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Shoolini University

Bajhol,, Solan, Himachal Pradesh   |   ESTD : 2009   |   Approved By: AICTE   |  NAAC   |  UGC   |   Type: Private (State University)
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Overview Information

About College

Shoolini University, Solan, is India’s first biotechnology university. The University is well known for courses in engineering, management, science, research and education. This institute is famous for various courses in India and provides an opportunity for the students with its education quality.

  • Located at Solan, Himachal Pradesh
  • The university was established in 2009 by Government of India under an act of parliament
  • It is recognized by UGC
  • It is approved by AICTE and Government of Himachal Pradesh
  • It offers high quality education degree, diploma and certification programs in engineering, management, science, research and education
  • Since the establishment, due to its recent programs in engineering, management, science, research and education it has been a unique university by delivering higher quality education to students
  • The University is spread over hectares of land in the range of Solan, Himachal Pradesh. It also offers growth for the existing faculty
  • Membership of Confederation of India Industry and Association of Commonwealth Universities and PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
  • A remote R&D centre for ‘Aakash’ Tablet has been set up at Shoolini University in partnership with IIT Mumbai.

Schools & Faculties under Shoolini University

  • Applied Sciences & Biotechnology
  • Management Sciences
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Agriculture
  • Pharmaceutical Science
  • Computer Science
  • Basic Sciene
  • Hotel Management
  • Law
  • Journalism & Mass Comm.
  • Yoga
  • English Literature

Partner International Universities

  • Seoul National University, South Korea
  • Chung Yuang Christian University, Taiwan
  • University of Ulster, Northern Ireland (UK)
  • Bukovinian State Medical University Chernivist, Ukraine
  • Gachon University, South Korea
  • The University of Suwon, South Korea
  • National Taiwan University - Taipei- Active, Taiwan
  • Lanzhou University, China
  • Sprott Shaw College, Canada
  • University of Arkansas, USA
  • Sichuan University, China
  • British Colombia Institute of Technology, Canada
  • Kabul University, Afghanistan
  • Eshraq University, Afghanistan
  • University of La Vevne, USA
  • Samara National Research University, Russia
  • Inha University, South Korea
  • Hainan University, China
  • Yunan Agricultural University, China
  • Leshan Normal University, China
  • Xihua University, China
  • Yunan University, China
  • Agriculture and Forestory University, Nepal
  • Rana University, Nepal
  • Hainan Tropical Ocean University, Afghanistan
  • Yunnan Minzu University, China
  • Cranfield University, China
  • Jimma University, UK
  • Hawassa University, Ethiopia
  • Wolkite University, Ethiopia
  • Zion College, Ethiopia,
  • Wolaita Sodo University, Ethiopia
  • University of Naples, Naples
  • University of Chittagong, Bangladesh

Student Club:

  • Raagrang (Music Club)
  • Dramebaaz (Theatre Club)
  • Samarthya (Entrepreneurship Club)
  • Satrangi Stroke (Painting Club)
  • Shutterbug (Photography Club)
  • Saksham (Dance Club)
  • Hiking and Trekking Club (Adventure Club)
  • Baawle Bawarchi (Cooking Club)
  • NCC (National Cadet Corps)


  • Scholarships for Undergraduate Programmes
  • Scholarships for Postgraduate Programmes
  • Merit-cum-Means Scholarships
  • Academic Merit Scholarships

College Infrastructure and Facility

Shoolini University is one of India's most inspiring and cleanest campuses. It is known as the green campus because we produce 2 times more electricity than we consume. Campus was awarded one of India's cleanest campuses under the Swachh Bharat Survey conducted by the Government of India.


Campus has two state- of-art auditoriums and three seminar rooms, with a total capacity over 500.


University has a state of art 500 + seater amphitheatre.


University has spacious, amphitheatre styled and air-conditioned classrooms with integrated audio-visual teaching aids.


Campus has state of art well equipped laboratory for each department for conducting advanced Research.

Computer Centre

It is used for the computer applications for the students. It exposes students with the web and latest computer program. It has two labs with 25 computers each.


Campus has five stories state of art Library named Yogananda Library with 28,005 books, 108 journals and 208 on-line journals, 10000 text books, journals, Ph.D. thesis and dissertations, digital books in form of CD ROM.


