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NEET PG DAMS vs DrBhatia vs Marrow vs Prepladder

NEET PG: DAMS vs DrBhatia vs Marrow vs Prepladder


When aspiring to pursue a postgraduate medical degree in India, the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for Postgraduate (NEET PG) is the gateway to a plethora of opportunities. However, preparing for NEET PG requires a well-structured strategy and the right study materials. Among the many options available, DAMS, Dr. Bhatia, Marrow, and Prepladder have emerged as popular choices for NEET PG preparation. 

In this comprehensive comparison, we'll delve into the features, pros, and cons of each, helping you make an informed choice for your NEET PG journey.

DAMS (Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences)

Delhi  Academy of Medical Science (DAMS) is a very well known institute for PG Medical Entrance Education. The institute is recognized for its exemplary foresight and expertise acuity. It is the number 1 coaching institute for PG medical entrance examinations NEET PG pattern, AIIMS, PGI, UPSC, DNB & MCI screening. 

It offers specialised courses created by professionals in their respective professions, led by Dr. Sumer Sethi, a radiologist who previously topped AIPG and AIIMS. The institute guarantees to equip its students with the best materials for PG entrance exams. The institute with a drive for excellence is continually upgrading itself, but its pledge to attain the final objective remains intact. DAMS routinely outperforms the competition and has the greatest success percentage in the PG Medical Entrance Exam.


Expert Faculty: DAMS is renowned for its faculty, which consists of experienced and qualified instructors who provide comprehensive coaching. Their expertise ensures students receive quality guidance.

Study Material: DAMS offers well-structured and comprehensive study materials and notes to help students gain a strong grasp of the subject matter. The study materials are designed to cover the entire NEET PG syllabus.

Regular Tests: DAMS conducts frequent tests, including grand tests that simulate the actual NEET PG examination. These assessments help students gauge their progress and identify areas of improvement.


  • Faculty – DAMS, like all other online and offline coaching schools, has a professional techer for each topic. All the teachers are experts in their field and they are excellent teachers and many of them are authors of well-known text books too. Teachers are very engaging through the DAMS Facebook group, and they also interact a lot during live classes.
  • Lectures – DAMS provides offline lectures at several locations around India. Expert faculty conduct lectures, and the course is covered in the first six months of the year. The frequency of lectures is every week and three or four days are reserved for the live classes i.e, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Every week one subject is covered.
  • Study Material – Study material provided by DAMS is very – very extensive through both offline and online portal which is not good news and so students have to be very wise regarding choosing the sources for studying for NEET PG. Faculty members and a team of previous year toppers create the material. Notes, Question bank, Previous year papers, Flash cards, DAMS DVT, and many more minor and major courses are accessible on both offline and online platforms. In short, DAMS has enough study material.
  • Student Support – DAMS provides excellent student assistance in the form of question answering via the DAMS Facebook group and by professors during live offline courses.


  • Cost: DAMS' courses can be relatively costly compared to other options. The premium quality of coaching is reflected in the fees.
  • Limited Centers: DAMS has a limited number of centers, which might not be easily accessible to all students. It's essential to check if there is a DAMS center near your location.
  • Classes –It is nearly hard to cover a single subject in three days or less. This is, in my opinion, a colossal miscalculation. One topic takes years to learn, and no one in this world can teach a subject in three days. At the same time, it is impractical to study constantly for 12 - 14 hours. This is not learning, but I like to refer to it as Donkey Labour. One alternative to live classes is the online video lectures for every subject which can be watched when and where required by the student.
  • Many of my colleagues and juniors, as well as myself, have often complained about protracted, pointless classes. This is why I dropped out of DAMS after only a few lessons.
  • Faculty – All the faculties are extremely good teachers and demonstrators with an inimitable in depth knowledge about the subject. However, a few professors are known for incorporating commercial ideas into coaching and misinforming pupils about study approaches. They mislead pupils into mindlessly following their study material, which is no better than a blog post on the internet, implying that it is simply another piece of knowledge. Dr. Sumer Sethi is one of these infamous lecturers who frequently demotivates students to follow his not-so-good notes and discourages them from reading Review Books produced by National Level Faculty. He is frequently misinformed about practically everything.
  • Study material – The study material provided by DAMS is very extensive and very disorganized. One cannot mindmap the stuff since one does not comprehend the category of themes. The DAMS notes are without a doubt the worst I've ever seen. I could definitely have done better if I had not followed DAMS notes for 2 – 3 subjects. The online platform of DAMS, the eMedicoz app often malfunctions a lot. It contains certain stuff that is never useful to NEET PG preparation. That gives a disgusting feeling while using the app. Zero user experience taken care of.
  • Interviews of Toppers – I strongly believe that the interviews are 80% a lie and only 20% are true whatever is told by the toppers. Never ever rely on the strategy of the “so called interviews of toppers”. They are initially educated on how to speak in an interview, and you know what they will say about the institute.

