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College lingo-pedia: Top 10 desi language of cool-plus-age

Crack the code word of mastikipathshaala

College is like a whole new planet where we learn so many things and set a milestone for our future. A college is a place where we ditch our school uniform to enter the world of fashion and learn how to dress up, speak, etc. But as a fresher fitting in the environment can be a difficult task especially when you are unaware of the College lingo (language). Most of the college students develop and evolve a distinctive language to show that they are the part of the elite/cool group and whatever the reason behind of these languages are the fact is that nowadays they are extremely popular among young people. But who is going teach and make us pro in this kind of languages and the short form that are mostly used in colleges these days? Need not worry, has conducted a survey among students to simply and decode the cool language of college that is going to help you increasing your college vocabulary.

    1. Let us go to our adda.

Meaning: Refers to a favorite hangout place.

    1. Aajkakya scene hai

Meaning: What is your program today?

    1. Pee ke tight

Meaning: Person is drunk.

    1. Watt lag gayi

Meaning:Indicates that someone’s happiness is screwed because of something.

    1. Aaj Bunk maartehai

Meaning: Absenteeism from the class.

    1. TP mat kar

Meaning: Do not time pass.

    1. Fucchaas

Meaning: Fresher or 1st year students

    1. FYI

Meaning: For your information

    1. I have the munchies

Meaning: Feeling hungry

    1. My girlfriend is BAE.

Meaning: My girlfriend is Babe.

    1. Pippitypoppity

Meaning:An expression to describe that you are enjoying being deranged.

    1. Do not be sarky

Meaning: Do not be sarcastic.

    1. Dude this place is so shady.

Meaning: It is a creepy/dangerous/unreliable place.

    1. He ditched us.

Meaning: To bail out.

    1. Senti mat ban

Meaning: Do not be sentimental.

    1. So slimy!

Meaning: Creepy, disgusting.

    1. That is a Trippy shit.

Meaning:Weird or unusual event.

    1. Dude that is crazaeeee.

Meaning: Incredible, amazing and cool.

    1. I am totally fried.

Meaning: Totally stoned or spaced out.

    1. He is totally tulli.

Meaning: He is drunk.

    1. Total vella.

Meaning: Doing nothing with your time.

    1. This movie is wicked.

Meaning: This movie is awesome/cool.

    1. He is totally zapped.

Meaning: He is totally zoned/spaced out.

    1. Aaj to bhasadmachgai.

Meaning: There was chaos/mess/lack of order in class today.

    1. Ekfaddahai.

Meaning: There is a problem/complication.

    1. Bindaasbol de.

Meaning: Say it coolly.

    1. Yaar

Meaning:Most common word used to refer a buddy or close friend.

    1. Woterekogoli deke chalagaya.

Meaning: To let down someone.

    1. Kuchjugaadlagayaar.

Meaning: A frugal and innovative solution is known as jugaad.

    1. Wodekhhariyaliudhar.

Meaning: Bunch of girls or money is termed as hariyali in college.

    1. JIC

Meaning: Just in case.

    1. You will always be may FaTH.

Meaning:First and truest Husband (not actual husband).

    1. What is your ASL?

Meaning: Most commonly used over internet specially when chatting with a stranger which means Age, Sex and Location.

    1. TBH

Meaning: To be honest.

    1. I am out of cash, so the party is BYOB.

Meaning: Bring Your Own Booze/Bottle.

    1. Let us go for a fag.

Meaning: Let us go for smokes.

    1. BRB

Meaning: Be right back

    1. 404

Meaning: No clue.

    1. 1NAM

Meaning: One in a million.

    1. TTYL

Meaning: Talk to you later.

    1. Lol

Meaning: Laugh out loud.

    1. BMS

Meaning: Blew my shit.

    1. Sup/Wassup

Meaning: How are you doing/How are you/what is happening?

    1. Unkachalrahahai.

Meaning: They are going out (in dating sense).

    1. Fanta/Fanti

Meaning: Boyfriend/Girlfriend

    1. Can I crash at your place tonight?

Meaning: It means to sleep.

    1. He is a party animal.

Meaning: Someone who loves to party.

    1. Yaarmeri proxy lagadio.

Meaning: When you want your friend to cover for you in class/attendance.

    1. Kitnapakaaohai.

Meaning: How boring s (he) is.

    1. Totes

Meaning: Short form of totally.

Let’s rock the college life.

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