Best University For Mba In India

Best University For Mba In India ?

Kapil , 27 Mar 2018

2 Answers

Mahatma Gandhi Mission University best for MBA. Which is located in Aurangabad. The MBA programme has been designed to ‘transform’ the raw potential of the students so as to ‘empower’ them to handle varied situations in their professional and personal lives. This is accomplished through a two-year (full time) or three-year (part time) intensive MBA programme by scientifically nurturing cognitive, behavioural and affective domains of the students. The two-year full-time and three-year part-time MBA programmes offer the following specializations: Financial Management. Human Resource Management. Marketing Management. Production and Operations Management. Hospital Administration. Media Management. IT & HR. Hospitality and Tourism Management. Supply Chain Management. Agri Business Management. Information Systems. Technology Management.

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