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Best Sports Management Degree

Topic We Cover: Best Sports Management Degree

1. What does a Sports Management course teach?
2. Popular Sports Management Degree

  • Bachelors of Sports Management [BSM]
  • Master of Business Administration [MBA] in Sports Management

3. Top Diploma & Certificate courses in Sports Management in India
4. Top Degree Programs in Sports Management
5. Top 5 Institutes offering Sports Management courses in India
6. Best 6 International Colleges offering MBA in Sports Management
7. Top 15 Recruiters in Sports Management
8. Summing up

In India, Sports Management is almost new concept taught in very few institutes across the nation. Sports and games are essential for the holistic growth of the individual. At present, several type of sports are played across country and with the passage of time extremely large amounts of money, glamour, name, media attention and fame have become an integral part of any sport.

Presently, Professional Sports Management Companies are growing quickly all across the nation especially in popular cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Hyderabad and the requirement for trained professionals in such companies has also develop manifold. Sports mgmt. is the study of organizing, supervising, and planning several sporting activities like international and domestic tournaments for football, cricket, golf, hockey, and several other games.

To acquire Sports Management Degree is perfect, if you are a lover of sports and like to combine business with it.

What does a Sports Management course teach?

  • The students achieve all-inclusive understanding of the multi-dimensional significance and the value of sport. The candidates would also achieve business skills relating to marketing and entrepreneurship, public relations, which would help them in the administration of inst. engaged in several sporting activities.
  • The students are defined to the techniques and tools of sports administration including those of event mgmt. as well as accustom them with contemporary trends and issues in sport. The sports science section would cover sports psychology, sports medicine, sports therapy, sports physiology, and health promotion.
  • For Managing the Sports Celebrities, media and other officials helps students develop necessary administrative skills.

Sports management degree focuses on the areas as follows:

  • Sports marketing
  • Sponsorship, marketing and merchandise of sports
  • Sports finance & business
  • Sports management policy
  • Communication with the press and media
  • Sponsorship and broadcasting
  • Sports event staging
  • Learn about sports law on contracts and drug use
  • Sports ethics and sports organization

Electives may include Sports Journalism, sports medicine, grassroots sports development, sports entrepreneurship, leagues management etc.

Skillset Required for Sports Courses

Physical fitness

High energy

Passion for sports





Management skills

Time management skills

Sporting spirit

Candidates can pursue a variety of Sports Courses at UG and PG levels such as:

UG Sports Courses

Bachelor of Physical Education

BA Sports Management

BSc Sports Science

Bachelor of Sports Management

BBA Sports Management

BSc Sports and Recreation Management

PG Sports Courses

Master of Physical Education

MSc Sports Coaching

PG Diploma Sports Medicine

PG Diploma Sports Management

MBA Sports Management

Master of Sports Management

Popular Sports Management Degree

Bachelors of Sports Management [BSM]

One of the Most Popular Undergraduate Management Course in sports is Bachelors of Sports Management (BSM), it is a 3-year full-time program. The eligibility criteria for the program is qualifying 12th or equiv. examination with min. 50% marks in Arts Stream. The course is conducted in six semesters, the examination of which is conducted at the end of each term.

On the basis of merit the admission to the program is done. However, in order to seek admission to the course candidates will also have to qualify an Entrance Examination.

Some of the top colleges who offer the program of BSM are as follows:

  • International Inst. of Sports Management (IISM) - Maharashtra
  • University of Mumbai - Mumbai
  • George College – West Bengal
  • Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology
  • National Academy of Sports Management - Maharashtra

BSM is a productive field for all those who like to make their career surrounding sports. The course perfectly deals with the features related to the Field of Business in Sports. Students studying Bachelors of Sports Management (BSM) are introduced to the slight difference belonging to managing finance, sports events, and other information. Candidates are make known with knowledge of various activities involved in Sports. Students are instilled with skills such as data-analysis, time-management, teamwork as well as work independently.

Bachelors of Sports Management (BSM): Course Highlights

Course level



3 years

Examination Type



Qualifying 10+2 with 50% aggregate and above in Arts from a recognized university and qualifying CET entrance examination.

Admission process

Merit and Entrance Based

Course Fee

INR 1.73 to 6.30 Lacs

Average salary

INR 2 to 9 Lacs per annum

Top Recruiting Companies

HCL, Hindustan Times, JCB, CSC India, Wipro, JCB, etc.

Job Positions

Procurement Manager, Sports Instructor, Management Trainee, Sports Department Manager, Sports Nutritionist, Sales Manager, etc.

