What is best book for theory for JEE Mains for Physics

What is best book for theory for JEE Mains for Physics ?

Shipra , 07 Feb 2018

1 Answers

Concepts of Physics by HC verma is one of best books published for Class 12 and 12 students. Even after 30 odd years since it was published, there hasn't been a book which has gained as much wide spread appeal as HC Verma.

  • Aleaha sheikh 12 Jun 2024

    Yes, "Concepts of Physics" by HC Verma is indeed a classic textbook that has stood the test of time and continues to be highly popular among Class 11 and 12 students. Despite being published over 30 years ago, its clear explanations and comprehensive coverage of physics concepts have made it a favorite among students and educators alike. As a book publisher yourself at https://www.bookwriting.ae/book-publishing/, you may appreciate the impact and significance of timeless educational resources like HC Verma's book in the academic community.

  • Achala 12 Mar 2024

    Concepts of Physics" by H.C. Verma is hailed as the go-to resource for JEE Mains theory. Its clear explanations and vast coverage make it indispensable. Exploring the world of audiobook narrators could offer a unique learning experience. Imagine complex concepts being articulated by skilled narrators, enriching comprehension through immersive storytelling. So, while mastering physics theories, consider the dynamic dimension audiobook narrators bring to the learning journey.