Is a PhD in computer engineering worth it

Is a PhD in computer engineering worth it ?

Shivangi , 27 Feb 2018

2 Answers

Ph.D@OPJU is not a mere degree rather a path of unique contribution towards the academics and serving the greater cause of society. The ground to award Ph.D. degree shall be in recognition of high academic achievements, independent research, and application of knowledge. The academic program leading to the Ph.D. degree is holistic, interdisciplinary and multidirectional. The Ph.D. program is being offered by OP Jindal University in the following Department: Computer Science Engineering Department researchers are working extensively in some of the thrust areas like Digital Image Processing, Data Science, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, IoT, etc. . Department has collaborated with leading Industries and renowned institutes across India. Students along with the teachers constantly involved in exciting and interesting problems/projects to explore and innovate new methods and finding sustainable solutions, published in various national and international journals. Key Research Area: Big Data Internet of Things Cloud Computing Network Security Machine Learning Digital Image Processing

If you see your future in academics and teaching, a PhD is an option you will have to take especially for core subjects such as computer engineering. You will also be granted facilities to do research on any dissertation you deem fit.