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    Lovely Professional University - [LPU]

  • Approved By: UGC,AICTE
  • Jalandhar - Delhi G.T. Road (NH-1), Phagwara, Punjab
  • admissions@lpu.co.in, info@lpu.co.in
  • 01824-404404, 506100, 18001024431
  • Private
  • http://www.lpu.in
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All the reviews & ratings are based on conversation with current/passout students from your institute.

Lovely Professional University, popularly renowned as LPU, is the largest personal university in Punjab. Most of Indians along with some foreign nationals are very well known with its education quality. It is famous for its distance learning.

• It presents postgraduate and doctorate including undergraduate degree for almost every course.
• It is established at Jalandhar, Punjab, India.
• It was recognized by the Government of Punjab under the ratification of State Legislature. The beautiful expert University proceeded and accepted by University allocate Commission proceed.
• It is the ninth self-financing university in India, first and biggest in Punjab. Since establishment, it won the belief of the scholars by supplying them with best learning.
• Open and distance discovering focuses on unfastening access to learning, freeing learners from the time and location and proposing flexible learning possibilities to individuals and group of learners.

According to the university, it has more than 25,000 students, which is the greatest number of students in its on-campus compared to the other University of India. It is located on 600+ acres of lush green locality on NH-1 at the application of Jalandhar city. The university has pupils from 26 nations round the world. The centers of universities are as pursues-

• School of directed Medical Sciences
• School of Management Studies
• School of Technology and Science
• School of creative Arts, Science and Commerce
• Faculty of Education

It not only provides postgraduate, undergraduate courses for different topics encompassing foreign languages but also boasts diploma techniques for some subjects. Another characteristic of this is, it gives open and expanse learning along with regular topics.
• It boasts minimum 150 Programs, which are innovative integration of inter-disciplinary stream of distinct dialects. 
• It provides spectacular state of the art infrastructure and Wi-Fi campus.

Lovely School of Open and Distance Learning(LSODL)

The fast development of data expertise and the move towards more knowledge-intensive societies conceives new trials and opportunities for conceive and consignment of education. LSODL encourages informative opportunity and social fairness by supplying high-quality University education to all who wish to come by higher requirement. Through innovative conceive of events offerings, pedagogic discovery and flexible conceive LSODL hunts for to be a world foremost in design, delivery and content of open and expanse learning. Some of their Programs are-

  • BBA
  • BCA
  • B.Sc (IT)
  • MBA
  • M.Sc(IT)
  • MCA

The university focuses on the physical structure equally. It believes that refreshment like sports is also needed along with education. It encourages its students to participate in Inter-University cultural and youth festivals and in various competitions of sports organized by Association of Indian Universities (AIU). It has its own sports ground for various sports like

  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Lawn Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Volleyball

This organization too provides all likely facilities for their students so that they do not get any kind of obstacles on their route of moving their goals. Some of them are Hostel, career therapy, IT support, wellbeing Facility, Loan Facility, and Library.

Hostel- The University boasts accommodation/hostel facility to most of its students. 
• It has distinct hostel for young men and young women respectively
• Each hostel has separate hostel-warden to supervise every day.
• Every room has enough going space. Like every other university it furthermore supplies bed, cup-board, table, chair, etc.
• The quality of nourishment is hygienic as well as healthy.

Career therapy-

Scholars need counseling at diverse phases of inhabit, particularly when they have just made a vocation decision or are about to make a vocation conclusion. They took such things seriously. Thus, supply such therapy to every student. They have a dedicated wing for vocation therapy where students can get updated data on diverse vocation avenues available.

Health Facility-

The campus has its own multi facility clinic, supplying 24 hours health facility for the students as well as the staffs. Clinic is run and managed under the guidance of trained and experienced doctors and is backed by a modern diagnostic centre.

