Why should Delhi not be the capital of India

Why should Delhi not be the capital of India ?

Roshan , 04 Feb 2018

2 Answers

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Removing all emotions aside, I feel Delhi is a bad choice for being a capital. For one, Delhi is surrounded on the East and West by China and Pakistan, both of whom have been at war with India atleast once. The recent Doklam standoff typifies the tenuous relations between India and China. Pakistan has always been a naturally selected opposition for India since 1947. Ideally, the capital of a country should be located far away from such situations. Consider Washington DC, the capital of the US which is miles of the coast so that in case of war, the military has time to react. Same is the case for other capitals such as London (UK), Paris (France) and Berlin (Germany). Delhiites might feel angered by this, but pure logic dictates otherwise. PS: I am a Delhitte.