Which are the best colleges of architecture in india

Which are the best colleges of architecture in india ?

Khanna , 11 Apr 2018

2 Answers

The best college of architecture in India is Mody University. SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE The greatness of a civilization is perceived by its Architecture. From rock-cut architecture of Ajanta and Ellora, which is wrapped in the natural terrain to the skyscrapers that disappear into the clouds and to the sweeping domes and towers of historical buildings, we see the hands of a mastermind in all. The School of Architecture while recreating the sense of ‘JOY’ in design is dedicated to expanding educational and research opportunities along with integrating educational pedagogy with human values. The major aspect of the vision and mission of the school is to develop women entrepreneurs with special qualities like creativity, innovation, and professional leadership. Acknowledging the vastness of Indus valley in the field of planning and design, course amalgamates the topics of architecture, community planning, and environmental sustainability. The school aims to prepare professionals to conceptualize design and execute socially acceptable, economically viable and environmentally feasible built environment. The school offers academic and professional bachelor degree programs in architecture, interior design, and planning at the highest level. Resources include a specialized library and various independent labs like climatology lab, resource room, etc. The school facilitates research-based design education with state of the art infrastructural facilities. Promotes students’ growth and self-development through internships, guest lectures, industry-sponsored projects, and opportunities for experiential learning. Equip students with the competence to rise to global standards and changing trends at different levels of creative fields. Synergizes the school to create a spirit of multi-disciplinary contributions for excellence in education and research. Source URL: http://www.modyuniversity.ac.in/soa/page.php?id=98