Loan Facility-

The University is aiding its scholars to avail informative loans. Scholars can avail lend from any bank. whereas, the student can avail borrowings from the fully purposeful campus bank branches like Punjab National Bank. The requirements for availing the loan facility will be as per the obligations and the norms of the respective banks. The university will supply the requisite offer note as needed by the concerned bank for loan reasons.

The library has Rf-Id equipped automated system. Students can borrow and return publications by their own; they do not need any librarian for all these. It has a large assemblage of journals, reference books, publications, CD-ROMs, Research reports, etc. Each school has its distinct library with gigantic assemblage of subject-specific publications. It has a unique database with which any scholar can find any publication in the library while being seated at home.

LPU has coordinated three-day nationwide Open Fest- “YOUTH VIBE- 2013” on 21st October. More than 1000 colleges & 15,000 students participated in the fest. The happening went to a unified nationwide grade house with more than 200 affrays in cultural, technical, scholarly, and allied activities.

Apart from being ninth largest university and first private university in Punjab, it has made many more achievements in these few years. Some of them are as follows-

  • In 2012, it received “Punjab Gaurav Award” in First Annual Corporate Summit.
  • The Ministry of IT and Communications of the Government of India, declared beautiful expert University as the Best ICT Enabled University of the Year.
  • It ranked among the top four best private universities in India by SiliconIndia.com.
  • It is the sixth Private University in North Zone and 16th Engineering Private University in India by Times of India.

Apart from infrastructure and the quality of education, the fees taken by the university is quite reasonable and affordable too. The structure of fees are given below-

  • The tuition fee of M.A.  Educational Management and M.A. Social Science – Rs.39,500
  • The tuition fee of other M.A. courses – Rs.9,500
  • The tuition fee of DPED ( Diploma in Physical Education ) and DPED-BPE - Rs.24,500
  • The tuition fee of M.Phil and PhD – Rs.9,500

The University assists the students who are keen to earn higher degree and do research in any locality of study. The scholarships and accolades are proposed on the founded on warrant and other backgrounds. Some of them are-
• In 2010,it was affiliated with Hitachi Ltd, Tokyo, Japan, the Hindu scholarships for mechanical teaching in Japan
• In 2011,the numerous students got Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan Scholarship
• Scholarship for the science scholars in Meghalaya.

