Pgdm vs Mba- which is better ?

Why PGDM course in India is popular among management aspirants?

After the completion of under graduation, every student faces a dilemma for choosing the best base possible. To avoid any failure or downfall in future, students are advised to pursue a reliable course for optimal growth and opportunities in future. PGDM Course is one of the most lucrative courses for all the management aspirants. Here, let’s discuss why PGDM is significantly upraised in recent times.

About PGDM programme

The Post Graduate Diploma in Management is a two-year post graduate degree offered in reputed colleges in India. Due to the increment in the job opportunities and colloquial demands, the aspirants are leaning towards PGDM Course to learn the leadership practices for global platform. The course is tailored to enhance the business skills of the students by improving their decision making abilities and competencies as required. After gaining all the skills and knowledge, an aspirant would surely transform into professional who deals with day-to-day business competencies with modulated strategies and terminologies.

This industry integrated course grooms the undergraduate students creatively, professionally and socially with smart skills as per the industrial demands. The experts are trained affluently with the traditional as well as contemporary methodologies both at theoretical and practical levels. In the first year of the course, the students are provided with the core knowledge at higher levels whereas in the second year students delve deeper in the curriculum with elective courses. The course lets the students learn the business and management concepts with strategic and logical decision-making.

Objectives of the programme

The objectives of PGDM course are to build strong and professional managers of future. The programme is designed to follow structured curricula at professional levels. Other major objectives are:

  • The candidates are provided with the opportunities to boost up their soft and hard skills. This helps them to build a strong career.
  • It enhances one’s ability to deal with random situations in Business. The PGDM course is delivering conceptual knowledge with analytical and practical training.

Best PGDM Universities In India help in the comprehensive improvement of the competitors, hence making them more employable. The educational programs for PGDM courses in India at the best universities are outlined as per the business patterns. This keeps the PGDM applicants side by side with the most recent happenings in the business world. Alongside the classroom pedagogy, the competitors in these top PGDM universities additionally motivate opportunity to partake in differed additional curricular activities. This causes them to build up their basic leadership and administration aptitudes.

Colleges offering PGDM courses

These institutes are pioneers in presenting the PGDM programme and relevant elective courses to take into account the developing interest of worldwide business segment. The best management institutes in India are approved and accredited by instructive governmental bodies. They form global standpoints in the students and impart management and relational abilities vital for the viable management and organization of business associations.

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Key points to consider while taking admission in a college for PGDM are,

  1. Check on ranking: The most important factor students should consider before taking admission in any college is to check the rank of the college. The students from reputed institutes are much likely to grab better job opportunities in the long run. The placements somewhat depend on the approach of the colleges.
  2. Teaching strategy: Learning today is not just about perusing books and securing great stamps in examinations. The worldwide business requests gifted experts instead of simply qualified ones. Quality learning includes efficient pedagogical learning with hands-on approach to international information. The management colleges in India are known for the collaborative efforts made by students and educators where the knowledge is produced and consumed in a balanced way.
  3. Faculty members: Your desired management school must have satisfactory number of educators who have a deep insight of the management education matching the administrative standards with great skills to confront the difficulties of the workplace. The top management schools in India adapt the international standards of management pedagogy.
  4. Infrastructure: Infrastructure of any established college is an enormous part in learning for the students. The students adapt personal, professional and social skills from the institute, their faculty and friends. The infrastructure plays an important role in the overall development of students. The availability of practical laboratories, well cleaned hostels, and well equipped sports complexes add on to the favorability of pedagogical environment.
  5. Curricular activities: The institutes should organize various educational as well as co-curricular activities which help in personality development of the students. All the students should take part in such activities to boost their team building skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, communication skills, logical reasoning skills, etc. These activities maintain physical as well as mental health of the students.

Better Job Opportunities and high salaries are the primary reasons why students are inclined towards PGDM Courses over others. In the present corporative world, getting a post graduate degree is pivotal for achieving the top position in great associations. Today, it is not difficult to discover the best management institutes. There has been a noteworthy development in the number of management institutes in most recent couple of years and it is said to rise further, significantly.

Students should be committed to their studies of management and this would eventually set them apart. Getting knowledge and learning from the Best Management Institutes of India increases one’s value in corporate world. Students are choosing PGDM courses as it is equivalent to any MBA Degree. It depends on the candidate’s interest to lay a foundation in any specialization in PGDM. This course follows a streamlined curriculum and analytical training that allows the students to learn the deep fundamentals of core subjects including the areas of specialization. The hunt for the fresh talents and creative mindsets by top MNC’s and corporate firms is increasing as the competition among the industries is on rise.

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Student Discussion

  • Jagadeesh.V.C 2016-08-21 18:33:51

    Major disadvantage is the lack of proper placements, only 1 company TCS is the lone recruiter and there is lot of partiality even while placing students in this company. After getting autonomous status the college level has deteriorated by 40%. Rest all the factors is somehow manageable, though I would recommend to search and join some other better college.