Why Students choose BITS Pilani Goa and Hyderabad for CS branch

Why Students choose BITS Pilani Goa and Hyderabad for CS branch

Why Students choose BITS Pilani-Goa and Hyderabad for CS branch?


Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani is a famous private institution in India noted for its academic and research prowess. With the establishment of its campuses in Goa and Hyderabad, BITS Pilani has expanded its reach and garnered immense popularity among aspiring students. Among the plethora of branches offered at these campuses, the Computer Science (CS) branch stands out as the most sought-after choice for countless students. 

BITS Pilani-Goa

Pilani BITS Pilani BITS Pilani has four campuses, one of which is in Goa. Established in 2008, BITS Pilani Goa is a private university approved by UGC. BITS Pilani Goa is located in South Goa on 180 acres. Undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate programmes are available at BITS Pilani Goa. Admission to all courses is based on national-level admission tests administered by BITS Pilani, including as BITSAT, BITS HD, and others. Furthermore, independent of BITSAT scores, BITS Pilani grants direct admission to first-rank holders from all central and state boards to the curriculum of their choosing.

BITS Pilani Goa's major programme consists of BE courses in the engineering discipline. The BE programme at BITS Pilani Goa offers eight specialisations. Admission to the programme is determined on BITSAT results. For the general category, the total cutoff for BE, BITSAT is 254 - 372 marks. 

The median package offered during BITS Pilani placements for the 2023 class was INR 30 LPA. Through August 2022, the average and largest package provided was INR 30.37 LPA and INR 60.75 LPA, respectively. Among the top recruiters were TCS, DE Shaw India, Accenture, PhonePe, Cisco, Capgemini, and others.

BITS Hyderabad

BITS Pilani Hyderabad, established in 2008, is a campus of BITS Pilani Goa University. BITS Pilani Hyderabad is UGC approved and accredited by NAAC with grade A.The campus of BITS Pilani Hyderabad encompasses 200 acres and is located in Hyderabad. BITS Pilani Hyderabad is one of BITS' four campuses. Undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate programmes are available at BITS Pilani. Moreover, regardless of BITSAT scores, BITS Pilani would offer first-rank holders from all central and state boards immediate admission to the curriculum of their choice.

BE Hons is the flagship programme of BITS Pilani Hyderabad. The BITS Pilani BITSAT entrance exam is used to determine admission to the programme. In 2022, the overall cutoff for the BITSAT BE course was 203 - 372 marks for the general category. In addition, BITS Pilani Hyderabad accepts direct admission from state board toppers to its BE and BPharma programmes. 

The report on BITS Pilani Hyderabad Placements 2023 is now available. The median pay package of BITS Pilani Campuses increased by 32.6%, from INR 22.62 LPA to INR 30 LPA. In addition, the average compensation at the BITS Pilani campuses rose from INR 23 LPA to INR 30.37 LPA. The final CTC for PPOs raised from INR 45 LPA to INR 60.75 LPA. Aditya Birla Group, Adobe, Amazon, Cognizant, Bravo Lucy, CA Technologies, S & P Capital IQ, Cisco, Dell, and others are among the top recruiters at BITS Pilani Hyderabad.

In this blog, we will delve into the myriad reasons why students choose BITS Pilani-Goa and Hyderabad for their Computer Science education.

Academic Excellence and Reputation

One of the primary reasons why students choose BITS Pilani-Goa and Hyderabad for CS is their exceptional academic reputation. BITS Pilani is renowned for its rigorous curriculum, which emphasizes practical learning and industry exposure. The CS programs offered at BITS campuses have received accreditation and recognition from esteemed organizations, ensuring students of the quality education they will receive.

Academic Excellence:

Quality Faculty: Both BITS Pilani campuses in Goa and Hyderabad boast a dedicated and qualified faculty comprising experts in various fields. Faculty members participate in research, industrial alliances, and academic endeavours to ensure that students acquire current information and perspectives.

Rigorous Curriculum: These campuses' academic programmes are intended to offer students with a solid foundation in their chosen fields. The programme integrates theoretical principles with practical applications to promote critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and real-world preparation.

Research Opportunities: Both campuses encourage research and innovation. Students have the ability to participate in cutting-edge research initiatives, collaborate on research papers with faculty members, and contribute to breakthroughs in their particular professions.

Interdisciplinary Approach: BITS Pilani campuses emphasize interdisciplinary learning, allowing students to explore connections between various subjects. This approach fosters a holistic understanding of complex issues and prepares students to address multidisciplinary challenges.


