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Why Parents Choose VIT Vellore


Choosing the right educational institution for their children is a significant decision for parents. One institution that has gained recognition and popularity among parents in India is VIT-Vellore. Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, has garnered a reputation for providing quality education and holistic development opportunities. 

In this comprehensive blog, we will delve into the reasons why parents choose VIT-Vellore for their children's education. From academic excellence to state-of-the-art facilities and a nurturing environment, we will explore the various factors that make VIT-Vellore a preferred choice for parents.

About VIT Vellore

A private deemed university founded in 2001, Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) is located in Vellore. VIT Vellore provides 72 courses throughout the fields of engineering, architecture, law, management, business administration, information technology, animation, and design, as well as the humanities, social sciences, and arts. 

Admissions at VIT Vellore are made based on the results of the entrance test, then the counselling procedure. In order to accommodate students from outside the area, the institution offers separate male and female dormitories. Scholarships are given out by VIT Vellore to students based on their academic performance.

The Career Development Centre (CDC) at VIT Vellore oversees the placements drive at the university.

Academic Excellence and Diverse Programs

VIT-Vellore is renowned for its academic excellence across a wide range of disciplines. Parents recognize the institution's commitment to providing a comprehensive and industry-aligned curriculum. They appreciate the diverse programs offered, including undergraduate and postgraduate courses in engineering, management, science, law, architecture, and more. 

The emphasis on practical learning through research opportunities, industry collaborations, and experiential projects adds immense value to the students' educational journey.


Total tuition Fees


B.E. / B.Tech

(22 Courses)

INR 4.87 L - 7.8 L

(for 4-5 years)

10+2 : 45-65 %

Exams :VITEEE, ISC, TNEA, Tamilnadu 12th, CBSE 12th 


(26 Courses)

INR 1.6 L - 4.87 L

(for 2-5 years)

10+2 : 65 %

Graduation : 60-80 %

Exams :VITMEE, CBSE 12th, ISC, Tamilnadu 12th


(18 Courses)

INR 1.2 L - 3.75 L

(for 2-5 years)

10+2 : 60 %

Graduation : 60 %

Exams :CBSE 12th, ISC, Tamilnadu 12th


(11 Courses)

INR 1.65 L - 4.4 L

(for 3-5 years)

10+2 : 60-70 %

Exams :CBSE 12th, ISC, Tamilnadu 12th


(1 Courses)

INR 2.74 L

(for 2 years)

Graduation : 60 %



(1 Courses)

INR 3.52 L

(for 2 years)

Graduation : 60 %

Exams :CEED


(10 Courses)

INR 1 L - 1.6 L

(for 30 months-4 years)

Graduation : 80 %


(1 Courses)

INR 1.2 L

(for 2 years)

Graduation : 60 %


(1 Courses)

INR 1.65 L

(for 3 years)

10+2 : 65 %

Exams :CBSE 12th, ISC, Tamilnadu 12th


(1 Courses)

INR 6.97 L

(for 2 years)

Graduation : 60 %



(4 Courses)

INR 1.65 L - 2.7 L

(for 3 years)

10+2 : 65 %

Exams :CBSE 12th, ISC, Tamilnadu 12th


(1 Courses)

INR 15.5 L

(for 5 years)

10+2 : 50 %

Exams :NATA


(1 Courses)

INR 1.65 L

(for 3 years)

10+2 : 60 %

Exams :CBSE 12thTamilnadu 12th


(1 Courses)

INR 6.92 L

(for 4 years)

10+2 : 60 %

Exams :UCEED

Admission Process of VIT Vellore

The admission process of VIT Vellore involves several steps that prospective students need to follow. Here is an overview of the admission process at VIT Vellore:

1. Eligibility Criteria:

  • Candidates must have passed the 10+2 or equivalent examination from a recognized board with a minimum aggregate of 60% in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics/Biology.
  • For B.Tech programs, candidates must have appeared for the VITEEE (VIT Engineering Entrance Examination). For other programs, admission is based on merit or through national-level entrance exams like JEE Main or relevant qualifying exams.

