SRM University Sonipat: Courses, Fee Structure, Admission, Placements

SRM University Sonipat Courses Admission Placements

Topic We Cover: SRM University Sonipat

1. Overview
2. SRM University Sonipat Highlights

  • Academic Environment
  • Educational Expertise
  • Internationalization
  • Faculty Expertise

3. SRM University Sonipat Infrastructure

  • AC Classrooms
  • Accommodation
  • Auditorium
  • Labs
  • Library
  • Healthcare
  • Sports Facilities
  • Transportation
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Cultural Events
  • Social Service Club
  • Enviro Club
  • Schools in SRM University Sonipat

4. Courses offered in SRM University Sonipat

  • Undergraduate Courses
  • Postgraduate Courses offered in SRM University Sonipat

5. How to Get Admission in SRM University Sonipat
6. Application Process
7. Admit Card
8. Admission Cycle
9. How to Apply for SRMJEE of SRM University Sonipat
10. SRM Institute of Science and Technology Placement & Training Center
11. Why SRM University, Sonipat?
12. How to reach SRM University, Sonipat?

SRM University, Sonipat one of the Prominent Universities in Delhi NCR, Haryana, was established with the act of 2006 of Haryana Private University Act.

SRM University Sonipat is aimed at being known as a world-class university that creates as well as broadcast value-based knowledge along with maintaining the unparalleled standards in Engineering and Technology, Science and Humanities, law and management field.

SRM University Sonipat is the cornerstone of academic brilliance and brings forth the best curriculum that can let the students emerge as leaders out of common students.

With almost 3 decades of expertise in its field, SRM University Sonipat is known to be a pioneer among the institutions across the country. SRM University is progressing at a rapid rate and is planning to open many institutions in the near future.

SRM University Sonipat is known to be a university established under Haryana State Government through the act of 2006.

SRM University Sonipat has an unparalleled infrastructure which is never short of the infrastructure found in many Foreign Universities.

SRM University Sonipat Highlights

  • SRM University offers a plethora of programs in several streams such as law, science, and humanities, commerce, management & engineering and technology.
  • SRM University Sonipat has industrial as well as academic collaboration with the world’s most prominent companies and universities.
  • The university extends industry-driven curriculum that lays emphasis on capacity building and employability.
  • SRM University Sonipat possesses excellent placement cell as well as entrepreneurship cell that provides training as well as employment to all the students.
  • SRM University Sonipat is spread in 48 acres of land that has the most advanced infrastructure in the whole Delhi-NCR.
  • SRM University Sonipat offers holistic development of the students with a number of sports, extra co-curricular and cultural activities.
  • SRM University Sonipat is known for its best placements. Even recruiters too recall this university while they are in the process of hiring employees for them.
  • SRM University Sonipat always puts emphasis on not only the career growth of the students but also their versatility.
  • SRM University Sonipat aims to develop their students with the required soft skills and technical skills. The University conducts numerous guest lectures, seminars, and workshops for the students and helps them partake in other extra-curricular activities as well.
  • SRM University Sonipat makes sincere efforts in making the students' industry ready.

Academic Environment

SRM University Sonipat offers exceptional study environment for the students and lets them have a degree coupled with practical concepts and strong research. The research-based approach of the university is the reason why it has got so much recognition. The students have good opportunities to pursue their Education in Foreign Universities and also get to enhance their employability.

The graduate students of SRM University Sonipat possess required skills to survive in a global workplace and get to build important networks and acquaintances that are much beneficial for them.

Educational Expertise

SRM University Sonipat boasts of as many as 70,000 students & 4500 faculty members, that offers an extensive range of UG, PG & Doctoral Programs in many streams such as Humanities, Management, Engineering & Medicine and Health Sciences.

SRM University Sonipat has a primary objective of promoting professional as well as industry-specific education in India.

Students, as well as teachers, exchange sound knowledge with each other thereby making an environment of comfortability and compatibility in the campus.


