Top 10 Private Engineering Colleges In India 2017

Top 10 Private Engineering Colleges In India 2017 ?

Nakul , 19 Mar 2018

2 Answers

Top Private Engineering College In India is The NorthCap University. B. Tech CSE with specialization in Game Technology, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: Learning outcomes of this track: Students will have: Design and produce projects that leverage game mechanics and learning styles to enhance the outcomes of applications such as training, medical, therapeutic, military or learning-based environments. Prototype and complete original games/simulations for multiple platforms(XR) following the full game production pipeline Effectively articulate game design elements and mechanics across disciplines utilizing written and verbal communication skills that demonstrate visualizations representing data, real world entities, events and interactions Establish collaboration, mentorship, and professional leadership skills by working with other disciplines to deliver highly polished and completed projects Career Options: Game Programmer A.I. Programmer Database Designer Middleware/ Tools Programmer Gameplay Programmer Game Developer Visit: