How is the hostel and mess facility in quantum university and fee structure of hostel?

How is the hostel and mess facility in quantum university and fee structure of hostel? ?

Mithi pandey , 15 Dec 2020

1 Answers

hey Mithi, If you are looking for best university in uttrakhand then Quantum is good for you. At Quantum, the pleasure of staying in vibrant separate hostels for boys and girls where students are given freedom within the realm of a disciplined living.there are two kind of hostels available A/c and non A/c.It depends whichever you want to opt.Fee for A/C hostel is 52,000/sem approx and 39,000 for non A/c approx. Also , living , food ,laundry all are included within this fee.The rooms are quite spacious which are on sharing basis.You have separate Bed , almirah , chair , and table for self study.Both hostels are built keeping in mind all comforts required by the students. MESS ; there mess is run by very professionals agencies and has been outsourced to them.Other then that the menu decided by mess commitee which comprises of student.The menu changes in ever 15 days but non veg food is not served in there mess but available in restaurants just outside the campus and students can pay anytime and eat.

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  • Achala 11 Jul 2021

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  • GaryIrons 25 Dec 2020

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