IIT Patna Cut Off: Improving the education scenario of the country

Indian Institute of Technology, Patna is one of the new IITs which was established in the year 2008. Patna is actually the renowned Patliputra of the yesteryears which used to be a seat of learning and knowledge. Thus, setting up an IIT in the city of intellectual excellence enhanced its standing in the country.
IIT Patna campus is situated at Amhara, Bihar, at a distance of 35 km from Patna city on a vast 501 acres site. Various modern amenities are present at the institution and it provides B.Tech and M.Tech courses in several engineering disciplines. Further, PHD programs are offered in several realms such as Engineering, Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences.
IIT Patna placements have enhanced the value of the institution as top notch companies consistently hire young professionals from the campus at astounding packages. Let us have a look at the IIT Patna cut off list:

Course Name Category Opening Rank Closing Rank
Chemical Engineering  OP (Open/General) 5591 6286
Civil Engineering OP (Open/General) 5407 5923
Computer Science Engineering  OP (Open/General) 2410 3306
Electrical Engineering  OP (Open/General) 3610 5079
Mechanical Engineering OP (Open/General) 4102 5174
Chemical Engineering  SC (Schedule Castes) 1406 1449
Civil Engineering SC (Schedule Castes) 1088 1163
Computer Science Engineering  SC (Schedule Castes) 506 906
Electrical Engineering  SC (Schedule Castes) 967 1176
Mechanical Engineering SC (Schedule Castes) 444 1139
Chemical Engineering  ST (Schedule Tribes) 543 633
Civil Engineering ST (Schedule Tribes) 389 391
Computer Science Engineering  ST (Schedule Tribes) 469 534
Electrical Engineering  ST (Schedule Tribes) 502 527
Mechanical Engineering ST (Schedule Tribes) 345 547
Chemical Engineering  BC (Bacward Class) 2444 2981
Civil Engineering BC (Bacward Class) 2401 2565
Computer Science Engineering  BC (Bacward Class) 997 1480
Electrical Engineering  BC (Bacward Class) 1814 2327
Mechanical Engineering BC (Bacward Class) 1947 2394
Computer Science Engineering  OPPD (General + Physically Handicap) 68 68
Computer Science Engineering  BCPD (Backward + Pyhsically Handicap) 41 41

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