Mop-Up Round, Stray Vacancy and Spot Round Admissions in B.Tech and Medical


What are Mop-Up Round and Spot Round Admissions in B.Tech and Medical?


Mop-up round is that round of interviews that come into the picture when all the other rounds are done. Mainly, this round is conducted for the seats that were left by some students due to their respective reasons left vacant. This round is conducted after all the rounds of admission.

On the other side, Spot round admission is a process that provides on-the-spot admission to candidates who are looking for provisional admission at authorized Universities.

Admission through both types of rounds can be conducted for admissions in both B.Tech and Medical courses.

So, if you want to learn the in-depth details of revised counselling norms for the coming session and eligibility for the mop-up round & spot round. Then this article is for you.

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An In-depth Knowledge: Mop-Up Round and Spot Round in B.Tech and Medical
Mop-up rounds and Spot round is interactive platforms that help candidates to take admission in their willing courses in institutes.

In this article, we discuss the Mop-up and spot round in B.Tech and Medical separately. So, you will get a better idea of both the rounds individually for two major courses.
Mop-Up Round in B.Tech
As we already brief the Mop-up round is for filling the vacant seats that have been left out after the rounds. It happens when students leave their previously occupied seats due to some personal reasons and that seat becomes vacant.

: In the Mop-up round participation for the students is optional.
: Mop-up round is payable. Therefore, if any candidate wants to appear in the Mop-up round must consciously register for it and should pay a requested fee. After that, his/her willingness to participate in the round has been confirmed. Once a candidate confirms the presence, the decision cannot be reversed.
: The purpose of the Mop-up round for the candidate is to revise their choices of institutes/branches if they wish.
: Remember that, if a candidate selected a new seat in the Mop-up round then the earlier seat that was assigned to his/her is automatically cancelled. Later, the candidate can never claim his/her earlier seatback.

On contrary, if the candidate does not get any allotment in the Mop-Up round, in that case, his/her present seat will remain valid if he/she had completed all necessary admission processes and obtained a Physical Reporting Receipt.

That’s why, when such candidates select their choices in the Mop-Up round, the institute/course where he/she has already completed admission does not appear in the list of choices.

In fact, in various state-level entrance exams, the state council gives the students a date to leave their seats without paying a fine. So the remaining empty seats are allotted to students.

Basically, there are only a few seats left like that. So this round is mainly considered as a wind-up round of all the seats and to finish the counselling.

Once you got the allotment of seats in the mop-up round, you can't leave it. You have to take admission to it.
Eligibility to participate in Mop-up in B.Tech
The group of candidates that are eligible to participate in the Mop-Up round is as follows -

(i) Those who verified all their documents for admission in Round 1.
(ii) Those who completed their admission in Round 2.
(iii) Also, those who did not finish their admission in Round 2.
(iv) Participants whose category has been changed in round 2 due to document verification.
(v) Those who submitted the seat acceptance fee but anyhow failed to report for document verification in Round 2.
(vi) Those who did not get any allotment in Round 1 or 2.
Process for Mop-up Round in B.Tech
The process for admission in all the above-mentioned conditions is as follows -

* Those who completed admission in Round 1 or Round 2:

 If candidate verified their documents but did not get any new allotment then they must continue with the institute to where they have taken admitted.
 In case, they get a new allotment, they must complete the procedure of the new institute’s admission and collect a Physical Reporting Receipt.

 Those who did not complete admission in Round 2 and Those whose category has been changed due to document verification in Round 2:

If they get an allotment in the Mop-Up round, they must complete the admission procedure of the allotted institute and collect the Physical Reporting Receipt.
Those who already paid fees for seat acceptance but failed to verify their documents in Round 2 then get an allotment in the Mop-Up round, they must report to the institute for document verification and if documents are accepted, complete the admission process, and collect the receipt of the report.

Those who did not get any allotment in Round 1 or 2 but got an allotment in the Mop-Up Round

First of all, the candidate must pay the fees for the seat acceptance and download the allotment letter. After that, the candidate will report to the institute for physical verification of documents. Once the documents are accepted, he/she must complete the admission process and collect the Physical Reporting Receipt.
Spot Round in B.Tech
SPOT Round admission is the counselling process that provides on-the-spot admission to those candidates who are looking for provisional admission at authorized Universities.

Several universities conducted Spot round admission for the students. Spot admission in a B. Tech college refers to the on-the-spot admission that is done.

This process is conducted when the admission process is completed and the seats are left behind. But to get the spot admission, you need to follow the eligibility criteria of the specific university.

Importantly, the first point of the eligibility criteria for the spot round is the physical presence of the candidate.
Mop-Up Round in Medical
Last year i.e. 2021, MCC started four rounds of counselling in medical admissions. Among these four rounds, the third round is known as the mop-up round.