Campus provides separate hostel facility for boys & Girls with capacity of 2000 students (1100 Girls & 900 Boys) .


Campus has a well-equipped dispensary that is run under the supervision of a senior doctor. An Ambulance is also 24x7 available for emergencies and major medical problems.

Museum and Herbarium

The University has a herbarium with 500 varieties of herbs


University has Multi Cuisine Cafeteria with variety of lip-smacking cuisines at the affordably price.

Recreational Centre

It has sports facilities on campus for Cricket, basketball, Snooker, Yoga, and Gym with professional trainer.

Faculty and Department

Following are the faculty members of Shoolini university:-

Sr No. Name of Faculty Designation Experience Qualification
1 Dr. D.R. Sharma Professor - Ph.D. , Post Doc.
2 Dr. Anuradha Sourirajan Professor - Ph.D., Post Doc.
3 Dr. Kamal Dev Professor - Ph.D., Post Doc.
4 Dr. Sourabh
Professor - Ph.D., Post Doc. GATE
5 Dr. M. L. Vaidya Professor-cum-Director Healthcare - MBBS, (General Medicine), DPH
6 Dr Reena Vohra Associate Professor - Ph.D., Post Doc. NET
7 Dr. Azhar Khan Associate Professor - Ph.D., Post Doc.
8 Dr. Anshul Sharma Assistant Professor - Ph.D. NET
9 Dr. Astha Tripathi Assistant Professor - Ph.D.
10 Dr. Chandrika Attri Seth Assistant Professor - Ph.D.
11 Dr Vikas Kumar Assistant Professor - Ph.D.,NET
12 Ms Chandresh Kumari Assistant Professor - M.Sc. 
13 Dr Nitika Thakur Assistant Professor - Ph.D. NET
14 Mr Neeraj Pizar Assistant Professor - M.A.English,NET
15 Ms. Rajni Sharma Assistant Professor - MCA
16 Dr Shikha Srivastava Assistant Professor - Ph.D. NET. GATE
17 Dr Pradeep Kumar Post-Doc Fellow-cum- Assista - Ph.D.
18 Dr Sonali Khanduja Kalra Assistant Professor - Ph.D.
19 Dr Suman Bhandary Assistant Professor - Ph.D. GATE
20 Mr Henok Gulilat Azalework Assistant Professor - M.Sc.(Ethopia) 
21 Mr Subhash Sharma Research Assistant - M.Sc 
22 Dr. Dinesh Kumar Professor - Ph.D.
23 Dr Ashutosh Mohanty Professsor - Ph.D
24 Dr. Amit Seth Associate Professor - Ph.D., NET
25 Dr. P. K. Chauhan Associate Professor - Ph.D.
26 Dr Ankur Kushal Assistant Professor - Ph.D.
27 Dr Shagun Gupta Assistant Professor - Ph.D.
28 Dr. Rupak Nagraik Assistant Professor - Ph.D.  NET
29 Dr Ravinder Kaushik Assistant Professor - Ph.D.NET
30 Dr Rahul Thory Assistant Professor - Ph.D, NET
31 Mr Mukul Kumar Assistant Professor - M.Tech. 
32 Dr Ashok K. Pathera Assistant Professor - Ph.D.  NET
33 Dr Rosey Dhanta Assistant Professor - Ph.D.
34 Mr Shikhar Sharma Assistant Professor - MBA 
35 Mr. Suresh Kumar Assistant Professor - M.Sc.(IT),PGDCA, Hort
36 Dr. Y.S. Negi Professor (Agriculture) - Ph.D. (Agriculture Economics, USA)
37 Dr. G.K. Sharma Professor (Agriculture) - Ph.D.(Agriculture / Forestry)
38 Dr Satish Kumar Gupta Professor (Agriculture) - Ph.D (Plant Pathology)
39 Dr Krishan Kumar Professor (Agriculture) - Ph.D (Horticulture)
40 Dr. Somesh Sharma Associate Professor - Ph.D,NET (Horticulture)
41 Dr Lobzang Stanzen Assistant Professor (Agriculture) - Ph.D.(Agronomy)
42 Dr Parvani Sharma Assistant Professor (Agricultur - Ph.D.(Agriculture Extension Education)
43 Ms Salena Janjua Assistant Professor - M.V.Sc. (Vety. Microbiology)
44 Dr Enoch Spalbar Assistant Professor - Ph.D (Soil Science)