Over 20 years, SRM University Sonipat is running successfully by getting connected with the whole world. The university puts emphasis on innovation & creativity in global partnership.

SRM University Sonipat leverage international collaboration to its utmost so as to let the students achieve success on a global scale.

Faculty Expertise

SRM University Sonipat has excellent faculty members on board. These faculty members are quite dedicated and leave no stone unturned to impart in-depth knowledge as well as special skills.

SRM University Sonipat Infrastructure

AC Classrooms

SRM University Sonipat has an excellent audio-visual communication facility fitted in each of the classrooms. Some of these communication facilities are an electronic podium, projectors and effectual interactive board.

SRM University Sonipat offers rich academic visual communication to its students with the help of these audio-visual aids.


SRM University Sonipat has separate hostels for girls as well as for boys. The hostels have clean and spacious rooms with AC as well as NON-AC facility for the students.

Some of the facilities offered in the hostels are stationary, pharmacy, indoor games, gym, beauty, etc.

Apart from this, the parents or the guardians of the students can spend their time in the big lounges available here. There is also a provision for a physician(male/female) for the students at fixed hours.


SRM University, Sonipat brings a spectacular opportunity for the students to experience national as well as international seminars and other functions through the state-of-the-art AC auditorium that has a seating capacity of almost 1000 person.


SRM University Sonipat has a primary aim to offer a wonderful study environment that works perfectly for the students learning and help them acquire new knowledge in a professional manner. The lab infrastructure of the university is in perfect accordance with the specifications of the students. The labs are loaded with all the necessary equipment that is needed for the practical learning of the students.


SRM University Sonipat has a well-stocked library with endless books, journals, magazines and other online resources that can pave the way for world-class learning for the students. Apart from that students can also find the best resources for their research. Apart from this, there are a number of institutional libraries that are different from a huge central library that is just perfect not only for the students but also for the faculty members.


SRM University Sonipat possesses highly qualified staff members who are in full-know of the first aid training so that they can manage any unfortunate incidents occurring in the campus. Their knowledge in first aid treatment is beneficial to cope up with the students’ ailments and also the overall health of the university students.

Sports Facilities

SRM University Sonipat has an excellent sports facility on its campus that let the students enjoy indoor as well as outdoor sports such as basketball, cricket pitch, tennis, football, badminton, etc. Apart from outdoor sports, indoor sports facilities are also offered to students such as table-tennis, carom, and chess, etc. Each of the hostels on the campus has a table tennis board on every single floor.


SRM University Sonipat offers highly secure and AC transport facilities to the students along with good pick up as well as dispersal facilities.

SRM University Sonipat Campus is in proximity to a number of places that makes everyone easy to reach here. Besides, there is good availability of means of transport for the students of Delhi/Sonipat or from other areas of Haryana.

SRM University Sonipat campus is not very far from Delhi itself.

Co-curricular Activities

SRM University Sonipat offers a wide array of co-curricular activities for its students. Some of these activities are as follows: -

Cultural Events

SRM University Sonipat has a plethora of festivals that are celebrated with full pomp and show. Each of the festivals organized in the campus possesses a story that becomes the theme of the celebration.

SRM University Sonipat can be rightly said as the best place to learn rituals & multi-cultures of our country.

Social Service Club

SRM University Sonipat has many clubs that are running on a regular basis. These clubs are dedicated to helping a few orphanages as well as schools to help them regularly.

Apart from this, students are also involved in setting up a blood donation camp and assisting cancer patients.

Enviro Club

SRM University Sonipat has a club named Enviro club that is basically related to creating awareness in the students to preserve the earth. The members of this club are actively involved in creating awareness via posters that can inspire students to make the best use of electricity, solve the water wastage problem and also solve the plastic pollution problem of the world. Apart from these regular workshops related to recycling paper, planting trees, vermicomposting are conducted in the campus that helps students learn rich knowledge about our environment.

