Can i choose best management college in uttar pradesh

Can i choose best management college in uttar pradesh ?

Siddhartha singh jadaun , 07 Apr 2018

3 Answers

The best management college in Uttar Pradesh is Sanskriti University. The School of Management & Commerce offers under-graduate and post-graduate degrees to the students after they complete the prescribed learning process that enables them to meet the needs of professional managers required in a dynamic global market. The wide spectrum of knowledge in the present century, driven by technological progress and expansion of communication channels has made it a compulsion for the organizations to remain highly competitive for sustenance & growth. The School of Management & Commerce is well aware of domestic & international requirements and has designed the program pedagogy accordingly. Besides the syllabi, efficient on the job training is also designed to ensure fulfillment of specific needs of the teaching-learning process and to infuse self-confidence to take on challenges of the business world. The school has well qualified, experienced and competent faculty members with thorough knowledge of their respective areas of specialization be it finance, marketing, human resource or international business. The faculty members are carefully chosen to select a healthy combination of both academic and industry experts. Source URL:

There are many management colleges in UP, among them I will suggest you pursue management courses from any private university. Personally, I would recommend Invertis University. Invertis University offers 3 courses for its students as BBA Event & Sports Management & BBA (Hons). Financial Services. Apart from this, pursuing BBA from VGU, you will get exposure to the following: Courses we offer: MBA- Financial Market with NSE International MBA MBA with Dual Specialization.(HR,IT,Finance,Marketing,IB,Entrepreneurship,OM,PM) MBA- Event Management MBA- Agriculture & Rural Management MBA-Business Analytics MBA-Healthcare & Hospital Mangement MBA-Retail Management MBA-Urban Development Management MBA-Tours & Travel Management