2. Application Form:

  • Candidates need to fill out the online application form available on the official VIT Vellore website.
  • Required details such as personal information, educational background, and choice of program need to be provided.
  • Application fees need to be paid online as per the instructions provided.

3. Slot Booking (for VITEEE):

  • For B.Tech aspirants appearing for the VITEEE, after the application form submission, they need to book their exam slot.
  • The slot booking process allows candidates to select a preferred date and time to appear for the VITEEE examination.

4. Admit Card:

  • Once the slot booking is completed, candidates can download their admit cards from the official website.
  • Admit cards contain essential details such as exam date, time, and venue.

5. Entrance Examination:

  • Candidates appearing for the VITEEE need to take the online or offline examination as per their chosen slot.
  • The exam consists of multiple-choice questions in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology, and English.

6. Counseling and Seat Allotment:

  • Based on the VITEEE rank or merit in other entrance exams, candidates are called for counseling sessions.
  • During counseling, candidates can choose their preferred program and campus based on availability and their rank/merit.
  • Seat allotment is done based on the candidate's choice and availability of seats.

7. Document Verification and Admission:

  • Shortlisted candidates need to attend the document verification process, where they must present their original documents for verification.
  • Once the verification is complete, candidates need to pay the admission fees to confirm their seat and secure admission to VIT Vellore.

It is important for prospective students to regularly check the official VIT Vellore website for updates and specific instructions related to the admission process.

Highly Qualified Faculty

Parents prioritize institutions with experienced and competent faculty members. VIT-Vellore stands out in this aspect, boasting a pool of highly qualified professors and industry experts. The faculty members bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom, fostering an environment conducive to learning and skill development. Their mentorship and guidance contribute significantly to students' academic growth and overall development.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

An atmosphere that is favourable to learning is greatly influenced by the infrastructure. VIT-Vellore has invested significantly in state-of-the-art infrastructure, including advanced research facilities,  modern classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, and libraries stocked with extensive academic resources. The institution also provides students with access to cutting-edge technology, ensuring they are well-prepared for the evolving industry landscape.

The 372 acres of the university campus are spread out widely. The institution offers a variety of amenities. Facilities are available for staff members and students at VIT Vellore. Boys' and girls' dorms are located in distinct buildings within the university. That includes - 18 hostels for boys students and 6 hostels for accommodation of girls students. Students can stay in single, double, triple, and other shared rooms in the hostels.

The campus also has a contemporary gym and a library with plenty of resources. Additionally, VIT Vellore provides cutting-edge technologically advanced contemporary classrooms. Students have access to both indoor and outdoor athletic facilities on campus. The list of amenities of VIT Vellore also includes a canteen, medical centre, theatre, and swimming pool, guest house and transportation services. 

A six-story structure houses VIT Vellore's main library. It occupies 7770 square metres of space. At the campus, students may discover books, journals, research papers, publications, etc.

Research and Innovation Opportunities

For parents who value research and innovation, VIT-Vellore offers numerous opportunities. The institution actively promotes research activities and encourages students to engage in innovative projects. 

Parents appreciate the exposure their children receive through participation in national and international conferences, workshops, and research collaborations. These experiences help students develop critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a competitive edge in their respective fields.

Placements and Industry Connections

Ensuring future employability is a significant concern for parents when choosing an educational institution. VIT-Vellore has an exemplary track record of placements, with reputed companies visiting the campus for recruitment drives. The institution's strong industry connections and dedicated placement cell facilitate internships and job opportunities for students. This instills confidence in parents that their children will have a smooth transition from education to a successful career.

VIT Vellore has been consistently setting records of campus placements amongst private institutions in India. The university's main goal has been to produce graduates who are capable of handling the working standards of industry and commerce in both the public and private sectors. VIT is recognized as an A-grade institution by TCS and is also accredited by reputed employers like TCS, Ericsson, Cognizant, Wipro, etc.

