How to stay positive in college- Tips to staying motivated for students

How to Stay Positive in College

Being a college student is a mixed feeling for almost everyone. One side college gives us immense pleasure and lots of fun, memories, and plenty of time to spend with your BFFs on the other side it will gives stress and intimidating feeling frequent sessions of internal exams, assignments, classes, etc. Here, we try to depict the solution for how to stay positive in college.

To Stay Motivated in College, you need to be positive, calm, and decisive and it happens because of many sources like articles from the Prospect, School Improvement, online sources, positive blogs, and wikiHow. Ups and downs are inevitable. Here's how to handle them away from home.

It can be an intimidating experience, doesn’t matter whether you're the first or last to go through college. According to my experience make a Positive Psychology on the College Campus, ultimately, college is what you make it. Here is some of my advice for those who headed to college or struggling with the college you're at.

How to stay positive while in college

Stay positive and find happiness in the little things.

Appreciate the little victories. You did well on a test you weren't expecting to pass, someone holds the door open for you, you finish your homework early, so you have some time to relax. When you appreciate the smaller things, you make way for bigger successes.

Making others happy will do the same for you.

If you helping others it will makes you feel good about yourself. If you're in a first year of your college and feeling stressful then, find other students like you who might be just as lost as you and help each other to stay positive in college. One can feel stress and lack of confidence in any year so help others, I always feel better when I give someone a compliment, hold the door open for someone or pick up something they've dropped. Your offering and helping nature help you in making new and good friends.

Do your homework, seriously.

This seems a little obvious, but the quicker you're done your homework and the earlier those assignments are turned in, not only will you feel better about the quality of your work because it wasn't rushed last-minute, but you'll have more time in the week to do the things you really want.

Reach out to people.

There is nothing that will make it or break it for you more than having people to lean on. Hang out with a group of new people through a class or club you're in. Find more and more people you relate to, and grow from there make you happy and positive. One of the great things about college: It doesn't matter if you have friends from all different walks of life! If they're your friend, that's that, no questions asked. There is no need to worry about not glue in or not having all of your friends like each other. You're allowed to have friends of all types!

Cut off the people who are emotionally draining.

In college, you can find your best friends. Sadly, you will still connect to the people who bring bad qualities into your life. Don't waste your time on these people! Your happiness is what's most important; if people put that at risk, don't feel guilty about making changes in your friendships.

Be yourself.

Being you in college is the best way to earn other's respect. Perhaps this one seems like a tad cliche, but people come to college under the impression it will be an unfortunate repeat of their High School Experience. Why pretend to be someone you're not? Just stick with whatever you are, and you'll see that everyone around you is going through the exact same situation, and will be able to appreciate you for you.

Feeling stuck? Out of campus adventure.

If you are feeling stuck at one place then explores more about the culture that surrounds your college campus than don’t just sit in your dorm and feeling bore. Just take your backpack and go for a hike, go to a movie, go on a nature walk, take your friend's dog for a walk, visit the animal shelter or volunteer locally.

Become a leader.

Being a leader or officer in a club or group on campus can give you with a great sense of responsibility and appreciation. When people look up to you, you begin to look up to yourself, as well.

Speak out of leadership, join a club!

This is a one of the greatest way to step out of your comfort zone, meet new people and feel connected. Join a group that incorporates something you're passionate about! Make a club about something you're passionate for! No clubs that you like? Guess what? Colleges let you make clubs.

Embrace your school spirit!

Get yourself ready in a school dress and head to a sports event with a group of your friends. Whether it will be hockey, baseball, football,– you name it, and your college likely has it.

Be spontaneous.

Being in college means freedom; don't be afraid to make instinctive decisions! Take benefit of these college years of freedom – just don't go too crazy.

Find a gym buddy.

Find a gym buddy for you, or you can join any fitness class like yoga, aerobics or Zumba. Regular exercise or Early Morning Exercise and jogging makes you feel great, inside and out. 

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Grab all the advantage of the opportunities offered by your school

You'd be amazed how many opportunities are paid for by your college to allow students to be able to go. Go see that play at the local theatre where you get free tickets. You can also visit the art gallery or ballet show!

Don't be afraid to just relax and have some alone time.

College isn't all partying and going out. Don't feel intimidated by the "party scene." Plenty of people would rather hang out, make some popcorn and pop a movie in. There's nothing wrong with staying in on Friday nights and binge watching "Law & Order: SVU."

Treating yourself or a self-maintenance goes a long way

Your mind and your body are linked, so not taking care of one can cause problems with the other. If you're never sleeping due to television, homework, games, or you're often eating only junk food, or most of the time stay in your room and never see the sun, it gives damage to your body, and can make you feel appalling. The very first step towards self-maintenance is taking care of yourself, and has benefits besides your health.