45 Dr Robin Thakur Assistant Professor - Ph.D. (Engg.)
46 Dr Amit Kumar Assistant Professor - Ph.D, NET
47 Dr. Adesh Kumar Saini Professor, Dean - Ph.D., Post Doc. (USA)
48 Dr. J.M. Julka Professor - Ph.D., Post Doc.
49 Dr. P. K. Khosla Professor - Ph.D., Post Doc.(Oxford)
50 Dr. Sunil Puri Professor - Ph.D., Post Doc.(Oxford)
51 Ms Shashi Sehgal Associate Professor - M.Sc.Botany, Retired
52 Dr Aniruddha Mitra Associate Professor - Ph.D.
53 Dr Mamta Sharma Assistant Professor - Ph.D.
54 Dr Rachna Verma Assistant Professor - Ph.D., M.Phil.,NET
55 Dr. Amita Kumari Assistant Professor - Ph.D.,NET
56 Ms. Shailja Assistant Professor - M.Sc., NET
57 Dr Shreya Jamwal Assistant Professor - Ph.D. , SET
58 Dr Prerna Bhardwaj Assistant Professor - Ph.D.
59 Dr Shankharoop
Assistant Professor - Ph.D. JRF-NET
60 Ms Shalini Sharma Assistant Professor - M.Phil. 
61 Mr Somvir Singh Assistant Professor - M.Phil. 
62 Ms Radha Assistant Professor - M.Phil. 
63 Mr Kasahun Gudeta
Assistant Professor - M.Sc. 
64 Dr Jagattaran Das Professor - Ph.D
65 Dr Kaushik Das Sharma Professor - Ph.D., Post Doc
66 Prof. Ramanand
Associate Professor - M.Sc.( Retd. Principal)
67 Dr. Neeraj Gupta Associate Professor - Ph.D., Post Doc. NET
68 Dr. Pankaj Thakur Associate Professor - Ph.D., Post Doc.
69 Dr Pardeep Singh Assistant Professor - Ph.D.
70 Dr (Mrs) Pankaj
Assistant Professor - Ph.D.
71 Dr. Amit Kumar Assistant Professor - Ph.D., NET
72 Dr Gaurav Sharma Assistant Professor - Ph.D.
73 Dr Deepika Jamwal Assistant Professor - Ph.D.
74 Mr Raj Kumar Assistant Professor - M.Sc. NET, JRF
75 Dr Sourabh Assistant Professor - Ph.D.
76 Dr Joydeep Das Assistant Professor - Ph.D. NET, JRF
77 Ms Ashima Dogra Assistant Professor - -
78 Ms. Suman Assistant Professor - M.A.,Computer Diploma
79 Mr Tokuma Getahun Assistant Professor - M.Sc. 
80 Dr S.S.Chandel Professor - Ph.D
81 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Associate Professor - Ph. D. NET
82 Vacant Associate Professor - Ph.D
83 Dr Rakesh Kumar
Assistant Professor - Ph. D.
84 Dr Mamta Shandilya Assistant Professor - Ph. D.
85 Dr Anirban Saha Assistant Professor - Ph. D., Post Doc.
86 Dr Pawan Kumar Assistant Professor - M.Phil., Ph.D.
87 Mr Allah Dekama Jara Assistant Professor - M.Sc. (Ethopia)
88 Mr Ritesh Verma Teaching Assistant - M.Sc. 
89 Mr Ateendra Pande Research Assistant - M.Sc.
90 Prof.  Arvind Nanda Professor - Mechanical & Industrial Engg.
91 Er. P.L. Goel Professor - Masters in Science & Engineering
92 Dr Mohindra Singh Thakur Professor - Ph. D.
93 Dr Bhaskar Goel Professor - M.Tech. Ph.D.
94 Dr. Abhilash Pathania Associate Professor - Ph.D.
95 Dr. Amar Raj Singh Associate Professor - Ph.D.
96 Dr. Anil Kumar Assistant Professor - Ph.D.
97 Dr Raj Kumar Assistant Professor - Ph.D.
98 Mr Nitin Kumar Sharma Assistant Professor - M.Tech. 
99 Mr. Sashank Thapa Assistant Professor - M.E.
100 Er. Adit Rana Assistant Professor - M.Tech.
101 Er Sorabh Aggarwal Assistant Professor - M.Tech 
102 Mr. Sushil Kumar Assistant Professor - M.Tech.
103 Ms Veena Kashyap Assistant Professor - M.Tech
104 Ms Mitankshi Sharma Assistant Professor - M.Tech.
105 Mr Vikas Mehta Assistant Professor - M.Tech.
106 Ms Priyanka Assistant Professor - B.Tech, M.Tech.
107 Ms Nidhi Kapoor Assistant Professor - M.Tech.
