current ever-changing atmosphere. MICA can rightly be said as the alma mater of marketing, advertising, media, and marketing research professionals.

MICA is a highly ranked business school in the country and is excellent for brand management, marketing management, and the courses related to media as well as communication.

Talentedge MICA courses

Some of the courses offered by MICA are as follows: -

  • Advertising management and PR
  • Business Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing and Brand Management
  • Media and Entertainment management

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