IIT Bhubaneswar Cut Off: Offering excellent education to students

Indian Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar can be characterized as an engineering and technology higher education institute whose sole aim is to promote research programs and provide efficient engineers and scientists to the nation.
IIT Bhubaneswar is one of the youngest IITs and was established in the year 2008. Further, it offers several programs spanning B.Tech, M.Tech and Ph.D courses. The IIT Bhubaneswar campus is renowned for its beauty and its innovative teaching method is heavily favored by students.
Despite being a young IIT, IIT Bhubaneswar placements have been the talk of the town as renowned organizations consistently visit the campus. An innovative curriculum, state of the art infrastructure, awesome faculty, etc. are some advantages of the institution. The cut off list for IIT Bhubaneswar is mentioned below:

Course Name Category Opening Rank Closing Rank
Civil Engineering OP (Open/General) 4644 5511
Computer Science Engineering  OP (Open/General) 1874 2938
Electrical Engineering  OP (Open/General) 3195 4394
Mechanical Engineering OP (Open/General) 3093 4747
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering OP (Open/General) 5444 6244
Civil Engineering SC (Schedule Castes) 997 1032
Computer Science Engineering  SC (Schedule Castes) 466 582
Electrical Engineering  SC (Schedule Castes) 861 950
Mechanical Engineering SC (Schedule Castes) 685 834
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering SC (Schedule Castes) 1433 1507
Civil Engineering ST (Schedule Tribes) 336 355
Computer Science Engineering  ST (Schedule Tribes) 230 349
Electrical Engineering  ST (Schedule Tribes) 351 406
Mechanical Engineering ST (Schedule Tribes) 369 423
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering ST (Schedule Tribes) 647 647
Civil Engineering BC (Bacward Class) 1820 2390
Computer Science Engineering  BC (Bacward Class) 973 1243
Electrical Engineering  BC (Bacward Class) 1175 1872
Mechanical Engineering BC (Bacward Class) 1127 1835
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering BC (Bacward Class) 2797 2994
Civil Engineering OPPD (General + Physically Handicap) 135 135
Computer Science Engineering  OPPD (General + Physically Handicap) 53 53
Electrical Engineering  OPPD (General + Physically Handicap) 102 102
Mechanical Engineering BCPD (Backward + Pyhsically Handicap) 38 38

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