Dr. Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute:

DBMCI is a particularly formed cohesive force of outstanding educationists with extensive expertise instructing thousands of PG Entrance test applicants. Since 1996. DBMCI is the first centre in India to begin PG Entrance Exam (PGEE) lessons. DBMCI is a first-of-its-kind modern methodology-based institution for preparing serious and dedicated aspirants to take on the challenges of medical exams. Our experience, expertise, and in-depth understanding of examination trends over the years have been thoroughly blended with the demands of today's students to create DBMCI, a first-of-its-kind modern methodology-based institution for preparing serious and dedicated aspirants to take on the challenges of medical exams.

DBMCI, the pioneer in this discipline, has spread its wings throughout India. The ideology of DBMI is to provide the students with all possible inputs to make them realize their true potential and further enhance it to touch the highest levels of excellence.

The key factor of this organization lies in the full-time dedication of our faculty in different streams, thoroughly upgraded know-how and techniques evolved by them in making even the most difficult concepts crystal clear. Our full-time faculty has worked tirelessly to answer the most complex topics in the most clear way possible.

The vision of DBMCI organization lies in providing quality education in the easiest possible way, which can motivate the spirits of even an average student in developing the conviction. Recognizing the fact that the needs of aspirants are diverse, although they share a common goal of qualifying the PG entrance exams, they have planned a number of courses to meet their needs. The courses, as indicated, can be taken separately or in a proper mix to best supplement your efforts towards the final goal.


Online and Offline Coaching: Dr. Bhatia's coaching is versatile, offering both online and offline modes of learning. This flexibility caters to students with varying preferences.

Comprehensive Notes: Dr. Bhatia provides well-organized and comprehensive study notes. These materials are aimed at helping students understand complex medical concepts.

Personalized Guidance: Students enrolled in Dr. Bhatia's coaching receive personalized guidance and mentorship from experienced instructors. This individual attention can be beneficial for students who require extra support.

Facilities at Dr. Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute

  •  Printed Notes
  •  Test Series
  •  Distance Learning Program
  •  Doubt Sessions
  •  Periodic Performance Tests
  •  Online Lectures
  •  Classrooms > 5
  •  Counselling
  •  Hostel
  •  Entrance Exam
  •  E-learning Material
  •  Library
  •  Cafe
  •  Question Banks


  • Online Options: Dr. Bhatia's online courses have a broad reach, making it accessible to students across India. The adaptability of online learning is a big benefit.
  • Conceptual Clarity: Dr. Bhatia's coaching is known for its emphasis on building a strong foundation and achieving conceptual clarity, which is essential for success in NEET PG.
  • Faculty – DBMCI, like any other institute, has experts in each area for each subject. Faculties are God like figures in this instiute like Dr. Thameem Saif for Medicine, Dr. Ashwani Kumar for Anatomy, Dr. Rajat for Radiology to name a few. They provide pupils their phone numbers for engagement and problem solving.Teachers are very engaging through the DBMCI Facebook page, and they also interact a lot during live classes.
  • Lectures – DBMCI is distinguished by its succinct and well-organized notes for each subject, which are created by students during live courses. So live classes, even if they have short duration of three days or so for a single subject seem enough for the size of notes taken down from the classes. And yes, this much amount of notes is enough to crack any entrance exam if used properly.Another fantastic aspect of DBMCI is the satellite sessions, which are even better than live classes because they are spread out across one week for short topics and two weeks for lengthy subjects. As a result, the knowledge of the satellite classes is more in depth, and note taking is more efficient and thorough because there is no rush.
  • Study Material – In terms of class notes, DBMCI has a strong collection of subject-specific notes. However, when it comes to the DBMCI question bank, it fails miserably because to the doubtful validity that becomes apparent while studying the books offered, which is further exacerbated by a number of printing errors in these volumes.
  • Online question bank is just awesome as there are very relevant questions with their full in depth explanation which is easy to understand. In conclusion, online study material is unparalleled in terms of quality, but offline study material is quite poor and unsuitable for the demands of a NEET PG applicant.
  • Student Support – The DBMCI student support is excellent, as there is a dedicated DBMCI account on Facebook that responds to student queries in a timely manner. Moreover, the faculty of DBMCI is also rapid in answering the questions on facebook DBMCI group. Teachers frequently provide pupils with their phone numbers and email addresses so that they can reach them as needed.