108 Mr Bhupender Kumar Assistant Professor - B.Tech, M.Tech.
109 Dr S.S.Chandel Professor, Dean - Ph.D
110 Dr Ram Prakash Dwivedi Professor - Ph.D., Post Doc.
111 Mr. Pankaj Vaidya Associate Professor - M.E.
112 Mr. Raj Kumar Saini Associate Professor - M.Tech.
113 Dr. Neeraj Gandotra Associate Professor - Ph.D.
114 Dr Varun Jaiswal Assistant Professor - Ph.D.
115 Mr. Gaurav Gupta Assistant Professor - M.Tech.
116 Mr. Sunil Pathania Assistant Professor - M.Tech, GATE 
117 Mr. Sachin Sharma Assistant Professor - M.Tech.
118 Mr. Ashwani Sharma Assistant Professor - M.Tech. 
119 Mr. Sunil Kumar Assistant Professor - M.Tech; M.Phil (Mathematics)
120 Ms. Meenakshi Nayyer Assistant Professor - M.Tech.
121 Ms Namita Gandotra Assistant Professor - M.Tech. 
122 Mr Ankit Gupta Assistant Professor - M.Tech.
123 Ms. Bharti Thakur Assistant Professor - MCA, M.Tech
124 Mr Hemant Sharma Assistant Professor - M.Tech.
125 Mr Mahesh Kumar Assistant Professor - M.Tech.
126 Ms Diksha Sharma Assistant Professor - M.Tech.
127 Mr. Het Ram Kashyap Assistant Professor - MCA
128 Ms Gunjan Thakur Assistant Professor - M.Tech.
129 Mr. Sanjay Bhardwaj Assistant Professor - M.Tech. 
130 Dr Nagesh Kumar Assistant Professor - Ph.D.
131 Mr. Ravinder Kumar
Assistant Professor - M.Sc.  
132 Mr. Brijbhushan Assistant Professor - M.Tech
133 Ms Gayatri Seth Teaching Assistant - B.Tech. Elect. & Commun.
134 Ms Suman Teaching Assistant - M.Sc.
135 Prof. Atul Khosla Professor-cum-Dean - MBA
136 Dr. Kuldeep Chand
Professor - Ph.D, SLET
137 Dr Narinder Verma Professor - Ph.D, NET
138 Mr Praveen Vasisht Professor - M.A.
139 Col. Tejinder Pal Singh
Professor - MA ((Public Administation) M.S
140 Col Bikram Ahluwalia Professsor - MBA
141 Dr. Kesari Professor - Ph.D
142 Dr Devesh Kumar Associate Professor - Ph.D., MBA, NET
143 Ms Poonam Nanda Associate Professor - M.A.(English).
144 Dr Dipankar Sharma Associate Professor - Ph.D
145 Mr Manav Bansal Associate Professor and
Director HR
146 Dr. Nitin Gupta Assistant Professor - Ph.D, MBA
147 Dr Vinay Negi Assistant Professor - Ph.D.
148 Mr. Vikrant Chauhan Assistant Professor - M. P. Ed.
149 Dr. Kamalkant Vashisth Assistant Professor - Ph.D.,MBA, NET
150 Ms. Varsha Patil Assistant Professor - C.S./B.Com
151 Dr Pooja Verma Assistant Professor - Ph.D., MBA,NET
152 Mr Amar Rao Assistant Professor - MBA, NET
153 Ms. Prachi Kapil Assistant Professor - MBA
154 Dr Purnima Bali Assistant Professor - Ph.D
155 Mr Vijay Kumar Assistant Professor - MBA
156 Mr Vipin Pubby Professor - PG (English)
157 Ms Ranjna Thakur Assistant Professor - Master of Mass
Communication, NET,SET
158 Mr Pratip Mazumdar Professor - B.Com, PG Diploma in Hospitali
159 Mr Karan Berry Assistant Professor - M.Sc. (Hotel Management Cateri
160 Mr. Sumit Verma Assistant Professor - MBA
161 Mr. Pawan Sharma Assistant Professor - MBA
162 Ms. Shubhika Sharma Assistant Professor - MBA
163 Ms. Harsha Thakur Assistant Professor - MBA
164 Mr Ankit Shukla Assistant Professor - Master of Hotel Management
165 Mr Shivendra Krishan Assistant Professor - MBA 
166 Mr. Ranjeet Singh Assistant Professor (Accounts) - MBA
167 Mr Shubham Verma Assistant Professor - MBA
168 Ms Lata Negi Assistant Professor - MA (English)
169 Mr Vineet Sharma Assistant Professor-cum- Mana - Master in Tourism Management
