Why Counselling is Important for Students- Important Role of Counselor

Why Counseling is Important for Students

Topic We Cover: Why Counseling is Important for Students

1. What is Guidance and Counselling?

  • Definition of Guidance
  • Definition of Counselling
  • Importance of Guidance and Counselling for Students
  • How do School Counsellors Help Students

2. Student Counselling Techniques
3. Role of Teacher in Guidance and Counselling
4. How Teachers can help the students as counselors

So, What is Counseling according to you?

Well, a Counseling Process is meant for guiding the right thing for anybody in life.

We all need counseling at a certain stage and search for the right person to get valuable guidance from them so that we can get the solution of a problem and succeed at every stage of life.

Just like every other person, students too, require right guidance to choose an academic course or to choose a career in which they can fit in. so, we can say that there is a great importance of counseling in a student’s life that helps him to progress in life.

But why a student needs guidance and at which stage?

Well, today due to a plethora of fields, students are unable to find the right field for themselves and feel confused to choose a course. So, in this situation, they feel like getting some guidance from the student counselors. Effective Counseling for Students can really help them eliminate their career related issues and they are able to shape their career by choosing the right field.

Difference between Guidance and Counselling

Guidance is all about giving advice or an important piece of information with an aim to resolve a particular problem or difficulty.

However, counseling is related to giving professional and sound advice by a Professional Counselor to a person to help him overcome his psychological or personal problems.

Guidance deals in combating the education as well as career-related issues and problems whereas guidance is related to helping the students to cope up with their socio-psychological and personal problems.

What is Guidance and Counselling?

Definition of Guidance

Guidance is more of valuable advice provided to an individual on some specific matters such as choosing a particular course or choosing a particular career path. Guidance is given by the superior person in a particular field. Teachers can become better guides who can really help the students to opt for the Best Career Choices. They also possess an important role in the self-development of the students.

Definition of Counselling

Counseling, by definition, means a therapy that involves talking in which an individual share his problems with the counselor and the counselor, after taking note of his troubles advises him the best course to cope up with their problems.

The counselor very well knows how to do counseling as he puts in his best efforts to acknowledge the personal as well as psychological problems of an individual that gives him mental instability and emotional pain.

The role of the counselor is very important as he has to find out the root of a particular problem and to figure out the possible solutions for these issues. The counselor also helps people to choose the best course of action by helping him remain positive in his life.

Importance of Guidance and Counselling for Students

There is much importance of guidance and Counseling for Students as they are unable to make the right career choice and end up being enrolled in any course just for the sake of getting higher study. Most of the students do not know which course to choose in college and that’s where students’ guidance comes into the picture. Strong guidance and counseling for students let them choose the most suitable course according to their interests and preferences.

There is a great need for guidance and counseling in education these days as school children are not able to opt for choosing the best career for themselves. They are unable to make a difference between right or wrong and due to this, they end up taking the best decisions that are not good for their career. Young minds require good guidance so that they can shape up their personality.

The purpose of counseling should be to provide valuable life-lessons to the students so that they may become professionals in their career. Students who get counseling are able to choose between different careers and can prepare themselves for a particular field according to their education and interests.

How do School Counsellors Help Students?

Counselors can be said as the torch-bearers of the students. They can easily identify as well as accomplish the career as well as academic goals of the student and enhance their personal development thereby improving their interpersonal relationships.

A school counselor or a Guidance Counselor plays a very pivotal role in the career development of the students. They have a multifaceted role and they put in a lot of efforts in shaping the career of a student.

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The Career Guidance Counselor takes charge of providing proper guidance to the students.

He, after examining the student’s previous studies and interests, can suggest a better course for him.

A Guidance Counselor is having enormous experience in guiding the school students due to which his services are much required by the students who do not have any inkling as to which course they get enrolled.

His Counseling Skills can shape a student’s career and help him soar high in his career.

Some of the ways through which a counselor can help the student are the following: -

  • Academic Support

Academic support is one of the most important requirements by a student. Many students and their parents are confused about taking up any courses. Here counselor comes into the picture. They can counsel the students and his parents and think upon the best way to shape a student’s career. He should identify the students’ interests and then proceed to opt for the best course to study.

  • Parental and Counselling

Counselors often need to counsel the parents of the students!

