IIT Gandhinagar Cut Off: Excellence in the education sector

Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar is one of the youngest Indian Institutes of Techology and is renowned on account of its diverse curriculum, excellent infrastructure, project oriented learning, etc. Founded in the year 2008, IIT Gandhinagar campus is situated in Palaj, Gandhinagar, Gujarat near the Sabarmati river.
The institution is famed on account of its BTech and MTech programs spanning several engineering courses. Apart from engineering, many graduate and post graduate programs are provided in the sciences also. Further, one can also pursue PhD in several humanities subjects.
IIT Gandhinagar placement cell has performed an excellent job as dominant players from the corporate sphere and Research and development sector have frequented the campus and selected students for top notch positions in their organizations. A table discussing the cut off marks for IIT Gandhinagar is shown here:

Course Name Category Opening Rank Closing Rank
Chemical Engineering  OP (Open/General) 4008 4791
Civil Engineering OP (Open/General) 4217 4879
Electrical Engineering  OP (Open/General) 2003 3244
Materials Science and Technology OP (Open/General) 5410 6098
Mechanical Engineering OP (Open/General) 1867 3503
Chemical Engineering  SC (Schedule Castes) 653 1250
Civil Engineering SC (Schedule Castes) 784 893
Electrical Engineering  SC (Schedule Castes) 785 864
Materials Science and Technology SC (Schedule Castes) 1411 1477
Mechanical Engineering SC (Schedule Castes) 488 746
Chemical Engineering  ST (Schedule Tribes) 561 598
Civil Engineering ST (Schedule Tribes) 154 326
Electrical Engineering  ST (Schedule Tribes) 307 339
Mechanical Engineering ST (Schedule Tribes) 381 404
Chemical Engineering  BC (Bacward Class) 2500 2660
Civil Engineering BC (Bacward Class) 1598 2191
Electrical Engineering  BC (Bacward Class) 1242 1630
Materials Science and Technology BC (Bacward Class) 2966 3131
Mechanical Engineering BC (Bacward Class) 921 1585

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