Schools in SRM University Sonipat

Numerous courses are available in SRM University Sonipat. Some of the schools available on the campus are as follows: -

  • School of Engineering & Technology
  • Schoolof Management
  • School of Commerce
  • School of Law
  • Schoolof Science & Humanities

Courses offered in SRM University Sonipat

SRM University Sonipat offers valuable courses to the students and offers quality learning to them. Some of the courses that are available in the campus are as follows:

Undergraduate Courses

Course Name


B.Tech. - Civil Engineering (CE)

4 Years

B.Tech. - Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

4 years

B.Tech. - Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE)

 4 years


B.Tech. - Biomedical Engineering (BME)


 4 years


B.Tech. - Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)


 4 years 


B.Tech. - Mechatronics

 4 years


B.Tech. - Mechanical Engineering (ME)


 4 years


B.Tech. - Robotics and Automation


 4 years

School of Law

Course Name


Bachelor of Law - LL.B. (Hons.)

3 Years

School of Science and Humanities

Course Name


BA - English

3 Years

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) – Chemistry(Hons.)

3 years


3 years

B.Sc. - Computer Science

3 years

B.A. - Pol. Sc. (Hons.)

3 years

B.A. - Economics (Hons.)

3 years

B.A. - Psychology (Hons.)

3 years

B.Sc. - Maths (Hons.)

3 years

B.Sc. - Physics (Hons.)

3 years

B.Sc. - Medical Laboratory Technology

3 years

School of Management

Course Name


Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)

3 Years

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) with specialization in Business Analytics

3 years

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School of Commerce

Course Name


B.Com (Hons.)

3 Years

Postgraduate Courses offered in SRM University Sonipat

SRM University Sonipat offers a student-centric approach that helps them acquire great learning. Apart from the undergraduate courses, PG courses are also available on the campuses that are as follows :-

School of Engineering and Technology

Course Name


M.Tech. - Civil Engineering / Structural Engineering

2 Years

M.Tech. - Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

2 years

M.Tech. - Electronics & Communication Engineering / Microelectronics

2 years

M.Tech. - Biotechnology (Pharmaceutical / Industrial)

2 years

M.Tech. - Mechanical Engineering / Production Engineering

2 years 

 School of Law

Course Name


Master of Law (LL.M.)

1 Year

School of Science and Humanities

Course Name


Master of Science (M.Sc.) - Biotechnology

2 Years

Master of Science (M.Sc.) - Mathematics

2 years

Master of Science (M.Sc.) - Chemistry

2 years

MA - English

2 years

M.A. - Economics

2 years 

Master of Science (M.Sc) - Physics

2 years

School of Management

Course Name


Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

2 Years

School of Commerce

Course Name


Master of Commerce - M.Com.

2 Years

Undergraduate/PostgraduateIntegrated Courses of SRM University Sonipat

SRM University offers the following integrated UG/PG courses to the students: -

School of Law

Course Name


Bachelor of Law - B.A.LL.B.(Hons.)


5 years



Bachelor of Law - B.B.A.LL.B.(Hons.)



5 years


P.hD Courses

School of Engineering and Technology

Course Name

Ph.D. - Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

Ph.D. - Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Ph.D. - Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE)

Ph.D. - Civil Engineering

Ph.D. - Electronics & Communication Engineering

 School of Law

 Course Name

Ph.D. - Law

 School of Science and Humanities

Course Name

Ph.D. – English

Ph.D. – Microbiology

Ph.D. – Physics

Ph.D. - Mathematics

Ph.D. - Chemistry

Ph.D. - Library and Information Sciences

Ph.D. - Biotechnology (Pharmaceutical/Industrial)

Ph.D. - Computer Science


 School of Management

Course Name

Ph.D. - Economics

Ph.D. - Business/Management Studies

 School of Commerce

Course Name

Ph.D. – Commerce

How to Get Admission in SRM University Sonipat

SRM University Sonipat Admission process is as follows:-

Admission Process for engineering course [B.Tech]

Candidates are shortlisted after going through their valid score in SRMHCAT, NEET, JEE MAIN, SRMJEE & IPU CET exams.

