Why VIT better than some NITs like say NIT Durgapur

Why VIT better than some NITs like say NIT Durgapur ?

Neelam , 01 Mar 2018

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I apologize if I sound too blunt, but VIT is NOT better than any NIT, let alone NIT Durgapur. There are many reasons behind my rationale. I've tried to list them out below so you can understand my point clearly: 1. Return on investment: The fees of any given NIT is much lower, in fact atleast two times lower than the average fees at a NIT. NIT may not have the best blue chip companies visiting their campus like VIT does, but the ones who do dole out a much better pay package on average. The main source of placements at VIT is mass recruitment by IT companies who offer nothing more than 3-3.5 LPA. Average package at supposedly 'bad' NITs is much better. 2. Quality of students: NIT admissions are done through performance of the students on JEE Mains. Admissions in VIT are done through performance in VITEEE. The problem here is the lack of transparency in the admission process. More than half of the students at VIT are granted admissions in management quota, where performance in the qualifying exam does not matter. 3. Campus culture: This is not to say that the culture at VIT is bad. However, like most other private colleges and universities, VIT is very strict and fails to provide students some basic freedoms. When a student goes to college, he/she needs to be treated like an adult. By imposing tough rules, a college becomes no better than a school. Government colleges such as IITs and NITs give the students these freedoms. College is a time for study, but also a time for a student to find new talents and develop their own skills and ideas. By imposing strict rules, VIT hinders this process and creates a near-dystopian society. At the end of the day, it is your choice. My advise would be to go for an NIT after taking into account the aforementioned factors.

  • Arun karan 23 Aug 2019

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  • JAYATI SHARMA 20 May 2018

    You are not blunt but factually incorrect.. VIT is much better than NITs like NIT Durgapur.. Only NITs like NIT Trichy, Warangal, Surathkal can be favoured over VIT.. Let me make my points 1. Yes VIT is costly, but the cost we pay is put into developing the infrastructure and as a result you can see very less college have such good infrastructure.. & yes VIT don't get money from government.. 2. Quality of students of VIT can be a point but I make sure there are students in category 1 who not only left NITs but also left lower stream of IITs to get CSE in VIT.. and tell me how many of your college people got into GSOC or the best IVY league universes for MS.. 3. You are talking about campus culture??? Come on dude.. NIT Durgapur is known for ragging.. we had zero ragging in our campus.. 4. You are government institution so you feel you are good?? Come on look at Bits Pilani, IIIT Hyderabad.. MIT Manipal produced 2 CEOs.. Sorry for being blunt but your government has made VIT number 1 private institutions in the country 3rd time this year..