Which are the best colleges for civil engineering in Jaipur?

Which are the best colleges for civil engineering in Jaipur? ?

Harshita Gupta , 28 May 2020

1 Answers

VIT is the best civil engineering college in Jaipur Because the department of Civil Engineering has well equipped laboratories (all lab has EMIL equipment), research facilities and the state-of-art computing facilities. The achievements of our students have really made us proud! The department is committed to providing excellence in classroom infrastructure, enrichment of the academic and professional experience of students, outreach to the engineering community and society, and advancements in Civil Engineering. The civil engineering department encourages students to participate in various techno cultural events. Our department have MOU's with various industries to provide internships and practical exposure to our students. Our students and faculty members have received a good number of grants from govt. funding agencies like DST, AICTE, RTU, UGC, etc. The CS dept has a target to provide placement to every student and also have emphasis to prepare students to become job provider to society. For more information please visit the website: https://vitj.ac.in/