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1. About Hughes Global Education
2. Key Benefits of Choosing Hughes Education

  • Hughes Careers
  • Growth
  • Philosophy of Performance
  • Technology
  • Classrooms
  • Studio
  • Onsite Learning Platform
  • Benefits of Executive Programs offered by Hughes
  • Enhancement of Efficiency & Skills
  • Time and Money Saver

3. Boosting Career Growth and Confidence
4. Academic Partners of Hughes Education
5. Hughes Global Education Review

About Hughes Global Education

One of the popular onsite learning, Hughes Global Education is providing education as well as training service to the corporate as well as working professionals or students.

Initiated by Hughes, this onsite learning offers live, real-time and interactive 2-way video, data and voice classes in as many 75 cities with its 155 classrooms.

Centered in Gurgaon, Hughes is the next generation onsite learning that offers its programs in a hi-tech manner. This live and interactive onsite learning was started way back in the year 2001 and it is a seamless integration of traditional education with the modern education technology that emphasizes on the quality education of the students.

Hughes, being the first of its kind, is used by a plethora of corporate customers for the purpose of providing training to their customers, employees, dealers & associates all over the country.

Hughes Gurgaon is a kind of powerful system that lets endless participants spread in different geographical boundaries to benefit from highly qualitative learning provided with a feature of one-to-one interaction with the faculty.

This onsite platform is just like a classroom session where a student takes in learning by sitting in any corner of the country. He can easily interact with the faculty and raise any questions that come randomly in his mind. This interaction between student and faculty makes this learning just like classroom learning. The extensive usage of data, voice, and video makes it a real-time class feel that is appreciated by all the students. The pedagogy is simply amazing and interactive as it consists of an amalgamation of real case studies, lectures, assignments, quizzes, etc.

Hughes Global Education is the best way of learning for the participants as they can get productivity as well as monetary advantages.

By opting this onsite learning, they can study as well as do their existing job without any tension. They can easily attend their class without being worried about leaving their job.

Apart from that, the course curriculum of Hughes Global Education is perfectly designed after taking care of the requirements, skills, and expertise of the professionals. They can attain valuable learning by joining Hughes and shape their career path in a perfect way.

Key Benefits of Choosing Hughes Education

So, what are the benefits if a student chooses Hughes Education?

Well, let’s know about them through the following points: -

  • Hughes Education imparts its education by providing the students with the highest interactivity as if they are studying in a real classroom.
  • It possesses management tools that make the study easier and helps the faculty to run the class easily and effectively.
  • Its built-in certification & management tools make it easier for the faculty to keep records of the progress of each student.

Hughes Careers

A career with Hughes is truly rewarding!

Working there is just like an apt opportunity to find you and also to pursue your dreams.

There are many reasons to choose Hughes for your career as it offers you an excellent work culture, personal development opportunities, and career advancement.


Hughes is operating in the industry with a motto to attain excellently and dream big. We have a development and growth philosophy of creating a company of dedicated and trained people to cater to every requirement and needs of our customers.

Philosophy of Performance

Hughes is running with a philosophy of performance that emphasizes on providing enhancement to everything that can be measured as well as assessed. Hughes always provides due rewards to the performance of his employees by appraising them annually and set targets for the next year. It owns a balanced polity which is holistic and objective in its approach.

The HR team of the company looks after the appraisal process carefully as well as train the senior employees to measure individual performance.

The managers as well as employees of the company leverage several HR processes as well as tools to look for the improvement in various areas such as career planning, reward systems, goal setting, employee selection, and corporate culture.

Assessments in the company are not only about development and improvement.

Great achievements are aptly rewarded in Hughes.


Technology and Infrastructure

Hughes education centers are fully equipped with the required technologies and amenities. The studio is fitted with the required video, audio as well as computer systems that let the instructors train & interact with the candidates spread across India.

The studio is equipped with the following equipment: -

  • Audio Video Systems

Hughes has all the required audio video systems in its education center such as audio and video mixers, cameras and monitors. The best thing about the studio is that it provides an environment that is totally free from any noise.

  • Control Room Facilities

Hughes has satellite uplink equipment and control equipment in its control room. The uplink is effectively done with the help of Hughes satellite modems.

A student is in the classroom with the PC connected with VSAT and can easily listen to the lecture, answers to the questions that are asked and participate in various discussions and groups.

  • Presentation Server

Presentation server is equipped with proper software and hardware that help the instructor in providing powerful learning. The tools of the presentation server allow the instructors to transmit the presentation slides, make interactive questions for the students to answer, quizzes, email interaction, voice interaction.

These tools create a perfect learning environment where both- the students and the teachers have real-time interactivity.

The results of questions and quizzes can be easily compiled and provided to the teachers and the students to let them have real-time feedback.

Apart from that, the presentation server also lets the teachers to manage the class and to interact with it in the best way.


Hughes Global Education India Pvt. Ltd has set up as many as 140 classrooms and is spread across 66 cities of the country such as Kolkata, Lucknow, Jaipur, Ludhiana, Pune, Baroda, Nagpur, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore. It is also operational in Sharjah and Dubai.