What is Bachelors of Sports Management (BSM) all about?

Bachelors of Sports Mgmt offers students exposure to the different dimensions involved in Sports as a business. The course illustrates the study of Planning, supervising and conducting sports activities in international and national grounds. They are rendered the general understanding and training for polishing their interpersonal skills, organizing events and entrepreneurship skills. With a global acceleration in the Sports industry, candidates are ready to build their knowledge in selecting a Career in Sports in India as well as across the globe.

The course makes the students agile to unfurl growing prospects in the sports sector as well as gain an in-depth understanding of the business surrounding it. Candidates are introduced to subjects like promotion of sports events, sales, arranging events, Sponsoring sports events, basic knowledge related to Sports Medicine and Nutrition, rules, and regulations of Training, etc. making the students proficient enough to opt for Masters in Sports Management and Ph.D. in the field. They are also skilled in other areas such as preparing presentation, writing and oral skills giving them a professional outlook towards the profession they take up.

Bachelors of Sports Mgmt (BSM) curriculum is segregated into theory and practice. The theoretical part includes classroom lectures, presentations, report writings building on students research and data analyzing abilities. On the other hand, students are given an intrinsic view of the subjects through projects generated on topics as suggested by the faculty. The curriculum also includes seminars, guest lectures by experts in sports field as well as industrial visits. Students gain a combine study of the multi-dimensional significance of sports acquainting them with the PR, managing advanced sports issues, and about entrepreneurship.

In the coming years sports has been gaining much limelight, the field of BSM has generated a lot of eminence. It lays grounds for candidates to make their Career in the Area of Sports and its different fields. One of the prime goals of the program is showing the students a lane for making their career in sports, helping them in polishing their proficiency in the selected field and aiding them in becoming professionals in managing sports from the business point of view.

Top Colleges & Institutes of Bachelors of Sports Management (BSM)

Institution Name


Avg. Course Fee (in INR)

Maulana A.K.A. Univ. of Tech.

West Bengal


George College

West Bengal


International Institute of Sports Management (IISM) 



Syamaprasad Institute of Technology and Management – SITM

West Bengal


University of Mumbai



Jai Hind College



National Academy of Sports Management



The University of Technology and Management



Alagappa University

Tamil Nadu


The Centurion University of Technology and Management



Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Science

New Delhi


Inst. of Social Welfare and Buss. Mgmt.

West Bengal


Bachelors of Sports Management (BSM): Eligibility

For Admission to Bachelors of Sports Management (BSM) the eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Those who have completed their 10+2 or equivalent examination in Arts stream with 50% marks from a recognized university are eligible for admission.
  • Some of the colleges may conduct entrance examination in addition to calculating the class 12th percentage.

Admission Process for Bachelors of Sports Management (BSM) 

Bachelors of Sports Management (BSM) course admission process differ from institution to institution. The Basic Eligibility for Admission to the program is clearing class 10+2 with 50% aggregate in Arts stream passing through a recognized university. Some colleges offer direct admission based on the percentage obtained in Class 12th. However, some colleges may consider the marks obtained in the entrance examination conducted for the examination.

Application forms can be downloaded through the official website of the college/ university or collect the same from the College Institution in person along with the prospectus. All important information regarding the admission dates, merit list and those concerning admission will be notified on the official website of the college/ university or notified through email.

Bachelors of Sports Management (BSM): Syllabus

Bachelors of Sports Management allows candidates to acquisition a comprehensive detailing of sports and the various dimensions related to sports and its management. The primary focus of the course is generating in candidates the competence and acumen to manage other businesses related to sports.

The Syllabus of BSM consists of topics such as Contemporary Issues in Sports, Basic Statistics, Ethics of Sports, Principles of Leadership in Sports, Financial Accounting, Advertising, Marketing Management, Public Relations and Sponsorship of Sports, and much more. It also includes preparation of projects on managing sports events, viva, and polishing public speaking skills. Candidates will have to go through summer internship during their third year.