Nationally Recognized: BITS Pilani as a whole is widely recognized as one of India's premier institutes for higher education and research. Its reputation is reflected in national rankings and accolades.

Industry Engagement: The strong ties between BITS Pilani campuses and various industries contribute to the reputation of producing graduates who are well-prepared for the workforce. Industry collaborations, internships, and placement opportunities enhance the employability of BITS graduates.

Notable Alumni: Over the years, BITS Pilani campuses have produced a significant number of successful alumni who have made their mark in diverse fields, including technology, business, academia, and entrepreneurship. These graduates' achievements help to build the universities' reputation.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Both campuses encourage students to explore creative ideas, start-ups, and projects that contribute to societal and economic progress by cultivating an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Global Exposure: BITS Pilani campuses offer international exchange programs, collaborative research projects, and partnerships with foreign universities, enhancing their global reputation and providing students with international exposure.

Student Achievements: Students from BITS Pilani campuses often excel in national and international competitions, conferences, and projects, showcasing the high-quality education and training they receive.

It's crucial to remember that reputation and academic success are both fluid and changeable. The BITS Pilani campuses in Goa and Hyderabad continue to capitalise on their strengths, improve their academic offerings, and contribute to their students' academic and professional success.

Faculty Expertise

BITS Pilani-Goa and Hyderabad boast a highly qualified and experienced faculty in the field of Computer Science. The professors have diverse backgrounds and often hold advanced degrees from reputed universities across the globe. Their expertise and guidance play a pivotal role in molding students into skilled computer scientists, prepared to face the challenges of the tech industry.

Research and Innovation

The CS branches at BITS Pilani-Goa and Hyderabad actively encourage research and innovation among students. Undergraduate research projects are available in universities, where students may work on cutting-edge technology and contribute to the area. The emphasis on research allows students to obtain a better knowledge of computer science while also cultivating an innovative culture.

Research Centers: Both BITS Pilani campuses in Goa and Hyderabad host dedicated research centers and labs that focus on various disciplines, ranging from engineering and science to humanities and management. These facilities and equipment are state-of-the-art, allowing academics and students to conduct cutting-edge research.

Faculty Expertise: The campuses attract renowned faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. These faculty members engage in impactful research, publish papers in leading journals, and collaborate with peers globally, contributing to the overall research culture.

Interdisciplinary Research: BITS Pilani campuses encourage interdisciplinary research, where faculty and students from different departments collaborate on projects that address complex real-world problems. This approach fosters innovation by combining diverse perspectives and expertise.

Student Research: Students are actively involved in research projects under the guidance of faculty mentors. These projects may lead to publications, presentations at conferences, and even patents. Research opportunities help students develop analytical skills and a deeper understanding of their chosen fields.

Publication and Dissemination: Research findings from BITS Pilani campuses are often published in prestigious national and international journals. This not only contributes to the academic community but also highlights the campuses' commitment to advancing knowledge.

Collaborations: The campuses establish collaborations with industries, research institutions, and universities worldwide. Collaborative projects lead to innovative solutions, technology transfer, and exposure to global research trends.

Sponsored Research: Faculty members often secure research grants and funding from government agencies, industries, and research foundations. This financial support enables the campuses to undertake research projects that have real-world implications.

Innovation and Patents: BITS Pilani campuses encourage innovation and provide support for filing patents for novel technologies or inventions. This intellectual property protection can lead to commercialization and industry partnerships.

Technology Transfer: Research outcomes with practical applications may lead to technology transfer, where inventions or solutions developed on campus are brought to the market through collaborations with industries or startups.

Innovation Hubs: The campuses may establish innovation hubs or centers that serve as platforms for students and faculty to ideate, prototype, and develop innovative solutions to societal challenges.

Entrepreneurship and Startups: Research outputs often serve as the foundation for startups and entrepreneurial ventures. The campuses support students and faculty interested in commercializing their research-based innovations.

Conferences and Symposia: BITS Pilani campuses organize and participate in conferences, symposia, and workshops that facilitate the exchange of ideas, research findings, and insights with the wider academic and industry communities.

Research and innovation are integral components of BITS Pilani's mission, contributing to advancements in knowledge, technology, and societal well-being. Students and faculty at BITS Pilani campuses actively engage in research activities that have a lasting impact on various fields.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

BITS Pilani-Goa and Hyderabad are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, including well-equipped laboratories, advanced computer centers, and modern classrooms. The campuses provide access to the latest software tools, hardware, and technologies necessary for students to excel in their academic and research pursuits.

