How good is Invertis University for an LLB

How good is Invertis University for an LLB ?

Tarun Gupta , 10 Aug 2019

1 Answers

Invertis University, At this university they have separate school for law for the students named as lnvertis Institute of Law . This is what they have mentioned on their website “At lnvertis Institute of Law, we provide enough exposure and intellect to our students so as to make them capable of judging the social, commercial as well as personal aspects of life to keep them checked under the dimensions in order to maintain the balance. In this era of globalization and information technology. the challenges of keeping this balance has increased the scope and demand of Legal Consultants and this is where the students of lnvertis Institute of Law will emerge as those balanced legal experts.” At Invertis University they provides following courses in legal studies: Bachelor Degree Bachelor of Arts & LL.B. (Integrated) LLB Master Degree LLM Doctorate/Ph.D Degree Ph.D. (Law)