Course Avg. Annual Fees Rating No. of Seats
Bachelor of Architecture [BArch] INR. 1.72 Lakhs 6.5 Out Of 10 --
Bachelor of Arts [BA] INR. 41,556 -- --
Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] INR. 90,480 5.6 Out Of 10 --
Bachelor of Commerce [BCom] INR. 88,134 -- --
Bachelor of Computer Application [BCA] INR. 70,250 6 Out Of 10 --
Bachelor of Design [BDes] INR. 96,286 -- --
Bachelor of Education [BEd] INR. 46,000 6.8 Out Of 10 --
Bachelor of Fine Arts [BFA] INR. 36,000 -- --
Bachelor of Hotel Management [BHM] INR. 1.02 Lakhs -- --
Bachelor of Law [LLB] INR. 1.02 Lakhs 6.4 Out Of 10 --
Bachelor of Mass Media [BMM] INR. 1.02 Lakhs 6.1 Out Of 10 --
Bachelor of Pharmacy [BPharma] INR. 99,000 6.8 Out Of 10 --
Bachelor of Physical Education [BPEd] INR. 56,000 6.8 Out Of 10 --
Bachelor of Physiotherapy [BPT] INR. 99,000 -- --
Bachelor of Planning [BPlan] in Planning INR. 1.32 Lakhs 6.5 Out Of 10 --
Bachelor of Science in Nursing [BSc Nursing] in Nursing INR. 56,000 -- --
Bachelor of Science [BSc] INR. 78,563 -- --
Bachelor of Science [BSc] in Computer Science INR. 76,000 6 Out Of 10 --
Bachelor of Science [BSc] in Medicine INR. 82,000 -- --
Bachelor of Science [BSc] in Agriculture INR. 1.02 Lakhs -- --
Bachelor of Technology [BTech] INR. 1.76 Lakhs 4.5 Out Of 10 --
Diploma in Engineering INR. 50,000 4.5 Out Of 10 --
Diploma in Computer Applications INR. 49,334 6 Out Of 10 --
Doctor of Philosophy [PhD] in Commerce INR. 55,000 -- --
Doctor of Philosophy [PhD] INR. 61,556 -- --
Graduate Diploma [GradDip] in Education INR. 28,000 6.8 Out Of 10 --
Master of Architecture [MArch] INR. 92,000 6.5 Out Of 10 --
Master of Arts [MA] INR. 36,750 -- --
Master of Business Administration [MBA] INR. 1.8 Lakhs 5.6 Out Of 10 --
Master of Commerce [MCom] INR. 45,334 -- --
Master of Computer Application [MCA] INR. 1.13 Lakhs 6 Out Of 10 --
Master of Design [MDes] INR. 94,000 -- --
Master of Education [MEd] INR. 98,000 6.8 Out Of 10 --
Master of Laws [LLM] INR. 62,000 6.4 Out Of 10 --
Master of Mass Communication [MMC] INR. 1.02 Lakhs 6.1 Out Of 10 --
Master of Pharmacy [MPharma] INR. 1.27 Lakhs 6.8 Out Of 10 --
Master of Philosophy [MPhil] INR. 53,790 -- --
Master of Physical Education [MPEd] INR. 82,000 6.8 Out Of 10 --
Master of Physiotherapy [MPT] INR. 98,000 -- --
Master of Science [MSc] INR. 83,273 -- --
Master of Science [MSc] in Agriculture INR. 82,000 -- --
Master of Science [MSc] in Hotel Management INR. 82,000 -- --
Master of Technology [MTech] INR. 1.02 Lakhs 4.5 Out Of 10 --
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application [PGDCA] INR. 62,000 6 Out Of 10 --
Under Graduate Diploma [UG] in Medical INR. 52,000 -- --
Under Graduate Diploma [UG] in Science INR. 56,000 -- --
Under Graduate Diploma [UG] in Management INR. 52,000 5.6 Out Of 10 --
Under Graduate Diploma [UG] in Engineering INR. 48,000 4.5 Out Of 10 --
Under Graduate Diploma [UG] in Arts INR. 36,000 -- --
Under Graduate Diploma [UG] in Design INR. 52,000 -- --

Discussion Board

  • NARENDRA KUMAR MUPPARAJU September 2, 2016, 11:54 pm

    Please give me an review about this University.

    • SHEFALI AGARWAL September 13, 2016, 5:04 am

      The University management is one of the best in India, so much that IIM Banglore has a case study of LPU Management in their curriculum. Funding for start-ups, projects (quality ones) is also in abudance.

  • BRAHMESWARA RAO VARIKALLU August 29, 2016, 1:50 am

    What is the eligibility criteria for B.Tech. admission?

    • VAIBHAV KOHLI September 17, 2016, 4:06 am

      Pass with 90% aggregate marks in 10+2 or equivalent (with Physics, Mathematics and English)

  • VENKATA NAGA SUDHEER PARUCHURI August 25, 2016, 11:43 pm

    How they help students to get a placment?

    • SIDDHANT SHARMA September 15, 2016, 2:09 am

      Students are trained in Aptitude, Reasoning, free preparation for Govt Exams, Soft Skills and language training, Interviewing skills right from the 2nd year, continuously for 1-1.5 years till they get job.Almost 98% of students who have above 6CGPA in engineering get placed in any reputed company. On an average, 200 MNCs visit our campus every year, placing around 2000 students every year. Packages vary from 3.33lpa to 30 lpa based on the students' skill.

  • Ankita Singh August 12, 2016, 4:47 pm

    Why to join Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar ?

    • Pratibha Karki Chettri August 19, 2016, 7:15 pm

      It is Recognized by UGC. Placements provided with reputed and renowned companies. Ranked under title

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