Internship and Industry Exposure

Both BITS Pilani campuses actively facilitate internships and industry exposure for CS students. The universities have strong connections with renowned tech companies and organizations, enabling students to gain practical experience through internships. These experiences help bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world applications, making students more employable upon graduation.

Industry Collaborations: Both BITS Pilani campuses in Goa and Hyderabad have established strong connections with various industries. These collaborations allow students to interact with business experts, work on projects, and get insight into the real-world applications of their academic studies.

Internship Programs: Campus internship opportunities are well-structured, allowing students to gain practical experience in their chosen areas. Students often undertake internships with renowned companies, startups, research organizations, and more. These internships provide hands-on learning, exposure to industry practices, and a chance to apply classroom knowledge to real-world situations.

Guest Lectures and Workshops: Guest lectures, workshops, and seminars involving industry professionals and leaders are held on a regular basis on the campuses. These events give students insights into industry trends, upcoming technology, and business practises, which helps them better grasp the professional world.

Industrial Visits: Students often have the opportunity to visit industries, factories, research centers, and technology hubs. These visits offer a firsthand look at industrial processes, technologies, and operational environments, giving students a practical perspective beyond textbooks.

Collaborative Projects: BITS Pilani campuses encourage students to collaborate with industries on research projects, case studies, and consultancy assignments. This fosters a direct link between academia and industry, allowing students to work on real challenges faced by companies.

Placements: The campuses' strong industry connections often lead to successful placement opportunities for students. Companies that value BITS Pilani's reputation actively recruit students for internships and full-time roles, leading to promising career prospects.

Entrepreneurship and Startups: Both campuses promote an entrepreneurial mindset. They support students in launching their startups, participating in business incubators, and receiving mentorship from industry professionals, encouraging a culture of innovation and self-driven initiatives.

Skill Development: Internship and industry exposure enhance students' skills such as teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and adaptability. They also provide a platform to develop a professional network, which can be beneficial for future career growth.

It's important to note that the specific internship and industry exposure opportunities may vary by program, department, and the industry landscape at the time. Students are typically encouraged to actively engage with their campuses' career services, industry relations teams, and alumni networks to make the most of these opportunities.

Global Exposure and Collaboration

BITS Pilani-Goa and Hyderabad promote global exposure by collaborating with international universities and offering student exchange programs. CS students have the opportunity to study abroad and experience diverse cultures, educational practices, and research methodologies. This exposure broadens their horizons and prepares them for a globalized tech industry.

International Collaborations

BITS has multiple collborations, Students Exchange programs, Faculty Exchange programs with several instituions around the globe, few of them are given below:

  • Carleton University
  • University of Illinois
  • University of South Florida 
  • University of Virginia
  • University of Central Florida
  • Ontario Universities International
  • University Health Network, Toronto
  • Texas A&M University
  • University of Agder
  • Trinity College Dublin
  • University of Tartu, Estonia
  • International Water Association (IWA), London
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • Technical University of Braunschweig
  • University of Nottingham
  • Cardiff University
  • University College Dublin
  • National University of Ireland
  • University of Leeds
  • Politecnico di Milano University
  • University of Porto

Placement Opportunities

BITS Pilani-Goa and Hyderabad have an impressive track record of placements for CS graduates. The universities have strong ties with leading tech companies, resulting in a high demand for BITS graduates in the job market. The placement cells at both campuses provide comprehensive training and support to ensure students secure their dream jobs.

BITS Pilani Placements 2023 Report



Placements Statistics 2023

Placement Statistics 2022

Number of Students Placed



Percentage of Students Placed



Number of Companies Participated



Number of Offers


329 (Till August)




Highest Package

INR 60.75 LPA

INR 1.33 CPA

Average Package

INR 30.37 LPA

INR 28.99 LPA

Median Package



Top Recruiters

Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Visa, Adobe, Cisco

Microsoft, Walmart, Service Now


  • During BITS Pilani Placements 2023, 109 recruiters visited the campus. 
  • Some of the top recruiters are Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Visa, Adobe, Cisco etc. 
  • The highest package offered was INR 60.75 LPA. 
  • The average package stood at INR 30.37 LPA.
  • The median salary stood at INR 30 LPA.