Each of the classrooms is fitted with ultra-modern satellite receiver/transmitter and ultra-modern multimedia PCs.


Hughes has 14 studios that are operational in a number of cities such as in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Jamshedpur, Calicut, Kozhikode, New Delhi, Gurgaon, and Mumbai.

The clients who are looking for Corporate Training Programs can choose any of the studios as every studio is fitted with modern equipment that makes the learning easier and effective.

Onsite Learning Platform

The Onsite Learning Platform of Hughes is much advanced in many aspects as it is an amalgamation of visual as well as verbal communication. The learning provides an opportunity of 2-way audio & video with rich content, application sharing, discussion groups & live interaction.

The communications platform is accessible to many persons in real-time. Live sessions become very effective and intuitive with the help of this platform as the rich interactive content & video deliver directly to the student’s desktop.

HNS certification makes this platform an authorized product of HNS technology in the category of “e-learning for the enterprise”. The platform is an application that incorporates 2-way audio with good video quality, data transfer for better live delivery.

The platform offers many benefits to the learners such as discussion groups, application sharing, guided browsing, chats, and whiteboard annotations.

In the heart of this onsite learning is a platform known as Rich Media Conferencing Platform that offers you a secure, scalable & work-friendly platform which helps in delivering a real-time voice, data communication and video communication over inter-protocol works.

The Rich Media Conferencing Platform offers smoother interoperability with: -

  • IP Endpoints
  • Satellite-based corporate work infrastructures
  • Existing video conferencing endpoints & MCU’s
  • Smartphones
  • Public Services Telephone Works

The platform offers a common interface for the user to get live interaction facility that is enriched with the best quality video, rich visuals, and clear audio.

This interface consists of application & data sharing, whiteboard & recording capabilities, questions, chats, etc. which are designed for enabling a feel of the virtual classroom across the globe.

Hughes Careers

Hughes Education is always active in imparting quality knowledge to the students through its number of high-end executive courses. Hughes is totally focussed on offering an excellent career path to the students so that they may become best professionals in their field.

Benefits of Executive Programs offered by Hughes

Executive programs of Hughes Education is of vital importance for a student’s career. The ongoing job market needs talented professionals and it is possible only if students undertake quality courses. Hughes global education provides a new opportunity for the students to learn as well as grow in the current competitive industry.

Many professionals who seek a boost in their career go for these courses as these courses offer them a cutting edge over the others and let them realize their career goals.

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The Executive Education offered by Hughes provides high potential for a professional to step up in his career by making them expert in their specific fields. By pursuing these courses, one can easily strengthen his skills as well as the knowledge that can make him face the challenges of the current job market.

Some of the benefits of doing Executive Programs from Hughes are as follows:-

Enhancement of Efficiency & Skills

Executive programs of Hughes Education Center helps create new avenues for the ones who take up these courses. These courses also increase their efficiency and provide them an opportunity to grow in their field. With the help of these courses, one can bring forth new ideas and improve his work efficiency to an optimum level.

Time and Money Saver

One can do a lot of courses to strengthen his career. There are numerous courses he can take up to shape up his career and there is no limit to higher education. But not many have time and money to pursue a course.

Well, Hughes executive programs are comparatively cheaper than any other full-time courses. These courses can be pursued from anywhere and they also save your time as well as money.

Boosting Career Growth and Confidence

Executive education offered through Hughes education center helps in improving the skills and knowledge of an individual. These courses also boost their confidence so that they can easily cater to various organizational needs.

As nearly everyone needs continuous career growth, so these courses prove to be much beneficial for them. Nobody wants to stick to a particular career for his all life. So he needs a dramatic change in his career.

Executive courses help such individuals to reach the zenith of their career and add laurels to their career.

 Hughes education offers the following Executive Programs and helps you reach high in your career:-

  1. Business Management Courses

Business Management Courses offered Hughes education helps in enhancing the financial as well as the communication skills of the individuals. As these are career-oriented programs, so they help the individuals to learn about leadership, human resource management, business management and improve their administration and business planning.

  • Executive Program in Business Management
  • Executive Programme in General Management
  1. Human Resources and Management Courses

Human Resource Managers are needed in every organization. Given their requirements in every organization, their role is much more important for the organization.

Hughes offers human resources management programs for working professionals who do not have the time to pursue these courses on a regular basis. Some of the key areas covered by these courses are training & development, compensation, talent acquisition, employment law & relationship, health & safety, and recruitment & selection.

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management
  • Executive Program in Human Resource Management
  1. Sales and Marketing Courses

Hughes Global Education offers quality sales and marketing courses to the professionals and enhances their Sales and Marketing Communication skills. By pursuing these courses, one can refine his communication skills to a high level and become a sales marketing expert in his field.

  • Executive Program in Sales & Marketing
  1. Finance & Economics Courses

Hughes Education offers quality Finance & Economics Courses that impart extensive knowledge of account as well as finance to the professionals who take up these courses.

These are high-end courses that can make anyone a financial expert by providing him a good understanding of the finance sector so that he can easily make financial decisions.

