What is the condition of Invertis University’s hostel

What is the condition of Invertis University’s hostel ?

Tarun Gupta , 20 Aug 2019

3 Answers

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  • Thomas 29 Dec 2019

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Once you are enrolled in Invertis University, they offer accommodations for students on-campus, or near the campus classrooms, libraries and other facilities. "Hostels" are buildings with many rooms for sleeping and living, often with two or three people (of the same gender) per room. Students at Hostel typically share bathrooms which include showers and toilets. Many students prefer to live in on-campus hostel because they are convenient to both academic and social events. Invertis university offer very flexible meal-plan programs, where you can choose to have breakfast, lunch and dinner in mess area. Moreover, if we talk about hostel setting is relatively simple: utilities such as electricity and telephone connections will most likely be ready to use. Gymnasium Invertis University has a fitness centre, where students come to work out. It facilitates various types of exercise equipment for the purpose of physical exercise. Invertis Fitness centre is usually patronized by both genders. Invertis Fitness centre usually have a main workout area, which is highly equipped with free weights like dumbbells and barbells and exercise machines. This area have mirrors so that students can check and maintain correct posture during their workout. At Invertis University there are various types of room available based on occupancy and facilities, Hence there fees also varies accordingly. Here is how much they charge as hostel fee: Single Occupancy (Non A/C Room): .68 LPA Double Occupancy (Non A/C Room): .58 LPA Single Occupancy (A/C Room): .95 LPA Double Occupancy (A/C Room): .85 LPA