BITS Goa Placements 2023 Report 



Placements Statistics 2023

Placements Statistics 2022

Total Recruiters



Highest Package

INR 60.75 LPA


Average Package 

INR 30.37 LPA


Median Package


INR 22.62 LPA

Increase in Highest CTC



Increase in Average CTC



Top Recruiters

Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.

Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Flipkart, Cisco, etc.


BITS Hyderabad Placement Statistics 2020-21




Total Number of Students 


Number of Students Placed


Percentage of Students Placed


Average CTC

Rs 13.72 LPA

Maximum CTC

Rs 43.31 LPA

Entrepreneurship Support

BITS Pilani-Goa and Hyderabad foster an entrepreneurial spirit among CS students. The universities offer incubation centers, mentorship programs, and funding opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. This support nurtures innovation and empowers students to transform their ideas into successful startups.

Incubation Centers: Both BITS Pilani campuses in Goa and Hyderabad have established incubation centers that provide a nurturing environment for aspiring entrepreneurs. These centers offer resources such as mentorship, guidance, office space, and access to networks, helping students turn their innovative ideas into viable startups.

Startup Challenges and Competitions: The campuses organize startup challenges, business plan competitions, and hackathons to encourage students to develop and showcase their entrepreneurial ventures. These events provide a platform for students to receive feedback, connect with industry experts, and win funding or support for their startups.

Mentorship Programs: Students interested in entrepreneurship have the opportunity to connect with experienced mentors from various industries. These mentors offer valuable insights, share their experiences, and guide students in navigating the challenges of starting and running a business.

Entrepreneurship Courses: BITS Pilani campuses offer entrepreneurship-focused courses that cover various aspects of starting and managing a business. These courses equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop and grow their startups.

Networking Events: The campuses organize networking events, workshops, and seminars featuring successful entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders. These events provide students with opportunities to learn from real-world experiences and expand their professional networks.

Funding Support: BITS Pilani campuses may offer funding support to promising startups through partnerships with venture capital firms, angel investors, or government initiatives. This financial backing helps startups overcome initial challenges and scale their operations.

Prototyping and Lab Facilities: For startups that require prototyping or technical development, the campuses' labs and facilities can provide the necessary resources, equipment, and expertise to bring their ideas to life.

Ecosystem Engagement: Both campuses are often actively involved in the local and regional entrepreneurship ecosystem. They collaborate with industry bodies, government agencies, and startup communities to create a supportive ecosystem for budding entrepreneurs.

Business Incubators: BITS Pilani campuses may have business incubators that offer a structured program of support for startups, including access to mentorship, resources, networking opportunities, and investor connections.

Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Activities

The campuses of BITS Pilani offer a vibrant campus life with numerous co-curricular and extracurricular activities. CS students can participate in coding competitions, hackathons, technical events, and workshops to enhance their skills and interests. The universities also organize cultural festivals, sports events, and technical fests, providing students with a well-rounded college experience.

Alumni Network

BITS Pilani-Goa and Hyderabad have strong alumni networks that play a crucial role in shaping students' careers. Alumni actively engage with the universities, offering mentorship, guest lectures, and networking opportunities. The network provides invaluable industry insights and creates a sense of belonging among the BITS community.


BITS Pilani, Goa, and Hyderabad provide several scholarships, fellowships, and financial aid to their respective students. About 30% of the students receive some form of financial assistance or other. Scholarship holders must maintain high academic status and good behaviour in order to keep their scholarships.

Scholarships for FD Students: Scholarships for FD Students: Each year, approximately 30% of students enrolled to First Degree Programmes get semester tuition fee discounts ranging from 15% to 100% in the form of merit or merit-cum need scholarships, as shown in the table below:

Under Institute’s Own Merit Award Schemes

Amount Of Scholarship

Top 1% students

100% of total tuition fee

Top 2% students

40% of total tuition fee

Under Institute’s Own Merit-Cum-Need Award Schemes

Amount Of Scholarship

3% students

80% of total tuition fee

6% students

40% of total tuition fee

12% students

25% of total tuition fee

6% students

15% of total tuition fee



The Computer Science branch at BITS Pilani-Goa and Hyderabad continues to be the top choice for aspiring technologists. The universities' academic excellence, faculty expertise, research focus, state-of-the-art infrastructure, internship opportunities, global exposure, placement support, entrepreneurship encouragement, co-curricular activities, and strong alumni networks collectively contribute to their popularity among students. By choosing BITS Pilani-Goa and Hyderabad for their CS education, students open doors to a world of opportunities, ensuring a promising and fulfilling career in the dynamic and ever-evolving tech industry.

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