For example, getting a bit of exercise, whether it is just going for a run or a whisk walk on one of the treadmills at the Athletic and Wellness Centre releases endorphins, which make you feel good. Outside of that, doing something nice for yourself every day, even if it's just watching a few episodes of a show you like when your homework is done, can give you something to look forward to at the end of that day. Time off is one of the essential aspect in any case as no one can always be on the job.

There is always an upshot, you just need to find it

Even when times are tough, it's possible to find the Positive ways to stay motivated in College in a negative situation. If at any point you make a mistake, or fail at something then instead of dwelling on it, ask yourself: “What's the opportunity for me here?” “What is positive about this situation?” or predominantly, “What have I learned for the future?”

Another good idea is to actively keep track of the positive things in your life, so you can think of them during the negative ones. Some people keep journals or lists of the good things. It can provide a bright spot in dark times. That is what the “What I Like About Myself” group is trying to do, prompt you to list the positive.

Encircle yourself between supportive and positive people

It's not just positive things that can keep your spirits high, but positive people too. This is why it is important to making friends in college, and makes you getting away from the computer screen which is an essential first step. Friends influence us the most, so you have to make sure those peers are positive. Notably, if they're always letting you down, you owe it to yourself to keep away.

To get rid off from the negative people, it is recommended to listing the three Most Negative People in Your Life, and figure out how to spend less time with them, or at least take a break from them for a bit. It may sound different, but it left you free to spend more time with the positive people in your life, and placing yourself in an environment with positive people will help lift your own mood. As long as you're managing your time, goofing around with your friends isn't a waste. It's necessary. Spending time with negative people is a real waste of time.

Like all other chapters of your life, it'll be finished one day, so make the most of it.

After two, three or four years, you'll be passing out of college, with a credential under your belt. Some people will read that and say that it means if you do not like school, it will be over soon. But If we see it other way. Since it isn't the remaining life, but a few years, wouldn't you rather spend that time having the best experience of your life? that's the most important piece of advice: Have a great time while you're learning. Hopefully, some of these positive thoughts can help you to make your journey a acceptable one.

  1. If you are deciding to go to college, the first thing you need to ask yourself, "Will I finish what I start?"
  2. Upon entering school, you need to decide if you are going to be a good student, an A student, or just a student that squeaks by to get that degree

Make sure you are aware of the financial aspect of college and then think about the future

You are mature enough to understand the financial aspects of your family so before you decide which college you will be attending, you will need to sit with your family, and discuss this aspect. It’s a suggestion that if you have to pay for college yourself, try taking your general credits at a government college, then go on to a university or technical school to finish your degree. The more money you save, the less stressed you will be regarding your loans, and the more you can concentrate on your study.

Once you choose your options, it's time to make a plan. Go to the counsellor to confirm what your major will be in. In case you already know, take classes based on your degree.

Get a planner before start your college life. Mark all the due-dates for assignments, phone numbers and emails of your teachers and students you may know, and any other detail or information that may help you be more organized.

Don't take stress about anything. Sometimes it will be stressful because of the difficult tests, picking classes to go along with work schedule, the long lines at the bookstore, the traffic to get to school after work, the time consuming homework, the burden of being away from your family and much more. Try to limit your stress in any way you can and take a deep breathe.

Try relaxation techniques, such as, drawing, yoga, exercising, or painting, to name a few. To gather your thoughts you need to take a warm bath and try to think about the positive aspects of college and don't dwell on the negative aspects with a negative attitude. Look at your life and college as a positive experience.

Reach out to school cohorts for help or guidance.

If you have time just get involved with your school activities. This causes you to be more connected to your school life. Make study groups to help each other with homework and tests.

Balance your homework by taking one subject at a time. Even if you have to do a little each day, it's a whole lot better than doing nothing.

Don't ever compare yourself to others. This experience is an individual experience. You are doing this for yourself and by yourself. This is your personal race to become better. Take your time if you have to.

Remember, learning can be fun. Take the time to learn the material. In the long run, you will expand your knowledge. Never stop learning, even after college ends.

Most importantly, never give up. If you find yourself in a difficult situation and have to take time off of college, take that time, but always go back and finish what you start! It's a strong feeling of accomplishment once you finish and you will be exceptionally proud of yourself for doing so.

According to Winston Churchill, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Don’t despair if you flunked a test or failed a class. It’s not the end of the world. As we all know, no one is perfect, and everyone deals with difficult times at some point in their life. That’s why it’s important to keep your eyes set on your goal. For success, you need to working hard and Staying positive in College.

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