Following is the syllabus followed by most of the universities and colleges mentioned below:

Semester I

Semester II

Financial Accounting

Marketing Management

Business Law

Sports Organization & Administration 

Sports Facility & Event Mgmt

Industrial Law

Business Communication – I

Business Communication -II

Foundation Course in Physical Education 1

Foundation Course in Physical Education 2

Foundation of Human Skills

Business Environment

Business Economics – I

Principles of Management

Semester III

Semester IV

Sports HRM

Sports Marketing

Sports Law

Sports Financial Management

IT in Business Management – I

IT in Business Management – II

Environmental Management

Business Economics-II

Business Statistics

Business Research Methods

Accounting for Managerial Decisions

Production & Total Quality Management

Marketing Application and Practices

Ethics & Governance

Semester V

Semester VI

Sports Management

Digital Marketing in Sports

Sports Analytics Management

Media marketing in Sports

Sports Sponsorship’s

Public Relations in Sports

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Operation Management

Strategic Management

Entrepreneurship Management

International Business

Business Negotiations

Summer Internship

Project Work – Sports

For different colleges the Syllabus of the program is subject to vary.

Bachelors of Sports Management (BSM) : Career Prospects

Having acquired the needed knowledge and experience about Sports Mgmt., candidates are all ready to be hired as Sports Instructor, Management Trainee, Procurement Manager, Sports Nutritionist, Sales Manager, Corporate Partnership Manager, Marketing Manager, Sports Department Manager, Athletics Director, Athletics Administrators, PR Professionals, Team Managers and much more in areas of Advertising and Sports Companies, Sports Management Industry, PR agencies, Merchandising Companies and much more.

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After the completion of Bachelors of Sports Management (BSM) Program some of the job options chosen by candidates:

Job Profile

Description of  Job

Avg. Salary (in INR) per annum

Sports Instructor

Accountability includes providing training to athletes for matches, tournaments, competitions, and events.

INR 2 to 4 lakhs

Sports Dept. Manager

Managing the day to day activities of sportspersons and athletes.

INR 4 to 6 lakhs

Athletic Admin.

Managing sports programs, events, marketing, fundraising, and overseeing supply chain management.

INR 3 to 6 lakhs

Management Trainee

Responsibility includes carrying out supervisory duties, prepare candidates to become professional managers.

INR 3 to 5 lakhs

Sports Nutritionist

Maintaining athletes fitness and diet regime, preparing diet plans, exercise and building their performance.

INR 2 to 4 lakhs

Procurement Manager

Managing and coordinating with procurement agents, purchasing agents and arrange for purchases.

INR 8 to 9 lakhs

Master of Business Administration [MBA] in Sports Management

MBA in Sports Mgmt is a full-time PG program in Sports. The duration of the course is 2 years which is subject to vary based on the norms prescribed by different institutions and universities. The eligibility criteria of the program is successfully completing 3 years of Bachelor’s degree in the relevant field with a min. aggregate of 50% marks and above from a recognized univ. The course is covered in the form of semesters conducted over a span of 6 months each.

Some top colleges who offer the Program of MBA in Sports Mgmt. are as follows:

Admission to the course is offered on the basis of Merit obtained in the qualifying examinations. Candidates are required to pass the various state and national entrance test conducted for Admission to MBA such as CAT/ CMAT/ SNAP etc. followed by personal interview and group discussions. The course lays out an opportunity for candidates who have a keen interest in the Field of Sports to explore it from the business point of view. The course reveals candidates to the most recent trends and happenings in the field of sports.

MBA in Sports Mgmt. offers candidates the opportunity to get a comprehensive view of the concepts and theories involved in sports. Candidates are imparted with the knowledge of the field covering different dimensions of study along with rendering them the skills of analyzing and decision making. Candidates who have a keen interest in sports and should be aware of the latest happenings in the field are considered to be apt for the course. In addition, they should have good communication skills both verbal as well as written to manage and carry on meetings related to its management rendering them a greater opportunity on the career front.

In India the avg. program fee charged in the colleges ranges from INR 22,400 to 7.80 lacs. After the successful completion of the program MBA Post Graduates in Sports Management have a wide range of opportunities in the areas of sports, and much more. The avg. salary earned by the candidates ranges from INR 2 to 9 lacs per annum.

MBA in Sports Management: Highlights Table

Course level



2 years

Examination Type



Qualifying 3-years Bachelor’s degree in any relevant discipline 50% from a recognized university/ Entrance examination conducted by universities such as CAT/CMAT/SNAP/MAT, etc/ personal Interview.

Admission process

Merit and Entrance Based

Course Fee

INR 22,400 to 7.80 lacs

Avg. salary

INR 2 to 9 lac per annum

Top Recruiting Companies

Universities, Academics, Educational Institutions, Colleges, etc.

Job Positions

Administrators, Headmasters, Manager, Educational Consultants, etc.

What is MBA Sports Management all about?