Admission Process for engineering course[M.Tech]

The candidates must have a valid score in many exams such as GATE, SRMHCAT and SRJEE-PG exams to be eligible for the admission.

Admission Process for other Programs

UG Program for Law

The candidates must have obtained a valid score in CLAT, ALLET/DU Law Entrance test, LSAT to be eligible for admission

MBA programme

The candidates must have obtained a required score in NMAT, MAT, GMAT, CAT, SNAP, XAT Exams to become eligible for the admission to these programs.

How to get admission in SRM university, Sonepat

SRM University Sonipat conducts an entrance exam of its own to accept admission to different coursed offered by it.

SRM University Sonipat organizes a number of entrance exams such as SRMHJEEE which is meant for undergraduate programs in Engineering and Technology. Other exams include SRMHCMAT (UG) for getting admission to management courses, & SRMHCLAT which is meant for law courses.

The entrance exam is an integral part of admission and it is mandatory for every candidate to appear in the exam.

Some of the meritorious students can seek admissions to their chosen programs through direct mode.

Application Process

Candidate can submit their application form via offline or online mode.

Candidates can easily pay their fees through many options such as Net Banking, Credit Card, E-Challan, Debit Card, etc.

Admit Card

Candidates receive admit card on their email IDs and also through SMS. After receiving the candidates, they need to log on to admission page of the university where they can take out the print of their admit cards.

Once they are done with it, they need to paste a passport size colored photo on their admit card. The photo should be self-attested. Once they have done it, they can bring their admit card with them at the time of examination.

Admission Cycle

Tentative Schedule

Serial No.




Online Applications Commencement Date



Last date of (online/offline) applications



Admit Cards



Exam date








How to Apply for SRMJEE of SRM University Sonipat

Candidates can apply for SRMJEE with the help of the following steps:-

  • Visit the website of the university
  • Now visit the SRMJEE page of the website
  • Now it’s time to fill in the mandatory details for the purpose of registration.
  • Verify the email and then log on the website
  • Finally, pay your application fee

There is also a provision of rectifying your details in the form. The booking slot procedure starts from April month

SRMJEE is organized for admissions to different engineering courses of SRM University Sonipat.

SRMUniversity Admission Eligibility Criteria for B.Tech programs

  • SRM University Sonipat invites applications for B.Tech programs for those candidates who must have obtained 10+2 certification through a recognized board.
  • The candidate must have obtained at least 50% marks in PCM & PCB.

Eligibility Programs for B.Sc Programs

  • The candidates must have passed 10+2 class with at least 50% aggregate score via a recognized board.
  • The candidates must have studied PCM/B as the subjects.

Eligibility Criteria for LLB

LLB (Hons)

SRM University Sonipat invites applications for LLB(Hons) course where the applicants are required to secure 50% aggregate marks in any Bachelors degree from any stream from a UGC affiliated University.

Eligibility criteria for LLM

Candidates who wish to get Admission into SRM University, Sonipat must have obtained 3/5-year LLB from a recognized institution with 50% aggregate marks.

Eligibility Criteria for M.Sc

The candidates who want to enroll into M.Sc programs must have passed a graduation degree with 50% aggregate scores in any stream such as Biology/Medical Laboratory Technology/ Biotechnology, Microbiology, Life Sciences, etc.  from a university that is affiliated with UGC

Eligibility Criteria for M.Tech

M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering

Candidates who wish to enroll in M. tech program are required to pass B.Tech/B.E in Technology/Engineering or any degree in M.Sc in IT or computer science with 50% aggregate marks.

M.Tech in Production Engineering or Mechanical Engineering

Candidates need to pass a B.Tech or B.E degree in Production/Industrial, Automobile/Aeronautical/Mechanical or any equivalent degree having 50% aggregate scores.