VIT Vellore has over 400 recruiters from Core Engineering and Software companies who visit each year.

Here is a brief list of VIT's top recruiters over the last five years:

  • Adobe system
  • Amazon
  • Barclays
  • Delloitte
  • D.E. Shaw
  • Honda
  • General Electricals (GE)
  • HCL
  • Honeywell
  • HP – R&D
  • KPMG
  • Oracle
  • PayPal
  • PWC
  • Schlumberger
  • Texas Instruments

Accenture, Cognizant and Wipro are the heaviest recruiters from VIT. In 2016 itself, Accenture offered 969 students a job, from VIT. This number was 452 for Cognizant.

The LIMCA Book of Records also lists VIT as having the most placements of any single firm.

Over the years, professional recruiters at VIT have placed candidates in:

  • 2012-13 -Accenture(1492), Cognizant(803) and Wipro(1308)
  • 2013-14 -Accenture(1688), Cognizant(1084) and Wipro(1162)
  • 2014-15 -Accenture(1324), Cognizant(1911), Infosys(1452) & Wipro(1141)

Notable Alumni

Another reason for the popularity of the VIT Vellore among parents is that it has produced leaders, technocrats, entrepreneurs, researchers and global managers. 

Some of the most notable alumni from VIT include:

  • Mr. Malcolm Carvalho - Problem Solver and Software Engineer at NAPA
  • Mr. Amit Saple - Senior Software Engineer at Rave Technologies
  • Mr. Arnab Chakravorty - Senior Analyst Programmer at Trigyn Technologies Ltd and a member of International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)
  • Mr. Rushikesh Kale - BPM Software Consultant at Cypress Global Services Inc.
  • Raviraj Yanamandala- President of Geotest Engineering Inc., Texas
  • Chandra Prakash- General Manager- Middle East & Africa, EDMI Meters Ltd., Singapore
  • Krishna Gupta: Founder & CEO of
  • Nishank Magoo: Founder & MD of Multigroce, Multiverse Technologies
  • Vivek Gupta: VP- Business, Delhivery
  • Sambasivan- COO & Head of Operations, Deutsche Bank, Jakarta, Indonesia

Holistic Development and Extracurricular Activities 

Parents understand the importance of holistic development, beyond academic excellence. VIT-Vellore places a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities, sports, clubs, and cultural events. The institution provides a platform for students to explore their talents, develop leadership skills, and foster a well-rounded personality. Parents appreciate the institution's commitment to nurturing not only the intellectual growth but also the overall personality development of their children.

Safe and Nurturing Campus Environment

Safety and security are paramount concerns for parents when selecting an educational institution. VIT-Vellore ensures a safe and inclusive campus environment. The institution maintains strict security measures and a proactive anti-ragging policy. The presence of dedicated student support services, counseling facilities, and an approachable faculty further reassures parents about their children's well-being.

Future At VIT Vellore

The future at VIT Vellore is filled with immense possibilities and opportunities for students. With a strong focus on academic excellence, industry relevance, and research, VIT Vellore prepares students for successful careers and leadership roles. The institution's robust industry connections, global exposure, and entrepreneurship support foster a culture of innovation and provide students with a competitive edge. 

Additionally, the vibrant campus life and supportive alumni network contribute to a holistic development experience. In essence, the future at VIT Vellore is bright, promising growth, and paving the way for a rewarding professional journey. 


VIT-Vellore has emerged as a preferred choice for parents seeking quality education and holistic development opportunities for their children. The institution's commitment to academic excellence, highly qualified faculty, state-of-the-art infrastructure, research and innovation prospects, strong industry connections, and emphasis on holistic development create a compelling case for parents to choose VIT-Vellore. 

The nurturing campus environment and focus on student well-being further add to its appeal. By understanding the reasons why parents choose VIT-Vellore, prospective students and their families can make informed decisions about their educational journey.


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