Sport is an Emerging Field of Study. For all those who have an interest in Sports field MBA in Sports Mgmt. lays out an opportunity a medium to undergo a detailed study of the subject. By imbibing them the concepts and trends related to sports management the course brings together the principles and norms of sports and business administration. Candidates are given a general accepting of business and marketing combining it with the specific knowledge of sports thereby preparing candidates to tackle work related to the sports field.

MBA in Sports Mgmt Program is introduced into growth in candidates the comprehensive view of business ethics as well as values with the aim of interpretation them a broader perspective of the field. The students are exposed to the concepts and latest trends involved in the field thereby assisting them to develop in themselves the necessary skills. This enables them to give a critical overview of sports management and study from the national and international context. The program provides candidates with a medium to polish their business skills, marketing skills as well as interpersonal skills to make them reach afar in the career.

The curriculum combines together projects and written assessment to make the overall program more effective and engaging. MBA in Sports Mgmt. syllabus for the course consists of topics such as Marketing Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Operations, and much more which is similar to all candidates during the first year. In the second-year candidates will be given an in-depth view of the specialization topic in detail. The course also includes research, seminars, presentations, projects, case studies, discussions, and field study to instill in candidates the knowledge of the subject.

MBA in Sports Mgmt. opens up a broad range of opportunity for candidates to grow their career surrounding the area of sports and activities related to the field. To choose their career the candidates are made proficient in areas having to do with sports which includes Event Management, Media, Franchise Operations, Sports Consultants, etc along with the choice of becoming Professors in Reputed Universities and colleges. The course aims to build the students in becoming professionals in their field for becoming proficient in their career front.

MBA in Sports Management: Top Colleges and Institutes

Institution Name


Avg. Course Fee (in INR)

Institute of Management and Technical Studies (IMTS)

Uttar Pradesh


Symbiosis International University



Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Viswa Mahavidyalaya – (SCSVM)

Tamil Nadu


College of Events and Media (COEM)



Centurion University of Technology and Management (CUTM)



TN Physical Edu. and Sports Univ. (TNPESU)

Tamil Nadu


Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports



Amity School of Physical Education and Sports Sciences

Uttar Pradesh


Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education & Sports Sciences

New Delhi


Shri Krishna Sports College



D Y P. Univ. of Sports Mgmt.



MBA in Sports Management: Eligibility

For MBA in Sports Management the minimum eligibility criteria is mentioned below:

  • Candidates must have qualified their 3-years Bachelor degree in any relevant discipline with a min. aggregate of 50% marks from a recognized university.
  • They are supposed to pass the entrance examination conducted at state and national level such as SNAP/ MAT/ CAT, etc. for admission to the program
  • Certain colleges may conduct their own aptitude test followed by personal interview and group discussion for admission.
  • Candidates who are appearing for their final year bachelor’s degree can also apply for the course on a provisional basis.

MBA in Sports Management: Admission Process

On the basis of Merit Admission to the MBA in Sports Mgmt course is done solely. The eligibility criteria for admission to the program is qualifying Bachelor’s degree in any relevant discipline with a minimum aggregate of 50% marks and above from a recognized university. However, by different colleges the eligibility is subject to differ as per the prescribed norms. 

Candidates are supposed to pass the entrance examination such as SNAP/ MAT, etc conducted by Universities for Admission to the program. This will be followed by a session of personal interview and group discussion for checking the aptitude of candidates. To obtain the merit percentage which may differ for different universities the cumulative marks obtained in qualifying tests and entrance exams is calculated.

For MBA in Sports Management Admissions some of the entrance examinations accepted are as follows:

  • CAT – Common Admission Test
  • SNAP – Symbiosis National Aptitude
  • CMAT – Common Management Admission Test
  • MAT – Management Aptitude Test
  • SMAT – Sports Management Admission Test
  • Andhra Pradesh Integrated Common Entrance Test (APICET)
  • MAH-CET – Maharashtra Common Entrance Test
  • KMAT – Karnataka Management Aptitude Test
  • TANCET – Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test

For MBA in Sports Management Course candidates can apply both online as well as offline. All information regarding admission dates, counseling and selection of candidates will be notified through email or listed on the official website of the college.

MBA in Sports Management: Syllabus

MBA in Sports Management Course is designed to inculcate in candidates the knowledge of marketing skills and business ethics to make them proficient in the field. The program follows a holistic approach to develop in students the required skills such as analytical skills and decision making.