Mop-up round of counselling which is technically the third round of medical counselling is conducted when the seats remain vacant after the counselling of the first and second phases.
Therefore, the purpose of this round is to fill the vacant seats after the second round of counselling. And all remaining seats for whatever reason get filled in this round of counselling.

Mop-up round is only for those students who have not been admitted earlier by any of the medical colleges and have their original documents on the day of counseling.
As many of us are aware of the fact that in medicine there are two types of counseling:

1) All India Level Counselling- All India level counseling is conducted by Medical Counselling Committee (MCC). In this level of counseling, there are 15% seats available for candidates. The participation for the availability of seats is from all Government colleges of India, all central universities, and all deemed universities.

All India-level counseling is conducted by the Directorate General of Health Sciences (DGHS) on behalf of the Medical Counselling Committee.

2) State-Level Counselling - State-level counseling reserves quota that comprises 85% medical seats of all Government medical colleges of the state as well as 100 % seats of all private colleges & Universities of the respective states.

After the completion of the first two rounds of medical counseling, the candidates who would not be allotted a seat in medical will proceed to the Mop-up round.

The candidates who would get a seat among any of the courses of their choice that includes MBBS, BDS, and BSc Nursing courses then they proceed for the Mop-up round.

The Mop-up round is the last chance to redeem their chance of medical admission. In this article, we bring to you a detailed account of the medical counseling mop-up round.
Eligibility to participate in Mop-up in Medical

As per the latest norms all the students and candidates who have qualified in the medical entrance exam, are eligible for the counseling session of the mop-up round. But there is a condition that only if they have not joined any seat allotted from all India Quota /state level counseling.

Before planning to register for the medical mop-up round counseling, candidates must have fulfilled the following criteria:

  • Candidates who had registered in Round 2 and exited with forfeiture of fees.
  • Candidates who did not receive an allotment of a seat in Round 2.
  • Candidates who secured a seat under reserved quota and whose second round of allotted seats got canceled during the document verification on reporting for admission.
  • Candidates who had reported at the allotted institute during the second round of allotment submitted willingness for mop-up round-up-gradation as Yes.

Eligible candidates have to submit fresh choices and the result will be processed as per choice and merit.

Note: Some states do not allow registration in 2nd round and mop-up round of counseling. Thus, in such a case, students are advised to do registration in the first round of counseling only.
Process for Mop-up Round in Medical

The process of medical Mop-up round counseling registration process had to be done online. By going through the official website of the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) or any other committee that would be involved in that counseling.

Before the choice-filling process, the counseling committee released the program-wise seat vacancy list based on the net vacant seats due to non-joining and non-reporting of Round 2.

Eligible candidates have to submit fresh choices and the result will be processed as per Choice & Merit.

Step by step procedure to register for a Mop-up round in medical is given below:

  • Candidates need to visit the official website of the medical counseling committee.
  • Click on the tab indicating medical Counselling followed by the ‘Online Registration tab.
  • Enter your required details such as name, personal details, registration number, academic details, and the details mentioned on their medical result.
  • Pay the medical registration fee through debit/credit card/net banking/UPI modes.

Documents required for mop-up round medical counseling

Following are the documents that must be required if you got in the Mop-up round

  • Birth Certificate
  • Category Certificate (If Applicable)
  • Passport size photograph
  • Marksheets of High School & Intermediate
  • Passing Certificate of High School & Intermediate
  • Identity Proof
  • Admit Card
  • Rank Card
  • Provisional Allotment Letter

Spot Round in Medical
As the term itself says that Spot Round in medical is on-the-spot admission.
Any seat/s falling vacant in the medical counselling will be added to these seats which means added to spot round counselling. Therefore, the number of seats indicated against each discipline is provisional and may vary at the time of offline counselling.

The allocation of seats in the spot round will be made strictly as per the rank/merit of candidates in the medical entrance examination. Apart from that, other terms and conditions related to the eligibility criteria of the spot round are mentioned in the prospectus of that particular exam.
After going through this article you must understand what we need to do for the Mop-up round and spot round in and medical.

If you are not getting any medical college through all-India medical counselling or state counselling, you should definitely go in for a mop-up round. You can follow this process for both AIIMS and NEET in the hope to get a seat because there is no harm in trying to achieve something.

It’s better than dropping or taking some other course that you try one last time for your dream. So just don’t lose hope and 100% go in for mop-up because it takes no time for a miracle to happen and yes they do happen in the mop-up round.

So believe in yourself and go in for counselling. Lastly, all the best and don’t get depressed even if you don’t get a seat. Just remain 100% determined and start off. And finally, be happy with what you get even if it’s a drop because all things happen for a reason god must have a lot for you in life just don’t lose hope.


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