Which is the best biotechnology college in Jaipur

Which is the best biotechnology college in Jaipur ?

Munish Yadav , 12 Mar 2020

1 Answers

JAIPUR NATIONAL UNIVERSITY is the best biotechnology college in Jaipur. BSC. (HONS.) BIOTECHNOLOGY Career Prospects Immense career opportunities are available after completing PG courses in a number of fields like Medical and Health Care, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Industrial Research and Development, Food Processing, Bio-Processing, Chemical Engineering, Drug Designing and Manufacture, Environment Conservation. Some job prospects include Research Scientist, Research Associate in the leading research institutes of India as well as abroad. Teaching and research positions in state and central universities after qualifying NET examination Microbiologists can work as hygienic officers, food and safety officers, medical microbiologists, etc. Patent Officers Research Analyst Quality control officers in pharmaceuticals and food and beverage industries. In biomedical and metabolic engineering industries as Data Curators, Algorithm Developers, Metabolic Engineers, and Systems Biologists B.TECH. (BIOTECHNOLOGY) Career Prospects Drug and pharmaceutical research Public and government-funded laboratories Chemicals Industries Sectors related to environment biotechnology Sectors related to agriculture biotechnology Petroleum industries Food processing industries Bio-processing industries Vaccines design and production Computational Biology Private and government academic and research institutions Visit: https://www.jnujaipur.ac.in/courses/btech-biotechnology/31/