170 Mr Pushpender Verma Associate Business Analyst - MBA
171 Ms Sakshi Sharma Associate Business Analyst - MBA
172 Mr Suraj Associate Business Analyst - MBA
173 Mr Anuj Manager Career Development - MBA
174 Dr Vinod Kumar Professor (Yoga) - MBBS,MSc 
175 Dr Subodh Saurabh
Assistant Professor (Yoga) - Ph.D. (Yogic Science), NET
176 Dr Mala Tripathi Assistant Professor (Yoga) - Ph.D. (Yogic Science), NET
177 Dr Supriya Srivastava Assistant Professor - Ph.D., NET
178 Dr Radhika Assistant Professor - Ph.D Yoga
179 Ms Anupma Chandel Assistant Professor (Yoga) - M.Phil., M.A.(Yoga)
180 Dr Narinder Gupta Professor - Ph.D., LLM
181 Dr Nandan Sharma Assistant Professor - Ph.D., LLM
182 Mr Chander Mohan
Assistant Professor - MBA, LLM, M.Com.
183 Ms Anupriya Thakur Assistant Professor - LL.B.; PGDPM & LW
184 Mr Ramesh Kumar
Assistant Professor - M.Phil (Political Sc.)
185 Ms Monika Thakur Assistant Professor - LLM.
186 Ms Sia Sharma Assistant Professor (Law) - LLM.
187 Ms Isha Negi Assistant Professor - LL.M 
188 Dr Ashwani Sharma Assistant Professor - Ph.D, LLM.
189 Dr. Deepak Nandkishore
Professor - Ph.D., GPAT
190 Dr. Sourabh
Professor - Ph.D., Post Doc. GATE
191 Dr. Rohit Goyal Professor - Ph.D
192 Dr. Kamal Dev Professor - Ph.D., Post Doc.
193 Dr. Poonam Negi Associate Professor - Ph.D, GPAT
194 Dr. Gurjot Kaur Associate Professor - Ph.D
195 Dr. Reena V Saini Associate Professor - Ph.D., Post Doc. NET
196 Dr. Azhar Khan Associate Professor - Ph.D., Post Doc.
197 Dr. Astha Tripathi Assistant Professor - Ph.D.
198 Dr. Varun Jaiswal Assistant Professor - Ph.D.
199 Dr. Swati Pundir Assistant Professor - Ph.D, M. Pharma
200 Dr. Navneet Kumar
Assistant Professor - Ph.D, M. Pharma
201 Dr. Ashutosh Kumar
Assistant Professor - Ph.D.
202 Dr. Deepak Kumar Assistant Professor - Ph.D.
203 Mr. Chander Mohan
Assistant Professor - MBA, LLM, M.Com.
204 Mr. Gaurav Sharma Assistant Professor - M. Pharma
205 Ms. Aditi Sharma Assistant Professor - M.Pharma GPAT
206 Mr. Lalit Sharma Assistant Professor - M.Pharma 
207 Dr. Gaurav Sharma Assistant Professor - Ph.D.
208 Mr. Abhishek Kumar
Assistant Professor - M.Pharma, GPAT
209 Mr. Raveen Chauhan Assistant Professor - Pharm. D
210 Ms. Chetna Kumari Assistant Professor - M.Pharma, GPAT
211 Ms. Babita Patial Assistant Professor - M.Pharma, GPAT
212 Mr. Sunil Kumar Assistant Professor - M Pharma, (Pharmaceutical
213 Ms. Dhriti Verma Assistant Professor - M. Pharma
214 Ms. Monika Prakash
Assistant Professor - M.S Pharma, GPAT
215 Dr. Arun Prashar Assistant Professor - Ph.D
216 Ms. Deepika Dutta Assistant Professor - M Pharma (Pharmacology)
217 Mr. Shard Assistant Professor - MS Information Technology
218 Ms. Meenakshi Nayyer Assistant Professor - M.Tech.
219 Mr. Gaurav Gupta Assistant Professor - M.Tech.
220 Mr. Ravinder Kumar
Assistant Professor - M.Sc.  
221 Ms. Hemlata Assistant Professor - M.Pharma (Pharmaceutics)
222 Ms. Devika Rana Assistant Professor - M.Pharma GPAT,GATE
223 Mr. Aditya Shiven Assistant Professor - M. Pharma
224 Mr. Ashish Sharma Assistant Professor - M. Pharma
225 Ms. Charul Rathore Assistant Professor - M. Pharma
226 Prof  V.K Kapoor Adjunct Professor - Ph.D.
227 Dr Jagattaran Das Adjunct Professor - Ph.D.
228 Dr Kamal Dua Visiting Faculty - Ph.D.

