Why do students fear mathematics

Why do students fear mathematics ?

Shivangi , 30 Jan 2018

2 Answers

Hi all! In my opinion, fear of math in high school students can have several causes. Negative experiences, the complexity of math, poor teaching approach. To help students overcome their fear of math, it is important to create a supportive and motivating environment. I can recommend Brighterly online school, their website if I interest you https://brighterly.com/ They offer structured math courses to help students develop understanding and skills in this area. Their teachers work with each student individually to help them overcome challenges and increase their confidence in math. I am confident that this school will help. I think I helped you with your question.

The approach to mathematical teaching in schools and colleges build a negative perception about mathematics amongst students. Instead of focusing on improving logical reasoning abilities of students, the curriculum focuses more on introducing and teaching abstract concepts to students.