IIT Guwahati Cut Off: Helping students conquer educational challenges

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati was established in the year 1994 in order to provide high quality education to students of the Northeastern region. Various engineering, science and humanities courses are offered in the institution and an amazing faculty offers a path breaking education.
The organization has excellent engineering equipment, state of the art infrastructure and other amenities. Further, the IIT Guwahati campus is also equipped with spacious classrooms, hostel, etc. for the benefit of students.
Admissions in IIT Guwahati is attained after students score excellent marks in Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). The campus is based near Brahmaputra and the idyllic settings will captivate onlookers.
IIT Guwahati placements provide huge salaries to the students and they are provided a big boost to join the millionaire club. Excellent organizations frequent the campus and students will relish a good beginning to their professional lives. A table discussing IIT Guwahati cut off is shown here:

Course Name Category Opening Rank Closing Rank
Biotechnology Engineering OP (Open/General) 4668 6176
Chemical Engineering  OP (Open/General) 2295 3988
Chemical Engineering  OP (Open/General) 3997 5054
Civil Engineering OP (Open/General) 3256 4302
Computer Science Engineering  OP (Open/General) 476 809
Electronics and Communication Engineering  OP (Open/General) 1327 1799
Electrical and Electronics Engineering  OP (Open/General) 1462 1951
Engineering Physics OP (Open/General) 2769 4339
Mathematics and Computing Engineering OP (Open/General) 848 1324
Mechanical Engineering OP (Open/General) 1723 2490
Animation and Design OP (Open/General) 1823 4210
Biotechnology Engineering SC (Schedule Castes) 1382 1680
Chemical Engineering  SC (Schedule Castes) 695 1029
Chemical Engineering  SC (Schedule Castes) 897 1202
Civil Engineering SC (Schedule Castes) 564 774
Computer Science Engineering  SC (Schedule Castes) 154 283
Electronics and Communication Engineering  SC (Schedule Castes) 364 620
Electrical and Electronics Engineering  SC (Schedule Castes) 442 561
Engineering Physics SC (Schedule Castes) 872 1353
Mathematics and Computing Engineering SC (Schedule Castes) 336 668
Mechanical Engineering SC (Schedule Castes) 358 632
Animation and Design SC (Schedule Castes) 1028 1500
Chemical Engineering  ST (Schedule Tribes) 344 432
Chemical Engineering  ST (Schedule Tribes) 499 577
Civil Engineering ST (Schedule Tribes) 209 302
Computer Science Engineering  ST (Schedule Tribes) 69 171
Electronics and Communication Engineering  ST (Schedule Tribes) 202 322
Electrical and Electronics Engineering  ST (Schedule Tribes) 224 252
Engineering Physics ST (Schedule Tribes) 470 663
Mathematics and Computing Engineering ST (Schedule Tribes) 247 412
Mechanical Engineering ST (Schedule Tribes) 215 310
Animation and Design ST (Schedule Tribes) 342 443
Biotechnology Engineering BC (Bacward Class) 2717 3340
Chemical Engineering  BC (Bacward Class) 1712 2070
Chemical Engineering  BC (Bacward Class) 2020 2685
Civil Engineering BC (Bacward Class) 1258 1793
Computer Science Engineering  BC (Bacward Class) 239 387
Electronics and Communication Engineering  BC (Bacward Class) 533 1070
Electrical and Electronics Engineering  BC (Bacward Class) 598 966
Engineering Physics BC (Bacward Class) 1868 2604
Mathematics and Computing Engineering BC (Bacward Class) 712 989
Mechanical Engineering BC (Bacward Class) 746 1131
Animation and Design BC (Bacward Class) 1147 2183
Chemical Engineering  OPPD (General + Physically Handicap) 121 121
Computer Science Engineering  OPPD (General + Physically Handicap) 9 9
Electronics and Communication Engineering  OPPD (General + Physically Handicap) 38 38
Electrical and Electronics Engineering  OPPD (General + Physically Handicap) 29 29
Mathematics and Computing Engineering OPPD (General + Physically Handicap) 93 93
Mechanical Engineering OPPD (General + Physically Handicap) 77 77
Animation and Design OPPD (General + Physically Handicap) 89 89

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