IIT Hyderabad Cut Off: A great place to study for top brains of the country

Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad is one of the youngest IITs which was established in the year 2008. Further, IIT Hyderabad campus is located in the Medak district of Telangana, India.
An institution which displays excellence to the utmost extent, the aforementioned IIT has made rapid advancement as far as research and development is concerned. Various departments are a part of the institution, namely engineering and science departments. Apart from these, a liberal arts department is also part of the institution.
IIT Hyderabad placements have helped improve the image and popularity of the institution to a vast scale. Organizations of national and international importance consistently hire students from the institution at good positions. Take a look at the IIT Hyderabad cut off list given below.

Course Name Category Opening Rank Closing Rank
Chemical Engineering  OP (Open/General) 3344 4566
Civil Engineering OP (Open/General) 3272 4641
Computer Science Engineering  OP (Open/General) 534 964
Electrical Engineering  OP (Open/General) 1016 2420
Engineering Physics OP (Open/General) 2720 3960
OP (Open/General) 2725 3835
Mechanical Engineering OP (Open/General) 2615 3127
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering OP (Open/General) 4650 5096
Chemical Engineering  SC (Schedule Castes) 982 1182
Civil Engineering SC (Schedule Castes) 704 821
Computer Science Engineering  SC (Schedule Castes) 273 385
Electrical Engineering  SC (Schedule Castes) 546 654
Engineering Physics SC (Schedule Castes) 1025 1025
SC (Schedule Castes) 1179 1370
Mechanical Engineering SC (Schedule Castes) 352 699
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering SC (Schedule Castes) 1428 1428
Chemical Engineering  ST (Schedule Tribes) 508 575
Civil Engineering ST (Schedule Tribes) 331 343
Computer Science Engineering  ST (Schedule Tribes) 125 259
Electrical Engineering  ST (Schedule Tribes) 290 346
Engineering Physics ST (Schedule Tribes) 694 694
Mechanical Engineering ST (Schedule Tribes) 225 365
Chemical Engineering  BC (Bacward Class) 2135 2493
Civil Engineering BC (Bacward Class) 1591 1799
Computer Science Engineering  BC (Bacward Class) 193 503
Electrical Engineering  BC (Bacward Class) 594 1139
Engineering Physics BC (Bacward Class) 1996 2341
BC (Bacward Class) 1699 2062
Mechanical Engineering BC (Bacward Class) 785 1353
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering BC (Bacward Class) 2137 2854
Civil Engineering OPPD (General + Physically Handicap) 108 108

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