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IIMs Distance Learning Program


Indian Institute of Management (IIM) do not require any kind of introduction, it is one of the most prestigious and influential names especially in India and when it comes to management education, Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) is the institution that every one of us wants to join. But getting into IIM’s regular PGDM program is not as smooth as we think. It requires top ranking in CAT entrance test along with good academic record. But don’t be disappoint there is one more way to do the management course from IIM; it is through IIM Distance Learning Program.

 IIM Distance Learning Program is perfect for those who are working professionals and want to improve their management skills without quitting their full time job. This IIM Distance Learning program is actually designed for them.

But not all IIMs offer IIM distance learning program only few IIMs do that including IIM Kozhikode, IIM Calcutta, IIM Rohtak, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Indore, IIM Lucknow, and IIM Bangalore do offer IIM distance learning program for working professionals.

There is one more thing about IIMs which only few of us know about is that IIM doesn’t offer a MBA degree to their students. IIM is not a university, that’s why they can only offer a post graduate diploma program or a certification program. Although, IIMs PGDM courses is equivalent to the MBA programs and acceptable across the world.

 About IIM Distance Learning Program

  • Let us get our facts straight in the first place. Distance PGDM course from IIM does not even exist, neither are the courses offered via distance mode equivalent to MBA. What actually IIMs do offer is certain programs through distance learning mode.
  • IIM Distance learning program is the best way to prepare yourself for top-level management roles within the business environment than to develop expertise in both business and ethics.
  • An advanced management degree from IIM gives you the opportunity to achieve just that. IIM Distance learning program enable you to gain a broad understanding of business and earn a degree without disrupting your work or family life.
  • The IIM Distance learning program offer many ways that you can advance your career by equipping you with the entrepreneurial mindset crucial to the attainment of set goals.
  • In many respects, IIM distance learning program serve as a bridge to the business world by giving you a taste of the business realm through a myriad of business-related activities.
  • The Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) includes a chain of 20 colleges all are registered under the Societies Act.
  • IIM is a highly revered institutions offer post-graduate programs in management which are equivalent to MBA, Fellow programs in management, which is equivalent to a Ph.D., Executive MBA, as well as industry-based courses.
  • The reason for the title difference is that Societies are not allowed to award degrees.
  • It is a private university.

 Distance Learning Courses Offered by IIMs

 IIM Calcutta offered Executive Programs

Here is the list of executive courses that offered by IIM Calcutta under the IIM distance learning program for working professionals.

  • Executive Programme in Business Analytics
  • Executive Program in Business Management
  • Executive Program in Global Business Management
  • Executive Program for Young Managers
  • Executive Program in Sales & Marketing
  • Executive Program in Human Resource Management
  • Executive Programme in Leadership & Management

 Executive Programs Offered by IIM Ahmedabad

Distance learning courses offered by IIM Ahmedabad are as follows:

  • IIMA’s e-Mode PGP
  • Senior Management Programme
  • Executive Programme in Advanced Business Analytics
  • Executive Programme in Business Finance

 Executive Programs Offered by IIM Rohtak

There is only one program which is offered by IIM Rohtak under the distance learning mode

  • Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Management

 Executive Programs Offered by IIM Kozhikode

Under the Interactive distance Learning (IDL) mode, IIM-K offers a one year long general management program

  • Executive Management Education Programme (EMEP)

There are four programs of six months duration offered by IIM-K also in marketing, finance, operations and strategy for working executives.

 Executive Programs Offered by IIM Lucknow

 There are six courses offered by IIM Lucknow comes under distance education.

  • Advanced Program in Customer Relationship Management
  • Executive General Management Program
  • Strategic Management Advanced Program in Strategy for Leaders
  • Executive Program in Business Management
  • HRM Advanced Program in HRM
  • Sales and Marketing Executive Management Program in Sales and Marketing

Executive Programs Offered by IIM Kashipur

Here are the few IIM distance learning program offered by IIM Kashipur

  • Executive Certificate Program In Digital Marketing
  • Executive Certificate Program In Strategic Management
  • Executive Certificate Program In Digital Finance

 Who can join these IIM Distance Learning programs?

 As we have already mentioned in this article, that IIM distance learning program are basically designed for working professionals, housewives, or the one who are not able to afford the fees of the regular MBA or equivalent program from the reputed college.

The eligibility criteria for joining these IIM distance learning program vary from course to course. While it will again be different among candidates with Bachelor's degree or CAs/ICWA with less than a year’s work experience depending on the courses they pursue. The candidates who are willing need to first appear for the national level exam, have to clear one interview and then pay the fee for the IIM Distance Learning Program.