Below mentioned is the syllabus followed by most of the universities and colleges:

Semester I

Semester II

Marketing Management

Entrepreneurship Management

Business Statistics

Marketing Strategy & Applications

Principles of Management

Human Resource Management

Organizational Behaviour

Cost & Management Accounting

Financial Accounting

Financial Management

Business Environment

Indian Economy

Business Law

Legal Aspects of Business

Information Technology for Management

Research Methodology

Managerial Economics

Production Management

Foreign Language

Foreign Language

Semester III

Semester IV

Buss. Policy and Strategic Mgmt.

International Business

Management Information Systems

Environment Management & Ethics in Business

Operations Research

Management Control Systems

Business Mathematics

Sports Law and Risk Management

Sports Facilities, Planning, and Mgmt

Sports Law & Risk Management

Contemporary Issues in Sports

Sports Training & Conditioning

Sports Media and Event Mgmt

Foundation of Amateur and Professional Endorsements in Sports

Sports Medicine and Nutrition

Administration of Games

Psychology of Sports and Ethics in Buss.

Final Project

Funding in Sports

Managing & Promoting Sports Events

MBA in Sports Management: Career Prospects

In the field of Sports candidates of MBA in Sports Management have a wide arena of career prospects, after the successful completion of the program. They have opportunities in a variety of sectors such as Media, Event Management, Sports, government and private organizations, as well as can become professors at reputed Colleges, Universities and other such.

They can become Franchise Operations, Sports Marketing, Player Management, Sports Consultant, Venue Operators, Sports Logistics, teachers in reputed Universities and Colleges.

Enlisted below are some Career Options for Candidates to choose from:

Job Profile

Description of Job

Avg. Salary (in INR) per annum

Player Managers

Responsibility includes managing athletic activities for maintaining their physical and mental health, training.

INR 8 to 9 lacs

Franchise Operators

Accountability includes maintaining records, recruiting and training athletes, complying the instructions, and implementing legal regulations.

INR 5 to 7 lacs

Sports Consultants

Responsibility includes organizing sports program, increasing the plan for the team and individual athletes.

INR 8 to 9 lacs

Venue Operators

Role includes managing events, arranging facilities for guests and maintaining security.

INR 2 to 4 lacs

Event Managers

Conduct meetings, Managing sports events, supervise staff and oversee the events are conducted with proper procedures.

INR 4 to 6 lacs

Sports Marketing Managers

Promote events, teams and individual athletes to propagate their products and services.

INR 7 to 9 lacs

Top Diploma & Certificate courses in Sports Management in India

  • Advanced Diploma in Cricket Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Football Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Sports Business
  • Certified Sports Manager
  • Executive Diploma in Sports Management
  • PG Diploma in Sports Management

Top Degree Programs in Sports Management

  • B.Sc. in Sports Management
  • MBA in Sports Management
  • Master of Science in Sports Management
  • MS in Sports Analytics and Management
  • Master of Professional Studies in Sports Industry Mgmt.

Top 5 Institutes offering Sports Management courses in India

  • Alagappa University - Tamil Nadu
  • Inst. of Social Welfare and Buss. Mgmt. (IISWBM)
  • IG Inst. of Physical Edu. and Sports Science - New Delhi
  • International Institute of Sports Management, (IISM)
  • Symbiosis School of Sports Science
  • University of Technology and Management - Meghalaya
  • National Academy of Sports Management
  • National Sports University
  • Centurion Univ. of Tech. and Mgmt. - Orissa

Best 6 International Colleges offering MBA in Sports Management

Some of the universities abroad where you can pursue Sports management as bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. programs are:

  • International Academy of Sport Sc. and Tech. (AISTS)
  • George Washington University School of Business
  • San Diego State University
  • KEDGE Business School
  • EU Business School
  • Global Institute of Sports Business

Top 15 Recruiters in Sports Management

If you are going to pursue MBA in Sports Management, it is important to know which the top recruiters in this field are. Sports management jobs offered by top organizations/ sports consultancy firms/ sports channels/ sports news channels/ sports merchandise and other organizations are:

  • Star Sports
  • Zee – Ten Sports
  • ESPN
  • JSW Sports
  • Decathlon India
  • OGQ
  • SportsWise India
  • Go Sports Foundation
  • CEAT
  • IMG
  • DNA Networks
  • Sports Interactive
  • Pitch Vision
  • XLR8
  • Edusports

Summing up

Sports Management in India is at grassroots levels and requires talented professionals to lead the Indian sports industry. If you are still not sure whether to go for an MBA in Sports Management or other Sports Management courses in India, then you can talk to expert career counselors and get unbiased guidance and take the right step towards a Career in Sports.

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