Need of Career Counselling- Definition & Benefits of Career Counselling

Need and Importance of Career Counselling

Topic We Cover: Need and Importance of Career Counselling

1. What Is Counselling?
2. What Is Career Counselling?

  • A Qualified Career Counsellor
  • A Protected Environment
  • An Agreement of Trust And Confidence
  • Relevant Psychometric Assessments
  • Why Do I Need Career Counselling
  • Helps to pick the Right Career
  • Helps Provide Expert Resources
  • Helps Gain Confidence and Insight
  • Helps Change Unwanted behaviour Patterns
  • Helps in removing Career-Related frustration
  • Provides a Role-Model
  • Helps bring stability in thought

3. Who require Career Counselling & When?
4. Why is Career counselling is essential for high school students?
5. How can students get career coaching or career guidance?
6. Conclusion

Career Counselling is an important factor for identifying the actual promising and leading students towards a right path of career. The most important is students need to know the substantial of Career Coaching and right guidance before opt for an academic stream after completing the board exams. Career Counselling will be very helpful in choosing a career goal, planning and give a direction to students for a better future ahead. To understand it in detail first we clear your concept about Counselling before moving towards the career counselling.

What Is Counselling?

Counselling is an extensive term. In simple words, counselling is the process of helping a person by providing moral support, guidance, and analyzing & exploring solutions for the problems being faced. The term “Counselling” is usually combined with a professional helping out an individual in need. This professional is someone who clearly understands human behaviour, their personality, and knows how to give the right path to their thoughts. This professional is a person you can reach out to in times of ambiguity, and who makes sure that your identity and problems remain confidential.

The relationship between a Counsellor and a Counselee is based on a good rapport and trust. This is essential while counselling, as it helps to achieve the end goal, i.e., helping the counselee to reach the solutions to his problems.

What Is Career Counselling?

The term Career Counselling is a process that only targets is to helping student to understand one’s own self, and at the same time understand work trends, so that a candidate can take a cognizant decision about career and education. Career Counselling helps the candidate to manage a wide range of difficulties such as low concentration levels to bad time management, trust issues with family to non-agreement between parents and children on which career to choose.

In order to Comprehend Career Counselling a little better, let us look at its most important elements:

A Qualified Career Counsellor

A Genuine Career Counsellor is the significance of right advice, which is why he/she is the most substantial part of any Career Counselling Process. Career Counsellors are experts in psychology, which means that they should hold at least a PG degree in Psychology/Applied Psychology, and/or a diploma in Counselling Psychology. They are one who give guidance for a particular field, such as management, engineering, hospitality, etc., must be experts in the concerned domain.

An excellent Career Counsellor is a keen listener, observer, and a problem solver, and has sufficient knowledge of various fields to guide you in your career decisions.

A Protected Environment

A safe and secure environment is also a important aspect of the Process of Career Counselling, where the student feels comfort and is able to discuss his/her problems related to life and career, without any hesitation. A part of this secure environment is the assurance of confidentiality of the information shared by the student.

An Agreement of Trust And Confidence

The Process of Career Counselling is based on a connection of trust and confidence between the career counsellor and student. In order to help or advice him/her, the counsellor may sometimes talk about their emotional and developmental issues, which can be a little stressful. The student and the parent wants to place an enormous amount of faith in the Counsellor to take care of such matters.

Relevant Psychometric Assessments

To evaluate a person’s aptitude and personality there is a scientific and standardized process carried out called Psychometric Testing (Career Assessment). Psychometric assessments are a Counsellor’s tools, which are used to obtain the most important information about a student’s behaviour, emotional strength, interests, and skills. This information helps to facilitate on what kind of careers would be suitable for him/her.

Find all that you need to know about career assessments here

In this way, appropriate and patterned assessments help a student to understand him/herself better, and career decisions can be made more easily.

Why Do I Need Career Counselling?

We all need Career Guidance at some point in our life. It helps us get insights about ourselves, our career and what we can do to enhance it. Have a look to few ways in which career counselling helps us:

Helps to pick the Right Career

Career Counsellors are experts at assessing your personality, aptitude, interests, and other aspects of you. By using this evaluation they suggest the best career options with the help of all the available and relevant options.

Helps Provide Expert Resources

The resources and knowledge that possesses by career experts is provided through Career Counselling. This knowledge of Careers, their scope and the paths to pursue them are most important from the point of view of a parent and child, since mostly, parents or guardians do not have that kind of knowledge.

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Helps Gain Confidence and Insight

Career Counselling helps a counselee understand the obstacles in his/her career path. To overcome these hurdles the knowledge of counsellor helps to develop the confidence in counselee. It is the job of a good and Expert Counsellor to provide such insight and confidence to the counselee.

Helps Change Unwanted behaviour Patterns

Students and professionals have habits that are tough to break, such as delay, not keeping updated on latest or current developments in their chosen career paths, neglecting mental and emotional health, lack of self-motivation, etc. A Career Counsellor helps break such behavioural patterns that lead to unproductive activities, both at home and in school/college/work.

Helps in removing Career-Related frustration

For both parents and children, opting a career can be a demanding task. A lack of any source of let out emotions and thoughts may add-on to the existing frustration. Career Counselling provides a platform where such annoyance can be decreased, and focus is re-directed to selecting the best career options.

