What is life without Education

What is life without Education ?

Neelam , 16 Feb 2018

1 Answers

It depends on how you define education. Is it books and pens or is it something more. Let me tell you a story: There was once an Illiterate person who begged on the streets of Shimla. One day, growing tired of his incessant begging, the shopkeepers conducting business in the area told him to go to the church and get a job. The church was managed by one pastor alone and he needed someone to assist with day-to-day operations. The illiterate beggar walked to the church, which was 40 km away from the main town. En route to the church, he found there was not a single tea shop for what was at least an hour long drive. When he reached the church, the pastor agreed to give him a job. A very simple job too. The job was to ring the church bell whenever he was told to so. The illiterate beggar nodded vaguely. On the day of the Sunday mass, over a 100 people gathered to listen to the pastor preach. When the mass was over, the pastor told the beggar to ring the church bell. Being an illiterate person, the beggar didn't even know what a bell means. Many in the church started laughing, which enrage the pastor. He fired the beggar immediately. While walking back to the town, the beggar saw many cars returning back from the church to the city. A neat little idea crept into his mind. Next Sunday, the beggar set up a small tea shop for church goers. Being a one hour long drive, many people stopped midway at the tea shop for refreshment. His small tea shop slowly became a small restaurant, which later became a big restaurant. 20 years later, the illiterate person stood on the same spot where there was a tea shop once. He had now bought the adjoining land, built a huge restaurant chain spanning across India and subsequently become one of the richest people in the city. When a person came to him to get a document signed, he rubbed some ink on his thumb and stamped it on the document. He was still illiterate. Suprised by this action, the person who brought the documents asked him in Hindi. 'Sir, you're such a successful man. Surely you can sign your own name! The illiterate man smiled and said, 'If I ever knew how to sign, I would have been ringing the church bell!!' Education is not about going to school or college. It is a value system which makes us aware about our surroundings. You can call the beggar from the story illiterate, but you cannot say he was uneducated.