What is the process of selection of Ph.D. supervisor?

What is the process of selection of Ph.D. supervisor? ?

Akshita kapoor , 16 Nov 2023

3 Answers

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Ph.D. Research Scholars at Lovely Professional University are provided with ample time and a well-defined process for selecting their supervisors. During the initial coursework phase, scholars gain access to the "Supervisor Selection Module" in their UMS account. This module offers a brief overview of the research profiles of all doctorate faculty members, organized by department. Scholars are encouraged to review these profiles thoroughly. Following this, scholars can select 4-5 preferences (maximum) based on their initial assessment of the listed doctorate faculty members. This selection initiates the process of expressing their preferences for potential supervisors. The Centre for Research Degree Programme (CRDP) then organizes interaction sessions between Research Scholars and doctorate faculty members, tailored to align with the recorded preferences. These sessions facilitate discussions on the research areas of interest for the scholars. After these interaction sessions, Research Scholars submit their final two preferences to the CRDP. The final allocation of supervisors is carried out by a committee established by the Centre for Research Degree Programme. Throughout the coursework phase, Research Scholars may also engage in interactions with industry experts and professionals from NGOs. These sessions aim to explore prevalent research problems in both industrial settings and society at large. This well-structured and transparent process ensures that Ph.D. Research Scholars have the opportunity to carefully select supervisors aligned with their research interests, fostering meaningful interactions with both academic and industry experts.

Sufficient time is given to Ph.D. Research Scholar to select his/her supervisor and process for the same is mentioned below: • During the course work, Ph.D. Research Scholars will be provided "Supervisor Selection Module " interface to their UMS account, where they will get the primary information about the research profile of all the doctorate faculty in brief (department wise). After going through the profiles of all the listed doctoralfaculty, Research Scholars willselect4-5preferences (maximum)initially. • Once the preferences recorded by the Research Scholars, CRDP will plan an interaction session with doctorate faculty members (as per their recorded preferences) for discussion on the research area of interest ofResearch Scholars. • After this interaction, Research Scholars will submit the final two preferences to the CRDP at 27-207 and then the final allocation of the supervisor would be done by the committee constituted by the Centre for ResearchDegree Programme. • During the course work, interactions with industry experts and experts from NGO’s may also be arranged forResearchScholars to find out research problems persisting in industries and society.

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