MBA v/s PGDM: Where to go?

Which course is better for you as per your need?
Which one is better? MBA or PGDM?
This is the question that has always created confusion in the mind of students. This dilemma intensifies especially during the entrance season due to the alluring achievements claims made by many B-schools. In the current scenario, competition among B-schools is getting tougher as India has many options available and sometimes resulting in misguiding and mounting confusion. Pursuing any of the courses helps the graduates to further polish their credentials and job prospects. Although content wise there is not much difference between both the courses but it is not mandatory that PGDM is equal to MBA due the accreditation. However, accreditation done by Association of Indian Universities (AIU) makes PGDM course equivalent to an MBA degree.

  MBA PGDM/PGP Diploma
Full Form Masters of Business Administration Postgraduate Diploma in Management/Post-graduate Program Diploma
Definition It is a 2-3year management degree that is offered by the colleges affiliated to the recognized Universities only. It is a Postgraduate management diploma course, provided by an autonomous institute that is not affiliated with any university.
Type Degree Diploma
Study Holistic view of the program. Specialization in the interested area.
Recognition Affiliated by University that are controlled by theUniversity Grants Commission (UGC). All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).
Top Colleges Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi, Delhi Indian Institute of Management (IIM)
Academic Curriculum Have to strictly follow fixed curriculum as per the University. Change of syllabus happens once in 3-5 years in the university level. Have the flexibility to design their own courses within the parameters of AICTE. They can introduce or change the syllabus as per the market demand. More industry exposure and dynamic in nature.
Fees MBAs are more affordable as the fees are almost similar to the standards of the university. PGDM is generally less affordable than MBA degree.
Program focus Helps in developing technical skills and business knowledge. Prepare students for senior level positions and a strong corporate career in the industry.
International recognition It is widely recognized that can help in getting international jobs. While getting into the international market you are required to submit an MBA Equivalence Certificate.
Ph.D An MBA degree holder can pursue Ph.D. You cannot pursue Ph.D. with PGDM. In India, you can study FPM (Fellow program in Management) offered by IIMs that is equivalent to Ph.D.
Course Duration 2-3 years 1-2 years
Entrance Generally through state level university examination. CAT, MAT, GMAT.


Full form you should know before choosing a management course:

PGDBM-Post graduation diploma in business management
PGDBA-Post graduation diploma in business administration
PGDM-Post graduation diploma in management
MBA-Masters in Business Administration
MMS-Masters in Management Studies
All of these are equivalent to an MBA degree.

These days difference between MBA and PGDM is the only namesake. In the end, most of the teachers advised that graduates should look for the good institutions and its brand name in the market as nowadays, both MBA and PGDM are equivalent with a slight difference. In India, career growth for both courses is same depending on the performance of an individual. On the international level, if you are graduating from a reputed Indian B-School there will be no difference from job perspective but for Higher education having an MBA degree helps you slightly more than PGDM.

Though it is you who has to choose course according to your future plans as an MBA institute teaches more theoretical aspects of management whereas PGDM course helps in gaining and building soft skills and industry-oriented knowledge.

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