Cons of DBMCI coaching

  • Study Material – Offline study materials, such as question books and subject-specific publications, are riddled with technical and printing errors, leaving the reader irritated and raising concerns about the source's validity. Sometimes it feels that study material provided by DBMCI is high quality but not complete. We miss a lot of topics.
  • Lectures – Live courses are not offered in every city where a Medical College is located. Overall, DBMCI is a fantastic coaching institute, and I took the test and discussion course, as well as satellite sessions, and I improved my NEET PG 2019 rank from 30,000 to 2300 in NEET PG 2020.
  • Cost: The cost of Dr. Bhatia's courses can be on the higher side, especially for the full packages. However, the quality of coaching justifies the pricing.
  • Mixed Reviews: Some students have reported varying experiences with Dr. Bhatia's coaching. It's advisable to research and read reviews to understand the experiences of past students.


Marrow is India's most popular online learning platform for physicians and medical students. Marrow's purpose is to provide aspiring NEET PG aspirants with chosen, dependable, and concept-based test preparation resources to help them ace the exam.

Marrow was able to reach almost 65% of the student base and earn the top 20 rankings thanks to a strong peer-reviewed preparatory program and academic expert panel.

Marrow hopes to expand this range and raise success rates by a factor of two. This necessitates not just comprehensive courseware but also a dependable payment structure to facilitate resource procurement.

Marrow's study materials for doctors and students mostly consist of question banks, online test series, and videos. Then, using these resources, multiple carefully selected packages are created. A package is purchased that best fulfills the needs of a medical student or NEET PG candidate.


  • High-Quality Video Lectures: Marrow is recognized for its high-quality video lectures delivered by experienced doctors. These video lectures cover the NEET PG syllabus comprehensively.
  • Regular Assessments: Marrow provides students with regular assessments, including topic-wise tests and full-length mock tests. These assessments are designed to help students practice and gauge their readiness for the actual examination.
  • Mobile App: Marrow offers a user-friendly mobile app that allows students to study on the go. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for those who prefer mobile learning.
  • Faculty with extensive knowledge and professionalism.
  • 700+ hours of master lessons.
  • Learning is made simple and interesting by using concept revision and picture discussion films.
  • 72 Grand Tests and 189 Special Tests.
  • The number of MCQs based on the new design exceeds 18500.
  • Regularly updating the app to reflect changes in test style or content.
  • Users have the option to customize the MCQ modules to suit their needs.


Video Lectures: The video lectures provided by Marrow are highly regarded for their clarity and depth. They help students understand complex medical concepts.

Affordability: Marrow offers a range of packages to suit different budgets. The availability of various packages ensures affordability.


Limited Study Material: Some students find that the study materials provided by Marrow are relatively limited in comparison to other coaching providers.

Technical Issues: As with many mobile apps, Marrow's mobile app might experience occasional technical glitches. While this is a minor issue, it's something to be aware of.

Marrow plans & Cost

The Marrow application provides three main plans: Plans A, B, and C.






Plan A's Tests Series grants you access to Grand Tests and Recall. 

Mock tests, mini tests, and subject tests from previous years.

In addition to the Tests Series, you will get special access to Pearls.


For 12 Months, it costs Rs. 10999/-

For 18 Months, it costs, Rs. 13999/-.






Q-Bank and Test series are part of Plan B.

The 18,000 MCQs in the Q-Bank were carefully selected, and they are high-yielding and often updated.

