Why study B.Des(Interior & Product Design) at CODE-VGU, Jaipur?

Why study B.Des(Interior & Product Design) at CODE-VGU, Jaipur? ?

Tarun Gupta , 28 May 2020

1 Answers

CODE-VGU gives you a positive growing environment to open-up your creativity & work boundlessly and makes you a multi-faceted Designer. The faculties here are industry experts from different genres like Garments, Textiles, Jewelry, Craft sector, Graphics, Painting, Sculpting, etc thus giving them exposure to almost all the fields of Design. “Interior & Product Design is the art of defining spaces that surround us from the inside out. Within small spaces or much larger schemes, within residential, commercial, or work-related places, the interior designer must demonstrate the ability to adapt and develop, way beyond simple decoration, subtle design proposals both sensitive to context and responsive to complex constraints and specific requirements.” The 4 years' Bachelor's Degree in Interior & Product Design encourages a thorough yet versatile design approach, following systematic and coordinated methodologies. With an emphasis on Residential, Retail, Commercial Spaces etc., the program is intended for undergraduate students aiming to become professional interior designers. Inter-disciplinary in nature and structure, the studio and the classroom serve as complementary spaces for design thinking and creative expression as well as technical and professional skills development. The course builds up with individual projects in various semesters, which is presented before a panel of critics, followed by a 6-month mandatory internship and thesis. The significant studio practice and the plurality of choices offered by this program prepare graduates for immediate insertion into the interior design field in India and internationally, or for entry into specialized Master’s degree programs. Set within the unique context of Jaipur, with its rich historical royal art and cultural heritage, and traditional building crafts, prestigious and innovative interior design concepts and renowned leading figures in the field, Centre for Design Excellence, VGU, Jaipur is an ideal setting to pursue the development of a clear and personal creative direction within this discipline.