M.Tech (Mechatronics)

Candidates are required to pass a BE or B.Tech degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering/Mechanical/Electronics with 50% aggregate marks.

M.Tech (Biotechnology- Industrial/Pharmaceutical)

Candidates who are looking for enrolling into B.Tech/B.E programs in Microbiology/Biotechnology/Life Sciences/Bioinformatics or M.Sc degree in the specific brand having 50% aggregate scores to become eligible for admission.

Eligibility Requirements for other Programs


SRM University Sonipat must have passed 10+2 certification or any equivalent exam from a legally recognized board with at least 50% aggregate scores.

MA/ MBA/M. Com

Candidates who want to do the above-said courses should pass 10+2 with at least 50% aggregate marks from a state-recognized university or the one recognized by Central Educational Board.

SRM University offers the following scholarships: -

Scholarship 1

SRM University Sonipat offers a scholarship for meritorious students of B.Tech 1st year.

Scholarship Details are: -

95-100% marks secured in 12th class get 100% scholarship

90-94% marks in 12th class get 50% scholarship

85-89% marks secured in 12th class get 25% scholarship

Scholarship 2

Another type of Scholarship program of SRM University Sonipat is Haryana Domicile Scholarship:

Candidates will also get performance/rank-based scholarship in National entrance exams such as SRMHCAT.

SRM Institute of Science and Technology Placement & Training Center:

SRM University Sonipat is completely dedicated to providing a never seen career growth to its students. The university provides valuable opportunities to let them leverage them in the best way.

The students can use these opportunities effectively and acquire a great learning experience through them. The career center of SRM University Sonipat is the best platform for the students as well as companies through which both of them can get the benefit.

Once any student takes admission into SRM University Sonipat, the University takes the charge of his career.

The university makes valuable attempts to enhance the career of the students by letting them explore themselves. The students of SRM University Sonipat has endless opportunities lying in front of them that works for making them better academically as well as professionally.

After the end of the placement season, every student is satisfied with the offer given to them. At SRM University Sonipat, seeking talent is the first and foremost thing which let the students get top jobs in top companies.

Why SRM University, Sonipat?

SRM University provides brilliant education in different disciplines of engineering and technology. Some amazing features of the university are highlighted here:

  • 35 Years old reputed brand SRM
  • Private University Act 2013 and recognized by UGC, AICTE & AIU
  • SRM Group has been awarded 5 star by ‘Quacquarelli Symonds (QS)
  • 47 Acres Green Lush & Drug Free Campus
  • Excellent record of placements with INR 16 Lakhs+
  • Top Emerging University in North India
  • Campus Located at Rajiv Gandhi Education City-NCR, Sonepat

How to reach SRM University, Sonipat?

Centred in Rai in Rajiv Gandhi Education City, Sonipat, Haryana SRM University is well connected to rail link and road.

SRM University, Sonipat is an hour and a half away from the Indira Gandhi International Airport and New Delhi Railway Station, it is located at a convenient distance from the nation’s capital. There is a regular shuttle service that takes students to the closest Metro station (Jahangirpuri) in Delhi, from where they can access any point of the capital city.

SRM University, Sonipat is located on NH1 in District Sonipat, Haryana. The highway connects Delhi to Karnal, Ambala, Chandigarh and J & K. The campus is a ten-minute drive from the Dekhi-Karnal (Haryana) border.

If you drive from Delhi towards Panipat, the campus­, a red bricked building is visible on your right. The campus is accessible only via Gate no. 2 of the Rajiv Gandhi Education City (1km ahead of Gate no. 1).

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Student Discussion

  • Joan Nancy 2016-08-24 19:55:51

    The placements are good. The placements team works hard and is dedicated to place all students.The companies which visited the campus till date are:-Morgan Stanley with a package of 5,00,000. Delloite-5,30,000, Asian Paints-4,60,000, Practo-7,00.000, Bata-6,00,000, E&y- 4,20,000 etc.

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