Why Is CODE-VGU a good college for Fashion Design?

Why Is CODE-VGU a good college for Fashion Design? ?

Harshita Gupta , 21 May 2020

1 Answers

CODE, VGU is definitely one of the best colleges for Fashion Design. CODE has Design faculties from premiere Design Institutes like NIFT & NID. The main aim of Faculties here is to train students as per the present market standards instead of following the orthodox Design education system. From day one, students here are treated as young Designers which makes them extremely confident in decision making. Students of CODE have proved to exhibit extremely good Managerial skills & Leadership qualities. CODE aims at creating Entrepreneurs in these young Fashion Designers. Apart from these CODE provides opportunities in participating in National & International Fashion Shows & Fashion competitions. Students here assist in all kinds of Government Textile Projects. This kind of multi-faceted education is not seen in most of the Design colleges present today. So, undoubtedly CODE, VGU has proved to produce Fashion Designers with both Fashion & Textiles knowledge making it easier to grab maximum opportunities in potential market. For more information please check the website: VGU Vivekananda Global University, Jaipur