Provides a Role-Model

Career Counselling helps students connect to proficient’s who have enough life experiences to share. They are role models who have skilled in it much, and helped people in their life. This is Why Career Counselling can serve as an encouragement to those who need it.

Helps bring stability in thought

When it comes to taking a career decision, Career counsellors can help you remain calm. Counselling helps bring about focus, and maintain that target throughout in our activities. Through proper set up and planning, they try and make students life more easy and organized.

Who require Career Counselling & When?

The perfect time for students to seek Career Counselling is during the ages 13-17 years (8th standard to 12th standard). This is a time of many changes taking place in their life, both physical and emotional, such as transitioning from school to college, and trying to “fit in” with peers. It is also a perfect time when career related decisions are made. This is why they need someone to guide them in the right direction at this time.

Most of our parents are actively involved in shaping our career, in fact at least 51% of Indian parents’ priority is their child’s financial success, according to the Survey by HSBC Retail Banking and Wealth Mgmt. in a report titled “ The Value of Education: Learning for Life”. We can cautiously accept that our parents follow a hands-on approach when it comes to the matter to making career decisions for us. Sometimes, it works and many a times, it does not. We can attribute this to the fact that every child is unique, and it is extremely hard for parents or teachers to always recognize the child’s strengths or weaknesses, and his passion or dislikes. Actually, this is another reason for Why Career Counselling is required.

For students in college, who are still confused about what they want to do, as well as for professionals who want to transition from their field to something they love, career counselling helps in the following manner:

  • It helps them to know the career alternatives that they have, and how to follow them.
  • It helps them to comprehend their own toughness and weaknesses with regard to their current course or profession, and lets them understand what career they would be appropriate for.
  • It gives them a stage to voice their point of view about what they would like to chase, as well as discuss the impediments that they may be troubled about.
  • It makes the changeover from one field to another a non-stressful event.
  • It helps give them the necessary belief to change their domain, with the backing of an experienced and skilled mentor.

Why is Career counselling is essential for high school students?

For class 9-11 students specifically, Career Counselling should be accomplished in the school itself because this is the time and the level where students opt a particular stream as their specialisation and also, it will be beneficial for them to decide the stream they should choose for. This is because many students are not contented with the stream they choose and likely to change it; this happens in lack of proper guidance about the availability of the options as per their interest and various education stream.

At present, most of the counsellors go for psychometric tests to analyse interests of students because in main cases, students are baffled between their various interests but these psychometric tests help in figure out students’ ability to perform towards each of their concern.

With Career Counselling, students would be able to understand –

  • After class X, making alternative of stream for education
  • Their concern and aptitude
  • Availability of career options is depends on their interest
  • Strengths and weaknesses of a particular interest
  • Some substitute career options if they choose to shift their stream in future
  • As per their academic choice, career options available in market.

How can students get career coaching or career guidance?

Career coaching or Counselling does not only need professional counsellors but it can be done as mentioned below –

Be your own career coach –Who understands better about your interests, your personality, your hobbies, and your academic interests than you. You can examine the below-mentioned facts to find your career aims and help yourself in accomplishing them –

  • Your interest
  • Academic profile
  • Availability of career options as per your interests and education qualification

Also, follow advice from your friends and parents to get better recommendation about career options.

Write down all these essential points in a notebook and separate to refine out the best suitable option for yourself.

Career options after 12th for humanities stream students

Look for recommendation from your parents –For your education and career life, your parents have been the primary coach. They got you admitted in best suitable kindergarten, primary school and now when you require finalizing the stream option and career, they should be the first one to guide you and help you elect the best option. After you, your parents know the best about your aptitude and capabilities, so they will be able to guide you best in making education as well as a career choice.

Proper counselling from your teachers – Teacher is the third person after you and your parents who will be able to guide you to decide the best alternative to a career. You have been controlled, guided and enhanced over the years by your school teachers. So, they have entire information about your ability to perform and also, they have the perfect idea about the Various Streams of Education that students can choose after class 10th.

At school teachers guiding students towards their right career path

A career coach in your friends or your elder siblings – Your friends or your siblings understands your interests because you can open up before them without any hesitation which you may sense with your parents or your teachers. Your elder brother or sister will be the best to recommend you on the matter of opting a career because they themselves have gone through the same situation and have faced the same challenges regarding the Career Choices. And your friends who will be making career choice along with you also are looking for guidance for their career choices, therefore; they will be helpful by sharing the same career guidance tips with you.

5 Benefits of Career Counselling

There are various Advantages of Career Counselling to acknowledge. It's more comfortable to feel baffled when it comes to what type of career path to opt. With so many options in jobs today, career counselling can be a step which takes in the right direction as far as defining what career to target on. Having a professional advisor to assist with determining what toughness and talents can be grown into a solid career is the role that a career counsellor plays. Career Counselling has numerous benefits for anyone who is initiating out with a new career or in the middle of a job change. Here are five benefits of career counselling.

  • Testing to Determine Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Goal Setting for Greater Results
  • Identifying Choices in Careers
  • Educational Support and Guidance
  • Job Search Support

Conclusion: Candidates, as well as their guardians or parents, should initiate planning of career right from class X because, after this level, only a specific stream could be pursued and there will be limited career options to their choice of the stream only. The selection of stream also relies upon Career Planning and interests of students.

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