S No. Name Designation Experience Qualification About



  • Best Private Upcoming Business School and Engineering College in North India by ASSOCHAM
  • Great Place to Study in India Award by SkillTree
  • Excellent University for research in Biotechnology Sciences by Gujarat Technological University & CCI
  • Education Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 by ASSOCHAM
  • Shiksha Ratan 2012 by AITMA
  • Campus awarded First Food Testing Laboratory in Himachal Pradesh by Government of India
  • University placed top 15% in India Excellent University for Research in Biotechnology by CCI & GTU.


  • All India 19th Rank among Private Business Schools-Dainik Bhaskar 2014
  • All India 2nd Rank in Biotechnology by Bio Spectrum 2012 and 2013
  • A+++ rated All India Best Business School by  Go Education 2013
  • University ranked among 101 – 150 on the overall basis by National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF-MHRD)
  • University ranked 65th in Management Science by National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF-MHRD)
  • University ranked 39th in Pharmaceutical Sciences: 39 by National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF-MHRD)
  • Shoolini University accredited B++ grade by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)

Student Discussion

  • SHASHI BHUSHAN 2016-09-01 23:25:46

    What is the basic admission eligibility criteria for B.Tech ?

    • JASPAL SINGH 2016-09-08 21:36:12

      Basic Admission criteria for B.Tech is 10+2 or Equivalent with Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry or Biotechnology, Language and anyother subject with a minimum of 45% (for SC, ST 40%) marks.

  • SUMAN PRASAD 2016-09-04 22:32:46

    is Shoolini University recognized and approved ?

    • HARI OM 2016-09-11 23:23:12

      Shoolini University is recognized by University Grants Commission and approved to All India Council for Technical Education.

  • SNIGDHA PAL 2016-09-04 03:34:46

    Why Join Shoolini University ?

    • ABHINAV ABHISHEK 2016-09-08 21:41:12

      This is Wi-Fi enabled campus. It has Lecture halls equipped with specialized teaching aids like LCD projectors, Library stocked with 34,711 books, well-equipped technical laboratories, Computer Labs equipped with latest hardware configuration, peripherals including printers, scanners etc. There are 5 digitally equipped auditoriums also. There are good teaching faculty. They conducts conference, seminars, workshops, industrial visits, etc.

  • SAKET AGARWAL 2016-09-05 18:26:46

    What was the placement percentage of Shoolini University ?

    • AADITYA PRATAP SINGH RANA 2016-09-10 21:30:12

      In 2015 Shoolini University batch who were eligible and opted for placements have been placed the offers were good many were placed in core companies. Around 92 % was the percentage of placement.