You will get access to the Custom Module, Previous Years' Question Papers, and Pearls with Related MCQs modules.


For 3 Months Rs. 6999/-.

For 6 Months Rs. 13999/-.

For 12 Months, Rs. 18999/-

For 18 Months, Rs. 23999/-.



It includes Videos, Q-Bank, Test Series, and 850+ hours of video classes.

Plan C's videos are organised such that you comprehend the key ideas in each area before learning facts.


Plan C costs Rs. 16999/- for three months.

For 6 Months, it costs Rs. 29999/-

For 12 Months, it costs Rs. 34999/-

For 18 Months, it costs Rs. 47999/-

For 24 Months, it costs Rs. 50999/-

For 36 Months, it costs Rs. 65999/-


In 2015, Deepanshu Goyal launched PrepLadder, the biggest online learning platform in India. PrepLadder, which specialises in UPSC IAS examinations, provides exam preparation tools and education services.

The notes are brief and cannot be changed. All of the complex features, such as Custom Module, Treasures, and Detailed Explanations, have significantly improved Q-bank.

Dermatology, psychiatry, anesthesia, and orthopedics are the simplest disciplines to read notes on since they are concise. Even important subjects like surgery and medicine have been conceptually covered.

PrepLadder offers medical students prepare for competitive medical examinations courses with relevant, high-quality information. Prepladder has emerged as a great online resource for PG Entrance Exams.

With each new iteration, it keeps improving and evolving everything, from the faculties to the prepared notes. Q-banks to the corresponding explanations.

The treasures and upgrades are quite useful for any new knowledge and crucial ideas. The content in the video courses is simple and straightforward. Try out the new Q-bank; it's worth it.

Let's get into the specifics of each app's features, programmes, cost structure, pros and disadvantages, instructor list, and student evaluations so you can decide which one is best for you.


  • Conceptual Approach: Prepladder's coaching is based on a conceptual approach to learning. The emphasis is on understanding concepts rather than rote memorization. This approach is considered valuable for NEET PG preparation.
  • Extensive Question Bank: Prepladder offers an extensive question bank, allowing students to practice a wide range of questions and assess their preparation. The question bank contains questions of varied complexity.
  • Affordable Options: Prepladder is known for its cost-effective courses, making it accessible to a broad range of students. Their courses come in various price ranges, catering to different budgets.
  • Extensive reading and practice materials.
  • The notes are brief.
  • Infographics, charts, and diagrams promote learning easier.
  • A Custom Module simplifies practicing.
  • Blogs and news articles about the medical field.
  • Regular updates and exam reminders.
  • The prep store offers the ability to order a greater selection of books and study materials.
  • Complete and clinically oriented notes featuring high-quality images.

Fees Structure

The Early Bird Offer is valid for 9 months + 60 days, with a starting price of Rs. 24,990. Medical PG costs Rs. 40399/- per year.

The short-term extension plans cost 3,000, 5,000, 7,000, 8,000, and 12,000 rupees for one month, two months, three months, four months, and six months, respectively.

The long-term extension plans cost Rs. 13,500, Rs. 16,500, Rs. 18,500, and Rs. 21,100 for 9 months, 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months, respectively.


Affordability: Prepladder's courses are budget-friendly, making them an attractive choice for students who want quality coaching at an affordable price.

Question Bank: The availability of a vast question bank is highly regarded among students for practice and self-assessment.


Limited Offline Presence: Prepladder's physical coaching centers are limited to specific cities. This could be a limitation if you prefer in-person coaching and do not have a Prepladder center nearby.

Variable Feedback: While many students appreciate Prepladder's approach and course quality, some have provided mixed feedback. It's essential to research and consider individual reviews.

In conclusion

Selecting the right NEET PG coaching provider from DAMS, Dr. Bhatia, Marrow, and Prepladder depends on your individual preferences, budget, and the specific teaching methods that resonate with you. To make an informed decision, consider exploring demo classes or sample materials to get a feel for each provider's approach. 

Also, think about factors like faculty expertise, course affordability, and your comfort with the mode of instruction (online or offline). Whichever coaching provider you choose, remember that success in NEET PG ultimately hinges on your dedication, hard work, and consistent effort.

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