Why do some students prefer MBA after engineering

Why do some students prefer MBA after engineering ?

Andy , 15 Feb 2018

2 Answers

Some students prefer MBA after engineering because of: Highlights: Holistic Learning through Multidisciplinary Approach Business Environment Insights Investigative, Research and Analytical Skills Digital proficiency Entrepreneurial Skills Professional Ethics, Environmental Concerns & Social Responsibility Effective Communication Skills Managerial and Leadership Skills Career Options Management Consultant Investment Banker Marketing Expert Business Consultant Finance Manager Business Analyst Human Resource Manager Research Scientist Services Marketing International Financial Management Portfolio Management International Marketing Project Management NCU-SOM MBA Program will provide a platform to students to learn, understand and develop holistic approach to application of management theory and practice for real life problem solving in an increasingly global, technology oriented, diverse and dynamic business environment. Management graduates desirous of self-employment will be able to start their own business ventures or demonstrate their intrapreneurial capabilities for their employer organization. Management graduates with academic interest and aptitude will be able to actively pursue advanced studies and engage in research, teaching-learning or consultancy assignments. Visit: https://www.ncuindia.edu/

Imagine if Sachin Tendulkar could bowl like Brett Lee, or Lionel Messi could defend like Maldini. Wouldn't they become the perfect blend of two important talents? For an engineering student, such is the prospect of doing an MBA. Even though he/she is a patron of technology through a engineering background, doing an MBA will make them adept in a managerial position as well. Such a combination is very appealing to a number of recruiters who value candidates with more than one skill. This is why many students prefer MBA after engineering.