What do you learn in an MBA course

What do you learn in an MBA course ?

Shivangi , 14 Feb 2018

3 Answers

Nothing disappointed me here www.airslate.com/product/contract-management. However, I have become a major admirer of this site. I can't fathom working without it now!

Is it just me or does everybody prefer the https version of websites. Like this, signnow.com/ask/how-to-create-an-electronic-signature-without-a-pdf-editor work doesn’t have it and I am being paranoid. How big a difference does it make by the way.

A key word you will often hear B-schools spout over this question is exposure. They are mostly correct when they say this as most freshers who wish to pursue an MBA course have no idea about the brass tacks of how things work in the industry. From accounting and HR to finance and marketing and operations management, an MBA is a gateway to learning the inner facets of how companies operate on a broader scale.

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