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Things to keep in mind while seeking admission in IIM Distance Learning Program

  • The fee structure for the IIM Distance Learning Program will be between Rs 3-5 lakh depending upon the level of course you pursue. So, keep this thing in mind that the IIM Distance Learning Program will not be easy on pocket.
  • There will be online classes using visuals and videos.
  • Before joining IIM Distance Learning Program, you need to do certain courses online and in house courses alongside your job.

For a junior level IIM distance learning program, the work experience required for the admission could be as low as 1 year but for a senior level IIM distance learning program, the required work experience could be up to 10 years.

So, If you’re a working professional, you may join a IIM distance learning program based on your level of experience in your field.

 How much does IIM Distance learning program cost?

The cost of the IIM distance learning program is depends upon the type and the duration of the course. The certification program of 4-6 month usually cost approx. INR 50000-INR 750000, whereas a higher level management program may cost up to INR 5 lakh.

The overall fees at these institutions is depends on the college in which you are applying to.

 IIM Bangalore

The fee structure on the IIM Bangalore open and customize long duration programs (LDPs) is as follows:

  • Business Analytics and Intelligence – Rs. 6,50,000
  • General Mgmt. Program for Healthcare Executives – Rs. 5,53,000
  • Executive General Mgmt. Program – Rs. 6,25,000
  • General Mgmt. Program for Aerospace and Aviation Exe. –  Rs. 6,60,000
  • Big Data Analytics – Rs. 5,75,000
  • General Mgmt. Program for Young Leaders – Rs. 3,00,000

 IIM Ahmedabad

In distance learning mode, IIM Ahmedabad marks its presence by offering an ePost Graduate Program (ePGP). The fees of this program include:

  • Application Fee –  Rs. 2,000
  • Registration Fee – Rs. 42,500
  • Program Fee – Rs. 17,00,000

 IIM Calcutta

IIM Calcutta offers a both general management and functional programs that is designed especially to fulfill the need of the working professionals. The structure of fees mention below is for the general mgmt. programs.

  • Sr. Mgmt. Program (SMP) Total Program Fee – Rs. 5,13,100
  • Exe. Program in Buss. Mgmt. – Intl. (EPBMI) Program Fee – 6.5 lakh
  • Exe. Program for Young Mgr. (EPYM) Tot. Program Fee – Rs. 2,44,260
  • Exe. Program in Global Buss. Mgmt. (EPGBM) Tot. Program Fee – Rs. 4,11,440
  • Exe. Program in Buss. Mgmt. (EPBM) Tot. Program Fee – Rs. 4,13,000

 IIM Kozhikode

  • Finance for Non-Finance Executives Residential: Rs. 45,000

Non-residential: Rs. 36,000

  • Adv. Fin. Statement Analysis for Decision Making Residential: Rs. 45,000

Non-residential: Rs. 36,000

 IIM Lucknow

  • WMP - Working Manager’s Program, Program Fee: Rs. 4,52,500

 IIM Rohtak

  • PG Program in Mgmt. for Executives(ePGPx)  – Rs. 6,25,400

 IIM Indore

  • PG Dip. in Mgmt. for Exe. in Mumbai (PGP-MX) Total program fee – Rs. 17,70,000
  • PG Cert. Program in Fin. (PGCPF) Program Fee – Rs. 3,42,200
  • PG Cert. Program in IB (PGCPIB) Program Fee – Rs.3,00,000

 IIM University Accreditation Proof

  • The univ. is not currently accreditated by UGC.

These IIM distance learning programs are usually expensive than the other popular distance education MBA courses. We advise you to gather all the information about the course before you join one.

 How to Apply for IIM Distance learning Program Admission?

In association with the technology partner, Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) offers these IIM distance learning program.

There are few education companies such as TalentEdge, NIIT Imperia, Hughes Global Education where you can enquire and register for these IIM distance learning program.

To take admission in the IIM distance learning program, students need to fill the Common Application Form (CAF). The willing candidates are also need to give the Program Aptitude Test. The admission in the IIM distance learning program will be based on the application material and the performance in the Program Aptitude Test.

 More Details That Students Must Know

 There is a facility for students to attend the LIVE lectures using their laptops or desktops given by the skilled and experienced professors from IIMs.

There is also a accessibility for students to cloud campus where they can access assignments, course material, case studies and projects. There are some IIM Distance learning program which required at least 70% attendance in online lectures.


Hope the details provided in the above mentioned article will help you taking decision to take admission in IIM Distance learning program. Although, we've given you almost all the information about the IIM distance learning program but still we advise you to go through the official website of the IIMs for detail information whether it will be related to admission, course, and fees for IIM Distance learning program.

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