Which are top college for mba in delhi ncr

Which are top college for mba in delhi ncr ?

Anusha , 06 Apr 2018

2 Answers

Top university for MBA in Delhi/NCR is THE NORTHCAP UNIVERSITY. Programme Educational Objectives (PEO’s) They are known as the best MBA college in North India. PEOs describe the expected accomplishments of the management graduates during the first few years after completing their degree program. 1. Graduates from MBA college in India should be well prepared for successful employment and be engaged in learning, understanding and holistic application of management theory and practice for real-life problem-solving in an increasingly global, technology-oriented, diverse and changing business environment. (Employability) 2. Management graduates desirous of self-employment should be able to start their own business ventures or demonstrate their entrepreneurial capabilities for their employer organization. (Entrepreneurship) 3. Management graduates with academic interest and aptitude should be actively pursuing advanced studies and engaged in research, teaching-learning or consultancy assignments. (Higher studies, Academics, and Research) 4. By studying in one of the Top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR, management graduates will become well informed, ethical and committed corporate citizens contributing to the management profession and the community in an effective manner. (Well informed, Ethical and Committed Professionals) Visit: https://www.ncuindia.edu