Many parents come to counselors having a serious concern regarding the career and other socio-psychological problems of their child. They are unable to understand their child or they themselves do not know as to what should be done in regard to making their child understand the difference between right or wrongs. These situations are critical need Better Guidance and Support from the Counselors. They can provide helpful advice and parenting tips to the parents so that they can manage their kids’ bad activities at home and give them a seasoned mind to think.

Counselors should arrange a one-to-one meeting with the parents to initiate good relations between parents and the school counselor. 

  • Individual Counselling

But students are the ones who need counseling more than anybody else. Sometimes students are so frustrated and tensed about their careers that they can’t figure out what is right or wrong for that. These students seek the guidance of the experienced person to move on with their career.

As they do not have the right knowledge of dealing with any sociopsychological and study related issues, they arrange an individual counseling session which proves much beneficial for them. They can hope to get crisis counseling, counseling against bullying and counseling against personal issues.

Student Counselling Techniques

Students have tender hearts and they become sad for a trivial issue, so there is a great need of counseling felt in schools. The School Counselor is completely responsible for providing them ease and solve their problems.

He should make guidance and counseling notes for every student so that he should know about the background of the student, his relation with his parents and other members of his family and the society he moves in.

Following are the important ways that can be practiced by a counselor to do counseling for students in schools in an effective way: -

  • Help them in Combating with psychological as well as social issues

School Counselors look forward to helping students in the best way. They can provide them sex education, information about bullying or they can offer study-based seminars.

  • Handling any Conflict

School counselors Help the students to address any conflict whatsoever. As any conflict between the students and their parents, peers, and teachers is big to the students, they really need someone to counsel them in these situations.

  • Managing the special needs students

School Counselors should be more concerned about managing special needs students by addressing their requirements and helping them cope up their learning difficulties.

  • Vocational Guidance

School Counsellors are the career shapers of the students. They know all about a student which helps them know their strengths as well as weaknesses. As they know about their interests, they can help them choose the best college and opt for the best career on the basis of their inclinations. They are the best people to do Career Counseling for the students and help them become Better Professionals in life.

  • Early Intervention

School counselors are trained professionals and know well as to how to provide Proper Counseling to the students. They get training about the psychological concerns as well as the learning problems of the students that are commonly faced by the children & adolescents. They also provide recommendations, referrals as well as education to the parents about their concerns related to mental health.

Role of Teacher in Guidance and Counselling

Can a teacher don the Role of a Counselor? Well, yes why not?

It is the teachers only who are responsible for shaping the life of the students. In this context, their role is very important as they know a student better, his strengths and shortcomings that can help them find the possible change to bring in his personality.

Teachers are special! They are of very supportive behavior and lend their ears to listen to the problems of their students. The best teachers are the ones who can don the Role of Guidance and Counselor to enhance the overall personality of a student. They can help them start the conversations and let the students open up their feelings and their fears. The role of a teacher as a counselor or the one who provide the guidance is much more pivotal for the students.

How Teachers can help the students as counselors?

1)    Build the rapport

They can make a good rapport with the students by making them feel comfortable and can start talking to them. Teachers should make the students believe that they are talking to someone who is trustworthy can solve their matters easily.

2)    Let the students be expressive

Teachers should develop self-confidence in the students so that they can express their troubles and fears in front of him. The teacher should listen to the challenges and problems of a student and assist him to overcome that problem through suitable solutions.

3)    Maintain Confidentiality

A Teacher should be a trusted person! The one whom students can trust. And he will become trustable when he will maintain the confidentiality of the matters related to a particular student. When a student develops confidence in the teacher, he will open up his problems in front of him.

4)    Maintaining Emotional Consistency

In the Role of a Counselor, the teacher should maintain an emotional consistency in his emotions as well as thoughts. They should always help the students who come to him whether the teacher is in a good mental state or a bad mental state.

5)    Become non-judgemental

A teacher should sympathize with the student and feel compassionate about him. He should stop him being a spoiled child but with a touch of positivity in his guidance and without being judgemental towards him.

To conclude, we can better understand the Important Role of Counselors in today’s education- not just for education but for the child’s whole personality.

If a child is undergoing under a dilemma and can’t express his state of mind to parents and friends, he can open up his emotional dilemma in front of the counselors and they are always happy to help him.

Counselors should also come forward to innovate new techniques to counsel the students in a better way. They should identify the social background of the child and everything surrounded with him to better identify his problem and to solve it effectively.

Once the counselor comes to know the interests, background, and society of the child, he will counsel him in a better way and support him in his career and personal development.

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