  • Executive Programme in Business Finance
  • Executive Programme for Banking and Financial Sector
  1. IT Management Programs

IT management process is the one which is directly related to the improvement of an organization’s technical infrastructure.

IT Management Programs of Hughes education center prepares the candidates to let them optimize operational requirements, research strategies, and technology solutions of an organization and helps them build a cost-efficient system for achieving these goals.

  1. International Business Courses

One who pursues International Management Courses is highly rewarded in terms of career growth. These courses provide an individual a full potential to earn as much money he can.

The international business courses proffered by Hughes education improve many skills such as imports, foreign culture, economics, exports, tax & much more.

  • Executive Program in Global Business Management
  1. Logistics & Supply Chain Management Programs

This is a valuable program offered by Hughes. This particular program is designed for the professionals to provide them the knowledge in a plethora of important activities such as sales & distribution planning, procurement, logistics planning, production planning and so on. The professionals require these important skills to optimize their career goals.

  1. Business Analytics Courses

Business Analytics Courses in Hughes education are much vital for the industry. These courses are aimed at providing the know-how of using business data, predictive modeling, statistics and so that one can create competitive strategies to realize impressive business outcomes.

  • Executive Programme in Business Analytics
  • Executive Programme in Advanced Business Analytics
  1. Operations Management Courses

Like all other programs of Hughes education center, Operations Management Courses, too are offered to impart the skills and knowledge of the professionals.

In these courses, students are trained to teach important strategies such as facilities location planning, capacity planning, aggregate planning & scheduling, etc.

  1. Customer Service Management Programs

Customer Service Management Programs are much required today due to much complex environments of customer services.

Managers are required to get a knowhow of a wide array of competencies & required skills so as to enter the sales and service environments to become the most dynamic leaders in their field.

  1. Project Management Programs

Project Management Programs offered by Hughes are very specialized courses for a professional as these courses lay emphasis on providing knowledge about many key areas like introduction of a new product, a new innovation, improvement as well as a transformational change.

  1. Strategic Management Courses

The Strategic Management Executive Programs of Hughes education are aimed at providing new ideas to the professionals so that they can manage an organization in the best way.

Academic Partners of Hughes Education

Hughes education has partnered with renowned institutions to offer its programs. Some of its academic partners are as follows: -

IIM Calcutta

Programs offered:

  • Advanced Programme in Supply Chain Management
  • Executive Program in Human Resource Management
  • Executive Programme in General Management
  • Executive Program in Global Business Management
  • Executive Program in Sales & Marketing
  • Executive Programme in Leadership & Management
  • Executive Programme in Business Analytics
  • Executive Program in Business Management
  • Executive Programme for Banking and Financial Sector

IIM Ahmedabad

Programs offered: -

  • Executive Programme in Advanced Business Analytics
  • Executive Programme in Business Finance

XLRI Jamshedpur

Programs offered:

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management


Programs offered:

  • Post Graduate Certificate for Hadoop Administrator
  • Post Graduate Certificate for Hadoop Developer
  • Post Graduate Certificate In Artificial Intelligence

Corporate offerings of Hughes Global Education center

Corporate who are seeking at nominating or sponsoring their employees under their learning policies and training and development can opt for various programs offered by many institutes who have partnered with Hughes education.

Hughes education offers customized training courses to the corporate as per their needs.

This center also helps in setting up classrooms in the premises of a company which greatly help their employees take up classes in their office premises only.

Programs & Solutions

  • Customized programs
  • Standard retail programs

Hughes Education Centres

Hughes education is operating its education services through its number of centers. There are 4 zones- North, South, East, and West through which Hughes is operating. Hughes global education has its presence in a number of cities in each zone.

For example, if we talk about the north zone, Hughes is operating in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mohali, Noida, Kanpur, Ludhiana, Lucknow, etc. Hughes center in Gurgaon is near Delhi and is offering quality onsite learning to its students.

Like Hughes Gurgaon, Hughes global education Gachibowli, as well as Hughes education Hyderabad too, are very prominent institutes that are dedicated to offering high- quality education to the professionals.

Client List of Hughes Global Education

Hughes global education is a renowned name in the field of education and this is the reason why a number of corporates think it to be a befitting education provider and let their employees learn from Hughes education centers. Employees from a large number of companies have enrolled with Hughes education to pursue a large number of executive programs:

Some of these companies are as follows:

  • Infosys
  • Wipro
  • EXL
  • Patni
  • IBM
  • Google
  • Dell
  • Hewitt
  • Airtel
  • Nestle
  • Accenture
  • Genpact
  • Deloitte
  • American Express

Hughes Global Education Review

Hughes global education center is a high-end education provider that is popular for its executive programs far and wide.

Hughes global education careers provide the students with valuable skills so that they can not only survive in their field but also have a cutting edge over other professionals.

As Hughes Education is popular for its quality executive programs, Hughes global education review can be found on a number of websites. The professionals who are satisfied with its education have shared their positive reviews on the internet that really helps the new professionals to take up the executive programs of this institute without any doubt.

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