Why is NCERT not enough for JEE Mains

Why is NCERT not enough for JEE Mains ?

Andy , 07 Feb 2018

1 Answers

For some topics it is. For most of the others, it simply isn't. NCERT Maths is a nowhere near the level expected in a JEE Mains. For Physics, the theory is enough, but the level of exercise questions is not on par with the levl required. Same goes for physical and organics chemistry. The reason as to why remains baffling. I, know no more than anyone else why NCERT insists on keeping up this motley

  • rohan topper 20 Jul 2018

    Ncert is quite beneficial to understand the concepts easily. more-ever most of the questions come from it but exam like JEE mains require lot more than that . you need better solutions, revision notes, video lessons , most important questions, previous question paper , mock tests. For all this search topperlearning on google and you will get all solutions at one place