Any idea about best engineering college in Rajasthan

Any idea about best engineering college in Rajasthan ?

Paras , 14 Apr 2018

2 Answers

The best engineering college in Rajasthan is JAIPUR NATIONAL UNIVERSITY. Learning Perspective of Electrical Engineering: During the first year of study, a sound foundation is laid in physics, mathematics, chemistry, computer fundamentals, electrical fundamentals, machine drawing, practical geometry and communication techniques. The second, third and fourth years of the programme progress into specialized areas which include electrical machines (AC/DC), electrical measurements, instrumentation, digital electronics, power electronics, engineering materials, generation of power(AC/DC), transmission & distribution, power system, control system, EMFT, high voltage & extra-high voltage engineering (AC/DC), switchgear protection, artificial intelligence, utilization of electrical power, electrical drives & their control and entrepreneurship development. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for a professional career in Electrical Engineering and to develop the capability in students to solve engineering problems as well as carry out higher studies and research in core areas. Basic Electrical Electrical Machines Power Electronics High Voltage Engineering Electrical Measurement Instrumentation Digital Electronics Microprocessor Electronic Devices & Circuit Computer laboratories with MATLAB and MULTI SIM software

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